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What Are Online Reputation Management Services?

If you maintain an online company or organization presence, or you have a personal social media presence, you know how hard it can be to truly "stand out" from the crowd - to differentiate yourself from the competition. But one misstep can bring disaster - a loss of search engine rankings, a loss of site visitors and customers.

Online reputation management is all about trying to control what information that people see about you (or your company) when they do internet searches.

Unfortunately, many business owners or organization leaders don't even bother to monitor their reputation until something bad has happened, when negative "stuff" about them is already circulating online. The longer you've waited, the harder it will be for any online reputation management company to restore what you've lost.

Online Reputation Management Strategy

In general, online reputation management is easy-to-understand. The goal is to try to suppress (lower) the ranking visibility of any websites that may be showing up for your company or organization - to push them well off the first page, effectively "burying" that link under other links that offer a more positive opinion of your site. By making the negative URL(s) less visible, you reduce its visibility and that will likely mean that fewer people will be negatively impacted by it.

Online Reputation Management Services for Business

In the not-so-distant past, businesses often relied on word-of-mouth communication to drive in new customers. This was literally the case: one person speaking directly to another to relate their experiences, either good or bad, with a company. A benefit from this is that it was difficult for negative information to circulate as it had to be communicated directly to another person.

But the online world has changed all of that. Thanks to the internet, it is possible for just one person to leave negative reviews and comments about you in multiple places. Some people have been known to set up their own special website just to present the bad news to the wider public.

No matter how hard you may try, at some point your company is going to fail a customer. This negative experience of your company can have a devastating impact on your reputation and bottom-line profitability. Business reputation management services are not an extra, a "luxury" - today they are an essential component of your business or organizational strategy.

Reputation Management for Individuals

And the reality of the world today is that a negative online reputation can impact even individuals. And yes, SEO reputation management principles and tactics will work for individuals as well! Personal social media accounts can suffer from negative comments - that are visible to the public. People can also post "revenge" or "expose" videos online. And compounding the problem is that, once posted online, negative content can be re-posted by others, causing that negative information to be seen by a whole new audience. Online, negative information can go viral in a very short time, and quickly become uncontrollable.

Why Online Reputation Management is Important

Any time someone is thinking about doing business with you - especially if larger amounts of money will be involved - that prospective customer will be looking online to see what kind of reputation your company has. If they are bombarded with negative comments, reviews or complaints, they will most likely choose someone else to do business with.

What you must do, frankly, is to monitor what the internet world is saying about you/your company, and take action immediately when you see problems developing. You can't survive in the business world today without comprehensive online reputation management services.

According to reputable sources, 59% of all businesses today will encounter a PR crisis at some time in the future, but only 54% have a plan to deal with problems when they develop. Don't let that be you!

How Reputation Management Works

Step 1: A Current Snapshot. The Posirank online reputation management service starts with understanding your business and your current challenges. During this phase, we do a lot of data analysis about you and also your competitors. We take a detailed look, for the most competitive keywords that a person might use when searching for your business or organization, at what information is returned by the search engines. This is called your "search profile," and these could be searches on your company/organization name, your personal name or the names of staff, searches for "reviews" or "scams" related to your brand, and the like.

Step 2: Strategy Development. As a result of the initial analysis,we will be able to pinpoint exactly where you have issues with your online reputation. We will identify links/sites that are negative or otherwise bad for your reputation.

We will also look at links/sites that are more positive in their tone, sites that can be pushed up in their rankings, thereby pushing down the rankings of the negative sources.

Moving forward, we will develop a full-featured, 3-month "roadmap" of SEO campaigns that you can order to begin the process of promoting the good links. And if you need, and with your permission we can even place the first month's orders on your behalf.

Step 3: Continuing Communication. Online reputation management services work best when communications occur on an ongoing basis, should you or us have any questions that need answering to complete the roadmap, or if you have questions in the future as your SEO campaigns start to gain traction.

So when you place your order, we will use our internal communications channel (not email) so that you can communicate with us.

FAQ: Posirank Online Reputation Management

Do you have an example reputation management strategy report that I can see?

Sure - you can click here to see a sample online reputation report.

