Become an SEO Reseller – A Primer on White Label SEO

Become an SEO Reseller – A Primer on White Label SEO

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SEO Resellers

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Become A Reseller

Are you interested in becoming an SEO reseller? Perhaps you aren’t familiar with that term, but want to expand your marketing agency’s service offerings. This article offers insight into utilizing white label SEO services and the benefits of becoming an SEO reseller.

Interested in a White Label SEO Reseller Program?

If you manage or own a digital marketing agency, whether it’s a one-person shop or an enterprise with many employees, it is very likely that search engine optimization (SEO) plays a big role in your agency’s services.

Why do I make this assumption? Well, if SEO services are not currently in your arsenal, here’s a sobering statistic:

“For mobile devices, 40.9% of Google searches result in an organic click, 2% in a paid click, and 57.1% in no click at all. For desktop devices, 62.2% of Google searches result in an organic click, 2.8% in a paid click, and 35% in no click. That’s a pretty big delta, and one that illustrates how much more opportunity there still is in SEO vs. PPC. SEO has ~20X more traffic opportunity than PPC on both mobile and desktop.” – Rand Fishkin,



Now that we’ve established why you should be offering fully managed SEO services to your clients, it’s important to note that offering SEO services in-house can be very taxing on your time and resources.

For many marketers, a great option is to become an SEO reseller, outsourcing the SEO work to a white label SEO service.

What are SEO Resellers?

An SEO reseller is a business or agency that offers search engine optimization services to their clients. However, rather than fulfilling these services in-house, the agency instead farms out the work to another business (a white label SEO service provider) to complete, and brands the services as their own.

Why Outsource SEO?

If an agency wishes to offer SEO services to their clients, they can typically do this in one of three ways:

Hire In-House

The first, and probably the most obvious, way to offer SEO services to your clients would be to hire an in-house SEO specialist. However, this can be a very costly option as an average salary for a competent entry-level SEO specialist will cost you over $60,000 dollars per year (source). This expense is not an option for many agencies.

Hire a Consultant

If hiring your own in-house SEO specialist is not feasible, the next option would be to hire an SEO consultant for your business. This, however, is also a very costly option, as the average SEO consultant can cost over $170 an hour (source).

Partner with a White Label SEO Service Provider

A more economical option is to utilize one of the SEO reseller plans from a white label SEO provider. For many reasons (hint: think economy of scale), services provided by a white label SEO company can be had at a fraction of the cost of utilizing an individual SEO consultant or by hiring an in-house SEO specialist.

White Label SEO Reseller to the Rescue

A white label SEO provider is a company who specializes in providing SEO services to other agencies and businesses. White label SEO providers often offer comprehensive services, including:

  • Designing a comprehensive marketing campaign
  • On-page optimization
  • Content creation
  • Guest blog posting
  • Press creation and distribution
  • Link building campaigns
  • Unbranded reporting and analytics tracking

Employing a white label SEO provider is a great way to easily offer these technical services to your clients, while at the same time avoid losing your marketing and design clients to other SEO agencies.

Benefits of using White Label SEO

Utilizing a white label or private label SEO service means you can leave this search engine optimization work to the experts. You will not need to invest in expensive software tools or the time it takes to keep up-to-date with current trends.

By outsourcing the fulfillment of SEO services, an agency that becomes an SEO reseller can focus their attention on generating new business, increasing the bottom line by expanding the services offered to existing clients, and increasing client satisfaction.

Additionally, any good white label SEO provider will offer their expertise and support to the agencies who hire them, which means the agency is still perceived as the expert in their clients’ eyes.

What Services are Offered by an SEO Reseller?

 While we gave a brief overview of the services typically offered by white label SEO providers (and resold by SEO resellers to their clients), let’s take a closer look.

SEO services can be categorized into on-page and off-page services.

SEO Reseller Services: On-Page

Generally, optimization begins on the site itself. After all, it doesn’t make much sense to drive traffic to a site unless the site has been optimized to its full potential.

The most common on-page SEO services include:

  • Keyword research: to help identify high traffic, low competition keyword phrases to target
  • Content creation: landing pages, blog posts, etc.
  • Creating meta titles and meta descriptions
  • Comprehensive site audits: identify problem areas such as thin content, duplicate content, page speed issues, etc.

SEO Reseller Services: Off-Page

There are many off-page SEO services that can be offered. Some of these include:

In addition to these services, most white label SEO providers offer unbranded reporting. This allows the SEO reseller agency to add their own branding (logo, address, etc.) to the reports and then deliver the reports to their clients. These reports can typically include keyword rank tracking, traffic reports, lists of links generated, and more.

You’d Like to Utilize White Label SEO Services…Now What?

Now you know the basics of white label SEO, and perhaps you’d like to become an SEO reseller.

When shopping for a white label SEO provider, you should know that they can vary widely in quality. In the world of SEO, you often get what you pay for, so be sure to do your research!

Luckily, PosiRank can help. PosiRank offers a full array of services, and our clients range from one person agencies to huge organizations (and everything in between). We’ll even help you design a campaign that will fit your clients’ budgets and business goals.

So, if you are looking to take advantage of one of PosiRank’s SEO reseller packages, partnering with a provider with unrivaled expertise, a proven track record of success, and unparalleled support, contact PosiRank today.

Interested In Becoming an SEO Reseller?
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Become A Reseller
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