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The Key to Increased Web Traffic

Every business needs a website. Why? Because we live in an ONLINE world today. People do almost all their shopping online, and also "shop" for essential business services online as well. Attorneys, accountants, banks, dentists, doctors, auto dealers, even grocery stores have an online presence today. And if your business is not there, you are largely invisible to the public.

But having a website is not just enough. You have to get that site noticed in order to get customers from it. VISIBILITY is what you need.

A Short Primer on How Search Engines Rank Sites

Search engines, such as Google, keep the details on how they evaluate and rank websites a closely-held secret - in fact, they tell us that there are hundreds of data points that go into their ranking formula.

But we know enough to know for certain that there are, among other things, two areas of a site that they examine: on-page/on-site ranking factors, and off-page/off-site ranking factors.

On-Page Ranking Factors: As its name suggest, on-page ranking factors are those attached to the site itself - how it functions, how it is structured, and how it appears to site visitors. How long pages load, the amount/quality of content you have, ease-of-navigation, broken links - all of these (and more) contribute to how search engines value your site.

Off-Page Ranking Factors: Off-page factors, conversely, deal with issues separate from how your website operates and what information it gives. And the primary off-page ranking factor for search engines today is the quality of your backlinks.

The KEY to better visibility in search engine results pages is to fulfill, as much as possible, search engines expectations of what a "high-value" website is - and that means ranking highly for both on-page and off-page criterion.

Just What Are Backlinks?

Why are so many website owners crazy about securing a great backlink service? Because they understand the importance of backlinks to the site ranking equation.

A backlink is created any time any site - ANY site - links back to another site. Any good-quality SEO tool can search out the backlinks for a site and give you a detailed report of which sites are linking back to yours, and where those links are located (such as in a page header/footer) and the text phrases that are hyperlinked (called the "anchor text" of the link).

Although it is somewhat an oversimplification, you can consider a backlink as a "vote" in favor of your site. The early search engine models took a clue from the academic world, where "citations" of other writings in footnotes and bibliographies were seen to be pointing to documents of authority, especially when many sources referred to them. In those days, it was basically arithmetic - acquire a massive backlink portfolio, and your site would zoom to the top of the search engines.

But search engines have evolved - and it's not a numbers game anymore. It's all about the quality of the sites that are linking to yours.

Who Are Quality Backlink Service Providers?

But be warned: every industry has its shady side, and SEO is no different. There are all kinds of midnight operators out there who prey on businesses - people who know they need links to rank their sites well - who try to get you to purchase links from sites that are questionable, to say the least.

QUALITY backlink service providers know what works, and what does not work, when it comes to securing links -

Sites Already Linking to You. Many backlink services do not take a professional approach. They just want to sell you more and more links. But SEO pros begin by taking a good look at the sites that may already be linking to yours. They may have been secured by you, your staff, a previous SEO company - or even a competitor seeking to do you harm. Don't be surprised if you have backlinks pointing to your site that are harming your site, not helping it. Getting those sites off of the map is the first consideration - a solid way of telling the search engines that you want to be taken seriously, and are not trying to fool them.

Quality Not Quantity. Next, stay away from services that promise to secure a huge number of links really quickly. In today's SEO environment, that simply won't do. At best, those links will simply be ignored (and that means your money was wasted) or it could put your site at risk of being penalized (a manual action). You don't need thousands - or even hundreds - of links to see a lift in your rankings.

Be Skeptical About Metrics. Have you ever received one of those emails from people telling you they can secure you a link on a "high DA" site? Or one with lots of site traffic? We get those solicitations, too. And it's good to beware - metrics and traffic stats can be faked and artificially manipulated. A quality backlink service knows all the tricks. At Posirank we don't trust claims - we investigate for ourselves, and know how to spot metrics that have been artificially inflated.

Site Outreach: Don't Contact Us We'll Contact You. In fact, it's a good rule-of-thumb not to secure links from sites that reach out to you. A much better procedure is to seek out sites you want that are not actively soliciting, sites that are just going about their business of being great sites, with a solid user community around them, with fresh and useful content being posted frequently.

Eyeballs-On Vetting Process. Some providers take shortcuts to build their inventory. At Posirank we don't. We actually have staff in place to visually inspect any site that we are interested in working with, to make sure that it meets our very highest standards. Most we examine wash out, frankly. But we are not interested in playing the numbers game.

