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Understanding Local SEO Services

Do you own and operate a business that does serves a particular geographical/regional location? No doubt you have been told about how critical it is to maintain a presence online. In today's world, at least 40% or more of online searches are for stores and services providers that operate locally.

This means that if you do have a website, and you are not getting enough new business from it, you need to address this issue - quickly. Not doing so is really leaving money on the table.

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Just What Is "Local SEO?"

As you might already know, SEO is the process of optimizing how your webpage looks and functions (on-page SEO) and also incorporates well-known tactics to get your site noticed (visibility) so that you get more people visiting it (traffic).

"Local" SEO, as its name suggests, is the application of particular strategies and improvements to help business websites that are looking for neighborhood/local traffic, as opposed to national or international brands that operate multiple branches or desire website traffic regardless of the searcher's location.

Here's the important part: Local SEO tactics are not necessarily the same as those used by those businesses operating nationally or internationally. Many "SEO" companies are well-versed in general SEO techniques, but not local SEO. And keep in mind that search engine companies (like Bing and Google) have different ways to determine the value of a website, depending on whether or not the business is local.

To put it simply: to rank locally you need local SEO expertise, not generic knowledge, from your SEO provider.

What Types of Businesses Can Profit From Local SEO Services?

If your business has a brick-and-mortar location you can see great results from properly executed professional-level SEO campaigns. We have had great success with a wide variety of clients, including:

Plumbers - Roofers - Carpenters - Landscapers - Real Estate Agencies - Home Remodeling (both interior and exterior) - HVAC - Attorneys - Dentists - Veterinary Businesses - Car Dealerships (both new and used car sales) - Restaurants - Accountants - Investment Advisors - Hotels and Motels - Travel Agents - Insurance Agents - Auto Repair - Caterers - Antique Dealers - Art Dealers - Cleaning Services

Local SEO: The Power of YOUR Business Information

People doing local searches are in need of one thing: information. Usually they are close to making a buying decision and need critical information such as costs, size/style options, and customer reviews.

In addition, those searching locally need ways of finding and connecting with you. They are looking for social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), your business listing (such as in White Pages, Yelp and Bing) and presence in Google, such as Google My Business. All this information must be delivered accurately and with a consistent message, across multiple platforms.

The KEY to effective local SEO is to effectively harness the inherent power of your business information to satisfy your potential customers.

Begin at the Beginning: How's Your Website?

Local SEO - where to begin? No it's not business listings or getting backlinks - effective local SEO begins by taking a close look at your website itself, to make sure it is properly optimized. We recommend the following for all local-focus websites:

Technical Coding: We begin with the code that lies behind your site. Did you know that it is possible to encode information within your website code that tells search engines that you are a local business and contains vital information about your business? It's called schema markup and it needs to be present to "help" search engines to understand, rank and properly display your information in search results.

Another area that can be a problem is when page redirects are put into place. If they are not done properly you can end up with broken links which lead searchers nowhere - and that means lost business.

Does your site make use of a sitemap? You should be. How about a robots.txt file? Has it been set up correctly? This is also a part of the technical coding aspect of your website and it is essential that they function the way you want them to. If you have made recent changes to your site, your coding, site map and robots.txt file may need updating.

The Critical Importance of Webpage Content and Local SEO

As mentioned earlier, people doing local SEO searching are looking for the information they need. And your website pages need to deliver content that is succinct, understandable and delivers true depth and originality.

One aspect of this is somewhat technical: things like title tags and meta-description page attributes need to be written - or rewritten - so that they catch the eye of the searcher and also help search engines precisely identify what your site is about and why it is valuable.

Many sites today have blog pages, and perhaps yours does. Did you know that proper wording of your webpage URL's is critical to your site's SEO optimization? In addition, blog sites often have a lot of "junk" pages and pages with duplicate content - these should be removed or rewritten. Clearing up problem areas by itself can give your site an automatic "lift" in search engine rankings!

Site Analytics: You Can't Measure What You Don't Monitor

There are a number of ways to measure your website traffic and site visitor behavior (what pages they visit, how long they stay there, etc.). It is essential for every website owner to make use of these tools.

