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Dave Kelly
Feb 08, 2023
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Hi everyone. Today, we'd like to announce the start of a new feature on this blog, what we are calling the Posirank SEO Question Box.

We will be posting new entries on a pretty regular schedule, depending on the responses we get from our online community. The more questions we are able to answer, the more often we will be posting!

To put it simply, we would like to be your informal SEO "consultant." Lots of people need help with particular websites they are managing (or which their clients are managing). For those needs we have our paid services, as that is what we do here.

BUT... sometimes people have more general questions about SEO and the SEO field. Perhaps you can relate to one or more of the following:

  • Are you confused by SEO terminology that is thrown about?
  • Do you hear the latest rumor or speculations about SEO and wonder, "Is that really true?"
  • Are you getting contradictory SEO "advice" when you contact different consultants?
  • Do you face challenges in handling your SEO clients?
  • Do you struggle to understand how SEO is changing so you can stay competitive?

Helping you with these types of questions and issues is what our SEO Question Box is all about.

This will be a column where we will answer questions about all things SEO. As questions are received from you (how to do that is detailed below), our staff of professional SEO consultants will sort through them, select the most interesting ones, brainstorm a great response, and post our reply to your query right here.

So take a minute (or a few minutes) to consider all those SEO questions you've wanted answers to, but could never get. The section below details how to submit your queries.

We're waiting for those questions!

Management & Staff

How to Submit Your Questions to the SEO Question Box

It is very simple and easy: just submit YOUR SEO questions to

We would prefer (but do not require) you to give us some identification about who you are when you submit your question -- but absolutely no personal information you give us will be displayed if we choose to answer your question, and we will not add you to any promotions, mailing lists or anything else. Giving us personal identifiers is totally up-to-you…

While there are no off-limits questions, we normally do not discuss specifics about particular websites (but we can talk with you privately about them - see our contact link below.) Keep in mind that submission of questions does not guarantee yours will be chosen, but in most cases it will as long as it is a timely question.

If your query needs go beyond the scope of what we will be doing here, you probably need to speak directly to a human. Book a free discovery call with us to learn how we can consistently deliver realistic, measurable results, at a cost that fits your budget, with transparent reporting and options for ongoing "hands-off" account management if you qualify.

Written By Dave Kelly
Dave was one of the pioneers of the SEO industry, long before Google even existed, and before "SEO" was a meaningful acronym. Dave brings extensive & long-running experience to the PosiRank team.
Dave has also been behind some of the most well-known & cutting edge tools in the SEO space for the past decade, and PosiRank is no exception.
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