Forget Churn-and-Burn. Some backlink purveyors run through their inventory. They find a site taking links, get lots of orders and when that site goes down, they simply find others. Churn-and-burn. The same goes for their customers as well. They are happy to take your money but if issues develop they are nowhere to be found. That's not how we do things at Posirank. Our inventory of sites is very stable. That's because the sites we use are real, not fake. And we won't ghost you - ever.

An Important Guarantee. Often, we are asked, "Are your links guaranteed to remain in place?" Our answer: yes we guarantee them - but they may not remain in place. Huh? Here's the reality: Links secured on another site may disappear, and neither we as the backlink service provider, nor you as the customer, can prevent that from happening. Sites change their linking policies, especially if they change owners (that's why we don't work with sites who are up for sale - and we can check for that). Or they may simply disappear for some reason.

So, technically, NO link can be guaranteed to remain in place. But at Posirank we guarantee that if, within a year (normally) your link is taken down or the site disappears, we will secure you another one of comparable authority and rank, at no additional charge to you. This is great peace-of-mind for you (or for your clients if you are a reseller of SEO).

There's More to A Good Backlink Than Just the Link

A good-quality link is not just from a high-quality site, but you need to have the correct anchor text.

The "anchor text" of a link is the text words that display when the link is posted on a website.

Good anchor text will (among other things) help search engines make the proper association of the anchor text's meaning with your site. An anchor text like "make money online," for example, may give a clue to search engines that the site linked to has something to do with making money online.

But anchor text (sometimes called link "keywords") must be carefully selected -

Relevance. Anchor text phrases should be relevant to your business niche. It would not seem to make sense to have links pointing back to your site that used anchor text of "used construction equipment" if your website was giving medical advice.

Search Volume. How often are people searching for your site - or those like yours? What search terms are they using? These are the kind of words and phrases that should be used as the anchor text of at least some of your links. Some keywords are searched for often - they have a high volume of searches associated with them. They could bring your much traffic, but many other sites may be targeting those phrases as well. Difficulty level, search volumes, searcher intent - there are a lot of moving parts to anchor text selection. That's why you need pros handling this.

Keyword Mix. There is a danger zone - if your links are over-targeting keywords that are associated with specific searches, search engine algorithms may conclude you are trying to game the system. So other, more neutral keyword text must be used. This will also mimic how links are often encountered: as brand-names, "naked" URL's (site name as anchor text), "click here," "this link," etc.

I Don't Have Lots of Money to Spend. Can I Still Get High-Quality Links?

Let's be transparent: High-quality links don't come cheap, either for you or for us. High-quality sites are a big expense to acquire. We often spend days, weeks, or even months trying to reach out to a site owner. Establishing a solid relationship with them takes time. And different site owners have different ways of doing things, different rules we have to follow, differing requirements.

We invest that time in outreach. And we can't get you a link on their site unless we get top-notch content written that they want to post. That also takes time (and real writer skill) to develop.

But here's the good news: Even our small- to midsize-budget customers have seen great results with our backlink service.

The reason? Just what we said above. It's not about quantity, but quality. Even if you can only secure 1 link a month, over time that can give you a huge advantage over your competition that are still busy throwing lots of money around, hoping that something will stick.

Customized Links? Is it REALLY Possible?

Yes, it is. At Posirank we maintain a massive inventory of sites who are interested in the content we can provide them. And they are more than happy to allow us to place links in that content - from good information sources as well as from your own site.

And these links are DOFOLLOW links, and not redirected or masked in any way. No foolishness.

And when you work with us, depending on your needs, you can self-select the niche topics that backlink site serves, as well as metrics of the site.

Imagine! You pick the site niche - and the authority level - this will determine your cost. You place your order and we will do the rest. We'll act as your agent, on your (or your clients) behalf.

We'll craft some excellent, eye-popping, jaw-dropping content and get your link embedded in it (as well as other natural backlinks so we stay under-the-radar of the web search engine police). Our customer - YOU - is satisfied. Our linking partner site is happy. Lots of link love will be flowing back to you.

Getting Started: Here's What You Should Do

Backlinks. You know your site needs them. But you need flawless execution from your backlink service provider in order to make this work for you.

If you want the job done right - and you should - Posirank should be on your short list to investigate. It's OK - look around - our service is 5-star. And after you have checked out the competition, why not talk with us? We have people who know SEO standing by, and they would love to talk with you. There is no cost or obligation to pick up the phone and talk, is there? Of course not. And our service, once you discover what it is all about, sells itself, so there is no hardball selling pressure from us - ever.

Want to get the ball rolling? Then visit our booking area and schedule a quick, 15-30 minute initial consultation with our staff. Give us a chance to show you the "Posirank difference."

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