Who's Behind the Curtain?

Our combined workforce of writers, production managers & other specialists
is comprised of hundreds of people. But here's a quick snapshot of our most visible team
members (the ones who our customers know on a first-name basis).

Dave Kelly


Dave was one of the pioneers of the SEO industry, long before Google even existed, and before "SEO" was a meaningful acronym. Dave brings extensive & long-running experience to the PosiRank team.

Dave has also been behind some of the most well-known & cutting edge tools in the SEO space for the past decade, and PosiRank is no exception.

Alex Miller


For the past several years, Alex has been on the tip of the spear of all-things SEO. His clients have included some of the most successful brands in the health & fitness industry, and he's worked side by side with the "who's who" of the business since 2007.

Alex brings vital experience to the PosiRank team, and with his finger always on the pulse of what's happening on the front lines, and in the trenches of the search engine industry - PosiRank can continually adapt to change, and stay ahead of the game.

Mike Kim

Business Development

Mike works with new and existing wholesale clients - maximizing growth potential and exploring partnership opportunities.

With years of webmaster experience prior to working with PosiRank, Mike brings intrinsic experience to the fore.

Louis Merz

Project Management

Louis manages PosiRank's Infinity Partnership Program. With over 10 years experience in SEO and Internet Marketing he's devoted to helping clients achieve results online.

Dustin Bow

Digital Marketing Specialist

Dustin is an SEO and social media specialist with 10 years of experience - with most of that experience being at the helm of his own ventures.

Jen Ryan

Onboarding Specialist

Jen works closely with new wholesale customers to start the process of migrating unique fulfillment campaigns, and specializes in working with agencies in particular. She also interacts with potential customers via our live chat service.

Robert Andrews

Manager of Product

With close to 15 years in the corporate world, Rob's current areas of responsibility include Support Oversight, Project Management, and Special Projects, as well as Strategic Management and Personnel Management.

Matthew Chitty

Head of Development

Matthew and his firm (MK2 Business Solutions) have taken the time to understand our business allowing them to solve problems efficiently & effectively. Matthew and his team take great pride in what they do and it shows.

Francis Jay-Son Pascual


Jay has more than 15 years experience in web development, primarily using PHP & MySQL. Jay's average day involves fixing numerous bugs, and the occasional "Defcon 5" crisis :-)

Chris Rempel

Advisor, Marketing Strategy

Chris brings significant strategic insight to the PosiRank team, both in terms of growing the business, but also in terms of providing guidance on building processes and an interface that customers will find efficient and most importantly - profitable.

Chris works with PosiRank on a consultancy basis.

Katie Byrd

SEO Specialist

Katie works with many new clients (especially smaller-scale clients) to create effective SEO campaigns. With more than 12 years of experience in SEO, she specializes in making SEO strategies easy-to-understand and implement.