What is the cost for your online reputation management services?

When thinking about online reputation management costs, there are two types of costs: one is the cost for the initial analysis and strategizing and your report -- currently this cost is $49 and is a one-time charge.

However, there will be costs associated with the execution of the necessary SEO campaign work in order to enhance the position of good sites in the SERP's. This cost cannot be determined until the analysis has been performed, as some markets are much more competitive.

However, if you have a particular budget in mind, our team will endeavor to work within that budget when drawing up your SEO campaign details.

Who will be working on my behalf?

Online reputation management services are a highly specialized area within SEO. The people who will be working with you are specialists in this type of SEO, who have literally worked on hundreds of sites over the years, in all types of niches/markets. They are not SEO generalists - they have experience in this specific area, and know what strategies can be safely applied.

How can I determine if I am in need of reputation management services?

Has your website seen a dramatic decrease in site visitors recently? Have you seen negative reviews or comments about your site/business? Do you see links that are negative come up in the SERP's when you do internet searches on your business name, website name, name of staff, or for other searches that are common in your niche? Have others called your attention to negative content about your site or business that they have found?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, then most likely your business is being negatively impacted and your online reputation has probably already suffered. You need to act without delay before the problem becomes unmanageable.

Can your reputation management expert tell me how to directly attack the sites that are saying negative things about me?

One approach to digital reputation management is to try to "zap" negative links off of the SERP's by using black-hat techniques. Another approach is to create/use "attack" sites to launch a negative comment complaint against the site(s) that are attacking you, in an attempt to destroy their reputation with the public-at-large.

Because of the possible negative ramifications, we never attempt to remove negative URL's from the SERP's by using manipulative or spammy methods. That approach does not work - and it's not how we do business.

Instead we boost the "good" URL's that are present in the SERP's now (or even use methods to create new web properties that we can get to rank well). As the positive URL's rise in ranking, the negative ones will be pushed down, hopefully off of the first/second pages of the SERP's completely.

How long will it take to see positive results from my online reputation management strategy?

The honest and ethical answer is … it depends.

Sites with reputation issues are different, and different amounts of SEO must be applied depending on the ranking authority of the negative sites -- to get them pushed down, we must increase the authority of the positive links. This may take some time - in some cases, several months (or the better part of a year in extreme cases) may be necessary.

This time-to-gain-traction may be increased if we have to develop positive web properties from scratch, and/or if your budget is limited.

What kinds of information will you need from me when I place my order?

When you place your reputation management order with us, we will need some basic information to get our staff started. We will, of course, need information about your website. If you have noticed negative URL's pop up for certain internet searches, we would like you to share that with us, along with the keywords/keyword phrases that will cause those negative URL's to surface in the SERP's.

We will also need to know (in a very general range) your estimated monthly budget as well as give us some contact information, especially your email address so that we can get you a reserved thread in our internal communication system.

Finally, if you own any web properties (such as Twitter account, Facebook, YouTube, company or personal website, blog, etc.) we will request those URL's for our analysis and for possible inclusion in your SEO strategy plan.

Once you are in the system, we will reach out to you directly to let you know the work in progress, and give you our advice so we can get your feedback/approval on any plans that we think will be needed.

You mentioned that if I want I can have you place my first SEO orders for me. How does that work? Do you charge extra for it?

Yes, we are happy to offer this service. Once your SEO reputation plan has been finalized and approved by you, if you desire we will log in directly to your Posirank account and place the orders for the first month (of the 3-month plan) on your behalf. We will not do this unless you wish it, give us explicit permission to do so, and you have funded your account with credits at least equal to the total amount of all the orders we will be placing. (Sorry, we don't place orders until funds are released into your Posirank account as our system will debit your account for the cost at the time each order is placed.)

But there is no additional cost to you if we place the first month orders on your behalf. You will, however, be responsible to place the remaining orders for the second and third months.

If you wish, you can place the orders yourself - there is no requirement or obligation to use us to place orders for you - we offer this service as a convenience for customers who are pressed for time.

What if I need longer than 3 months given to me in my SEO plan?