But you won't have the information if you don't install the code packs properly. You'll need to get a Google Analytics account, for starters, then get the code you need properly installed and tested so that you know that your tracking is working as it should.

Analytics set up and tracking can get quite involved. Also your reporting has to be properly set up so that the tracking code will be gathering the information that is most important to you, as different sites have different reporting needs.

Want more proof that Posirank can help you move the needle and get your website more traffic and visibility? Why not check out a few of our case studies of actual customers we have helped - you could be our next success story!

Are External Backlinks REALLY Essential to Local SEO?

The answer is YES. A link to your site from another site that has real authority (value) in the search engines is like getting a digital testimonial in favor of YOUR site. Accumulate enough of those, and search engines will start valuing your site more highly, and move you ever-higher in their displayed results.

But "mass links" or links from questionable or spammy sites are not going to cut it. And securing high-quality links can take a lot of time and effort to discover. You'll need to contact the site owner and see if they are willing to host your link on their site. That's a lot of back-and-forth!

But you don't have to do that work - Posirank does this heavy-lifting every day for our clients. We have contacts with thounsands of sites, in multiplied niches and different themes. And all the sites we work with are fully vetted beforehand, so there is no risk to you and these links will never hurt your site's rankings - guaranteed.

Need to ask a quick question but not ready to book a call with us? No problem. Just drop us a line and tell us what's on your mind. We guarantee to respond within 1 business day (often we will reply same day if your query is received during our normal business hours). You can also find us on Facebook.

"How Do I Stand Out From My Competition?"

This is the question that every local-focused business is asking - how can they stand out from all the "noise" out there and snag customers and prospects?

Ranking well in search engines is one part of the puzzle, but that is not all you need to work on.

One critical way to stand out from your competitors is in the area of REVIEWS.

Why are customer reviews - specifically, the need for positive customer reviews (people who have done business with you and have had a great outcome - is that no one is going to spend money with a business that they don't trust. And lots of excellent (think 4- and 4-star) testimonials in the form of positive reviews will convert the tire-kickers into new customers very quickly.

There are two aspects of customer reviews management:

The first thing you have to do is to start getting reviews. There are platforms that help to automate the process of getting customers to leave a review about you such as ShopperApproved. Using one of them is well worth the cost! These have an advantage over reviews that you secure yourself and manually post on your site, as these platforms verify and vet the review so customers are more likely to believe that they are genuine. As an example, you can check out our reviews page to get some ideas.

But once you start getting those reviews, you have to manage them. That means monitoring the reviews that you are getting, and responding to less-than-stellar reviews and complaints in a timely and courteous manner. It is unrealistic to think you will never get a complaint - every business gets them - but showing that you are caring and understanding and that you resolved any issues to the customer's satisfaction also adds to your business reputation.

This is All Overwhelming - Help!

At this point, like most business owners you are probably thinking, "This is a lot to take in. I never thought there were this many pieces to doing local SEO. I honestly don't know about a lot of this stuff - and I really can't take the time to learn. And even if I did, I just don't have the time to actually get the back-end work done. I have a business to run!"

We get it. And that's where Posirank can help you. We have been providing local SEO services for many years now, and our founders/owners have themselves been in that niche. We know you don't have the time to take this on for yourself. In fact, that's one reason why Posirank was started in the first place: let us do what we do best - work with you to put a roadmap in place that will get you to the top and get your website real traction in the search engines and drive a constant flow of new customers your way.

It's all about letting us do what we do best - local SEO - so that you can do what you do best - provide your customers with top-notch sales and service.

Take the First Step - Risk-Free

Here's what we recommend, based on many years of experience in dealing with all types of local businesses: don't spend any money - yet.

Instead, schedule a no-obligation call with our sales team. Ask all the questions you want. Take a tour of the inside and see the dashboard and our full range of services. You don't have to spend anything or commit to anything - we just want to consult with you, understand your business, your site and your business goals.

That's pretty fair, isn't it? It won't take more than 15-30 minutes of your time, and often we can schedule a call the same day you enquire. While you are thinking about it, why not go ahead and book a call today and see how we can help you. Here's that link again to book a quick exploratory consultation.

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