Our online reputation management plans are set up to run on a 3-month cycle. Once the third month orders have been placed, you will contact us via your private communication channel and we will review the current situation. Depending on the latest rankings, we may recommend that you continue by starting the month 1 campaigns again, going through another 3-month cycle. If the situation has dramatically changed (and this is often the case) we may give you revised guidelines and suggest new/additional strategies.

As you move through the third month and beyond, there will be no additional charge for further consultations with our staff -- your only cost would be the cost of SEO campaigns that are ordered.

I am concerned that if I start trying to repair my online reputation, that the attack sites will find out about it and put even more pressure on me. What do I do then?

This is a natural - and normal - concern. Online reputation management services, by definition, take into account that those who are trying to damage your reputation are not passive spectators. There is the chance that they might react and step up their efforts. In those cases, you must meet - and exceed - those efforts if you are to ultimately be successful.

However, realistically we have found that there is only a very small risk of this happening. We know that those who have been the victim of bad online publicity are concerned for it not to happen again, or for the problem to worsen.

Beyond a certain point, naysayers and critics will not invest further effort in deepening their attacks. The far greater risk is in not taking action at all, as negative content has a way of finding a new audience, so it must be suppressed from further visibility to break the cycle.

My online reputation has been shattered by some negative comments - I don't have a website of my own, do I have any options here?

Part of our strategizing process is to help identify what resources you have - or could develop - to help you to repair your online reputation. Some individuals do not maintain a traditional website but have instead had their reputations damaged through bad content posted on social sites or third-party review sites, or in product reviews that you cannot get changed because you do not have access to the site yourself.

In most cases we can identify some web resources belonging to others which we can promote through SEO tactics, and as their rankings improve the negative material can be suppressed in the SERP listings. We'd be happy to look at your situation in more detail - just contact us via support ticket in your Posirank dashboard, or contact your account manager if you have one and tell us what has been going on.

Can you help me to combat negative product reviews from Amazon that are showing up in the SERP's?

While we, of course, do not have any direct way to get ecommerce sites (like Amazon) to take down negative reviews, in some cases they will if you can demonstrate that they are fake (not from actual customers of yours) or biased (negative content placed by competitors, or agents acting for them). Specific tactics available will vary depending on the site we are dealing with, but solutions are available.

I don't have any "proof" that people are attacking my company online, but I have an intuition that they are -- can you help me to find out for sure if I have a problem?

Yes absolutely we can help. This is what step 1 in the process is all about: taking a deep-dive into the situation to discover what the facts of the situation actually are, in each case. And if we do discover that there are issues with your online digital reputation, we will communicate all the findings (data) to you - AND work on strategies to repair the situation and restore your business to a healthier state.

I have a LOT of negative reviews about my business out there - is there a way to bounce back from this?

The up-front question we would need to explore with you is this: just how did things get so far? When there are overwhelming amounts of negative content about a business posted online, this can indicate a problem really DOES exist, something in your operations, staffing or customer-handling that needs correcting.

Don't just dismiss bad reviews and negativity as baseless - take some time to investigate the claims that are actually being made. Fixing what is causing the problem (when one actually exists) must be done before attempting any type of reputation repair or mitigation efforts.

It sounds like online reputation management services are for companies with lots of cash to throw at the problem -- but I'm not an industry leader. What about us smaller fish? What options do we have? Do you offer small business reputation management?

Many folks think that they just don't have the financial resources to manage and correct issues with their online business reputation. While these efforts may require a significant cash outlay, we would strongly advise you not to prejudge the situation. Brand reputation management services don't need to be expensive!

Why? Because sites with links that are toxic to your reputation can sometimes be easily outranked by other web assets, thereby lowering your needed budget. Many of our clients have been pleasantly surprised to find that a site that is giving them a lot of negative publicity can be suppressed in the SERP's at far less cost than they imagined.

For that reason, we have priced our analysis and strategy planning at a point that all can afford, whether or not they are businesses or individuals or non-profit organizations. It costs you very little to get our team to consult with you - compared to the major impact (financial and brand reputation) that negative information is having on you, right now. Small business reputation management, for the expense involved, can have a huge impact on your bottom line - and your future.
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