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What is a Guest Post?

So what is a guest post and how can guest post blogging help with your site’s SEO?

The crying need of today's websites is CONTENT. It is difficult and time-consuming to get good-quality content, and many website owners just don't have the time to sit down and prepare it. That’s why many sites, when approached in the right way, will be glad to take content to use on their site. That's a win for them, for sure…

But, to make it a win for you as well, in exchange for exclusive use of that content (which they don't have to write) you receive links embedded in that content that, when published, will link back to your site.

This is a win-win for everybody: the owner of the site gets great content, and you get a backlink from a good-quality (and in some cases a real authority) website.

Posirank's Guest Post Blogging Service

When you buy guest posts from our guest post blogging service, you will get links from different types of sites, depending on your price range --

Prestige Links. Prestige links are links from sites that are at a completely different level of link power than what you commonly see with most GP services. These guest posting service links are from the "big boys," the major-league sites. You really can't get links from these types of sites unless you have an "in."

We're talking about getting sites like Forbes and Entrepreneur. EDU links from Ivy League schools. And we're talking about real blog posts, with in-content links, not sidebar/footer/header links. (See this posting on for example.)

These sites are so high-class, that in order to get you a Prestige link we must first approve your site as there are restrictions on what these sites will publish. Although we have not seen any issues with mainstream businesses being able to secure a link from these sites, please make sure to contact your account manager or place a support ticket through your Posirank dashboard to give us the details before placing an order for Prestige Links.

Max Power Media. Looking for top-of-the-line contextual links? Links where you pick the site? These are high-powered domains, each of which has a minimum of 10,000 unique, real (yes, REAL) visitors/month coming from Google, and most of these sites actually have 10's of thousands more.

How do we do it? Through our industry connections we're able to negotiate placements onto mainstream powerhouse sites such as (a DA90+ site!) and many others.

What is DA? It's an abbreviation for a SEO-industry metric called domain authority. A site that is a DA40+ is a really powerful site -- but a site that is DA90+ is in a different stratosphere of power. The DA of our Max Power Media sites are much higher than our top-tier guest posting service DA40+ guest posts.

Platinum Media. Platinum Media sites are very similar to Max Power Media sites, with the primary difference being that this guest posting service will secure you a link from a site in the DA50 - DA70 ranges. These are sites like and (these links show actual posts). They aim to strike a balance between high linking juice but at a lower price point - making them a perfect choice for your clients that have lower budgets but who still need above-average links. You won't get these types of links with other blog outreach services.

Basic Guest Posting Service. Our most affordable blogger outreach service is designed to get you the highest possible quality links at very competitive price points. At this level, we will secure a link for you from a site that ranges from a DA10+ all the way to a DA40+, and everything in between. (The price you pay is determined by the DA range you select.)

Our outreach managers and 100% American writers carefully coordinate their efforts together to create very strong content (the kind of content that sites need and will instantly accept) -- and get it posted to key industry authority sites where we can secure a link to your site. Quality content - used as quality guest pots - will put your site on the road to the top of the SERP's.

  • We only approach established sites. This means that not only do these publications add tremendous power to your backlink profile, but in most cases each individual posting can become a long-term traffic source in and of itself.
  • Keep in mind that we only publish on 100% real sites. NO private blog networks (PBN's) are ever used. These are SEO blog posts that you will be proud to share with your clients or company decision-makers.
  • We guarantee that the content posted will be carefully-crafted and 100% unique, and that site owners will instantly see the value of having it on their site (and not want to remove it, guaranteeing long-term placement of your embedded link).

The Posirank Guest Post & Blogger Outreach Process

Order Placement. Using our guest posting service begins when you login to your Posirank account, and navigate to the "SEO Promotion" area. There you will find all the options that are available for your account type.

Typically, when placing your order with us you will need to give us the URL that you are trying to secure a link for. If your link order permits it, you will have the option of giving us your desired/preferred anchor text (keyword) to be used in the link.

Especially for higher-authority sites, they will be more likely to accept the use of your anchor text if you use brand names and not a naked URL as anchor text. We do not allow geo-based anchor texts as these are a huge footprint for Google and they can rarely be used in relevant guest post content.

Also, keep in mind that other sites are not interested in posting content on their site that serves only to promote other sites. The content will be well-written, but it will NOT be written to promote your site, and to make the link more natural-looking, we will also include links for other sites (not your competitors) as content containing only your link will suggest that the content is promotional and sites will not accept it.

As it will be the website who will approve the content, unfortunately we cannot involve others in reviewing or approving it (including you or your client) beforehand.

Content Preparation. Once your guest posting service order has been received, the next step is to get the content written. In some cases, we will develop the content only after we have negotiated a placement on a site, if the site owner has specific requirements or topics they need content for.

Manual Outreach. Based on your needs, and the niche/market that your site is in, we will start contacting the owners of sites who would be an excellent source of links for you, keeping in mind the DA (Domain Authority) range that you have purchased. With our higher-tier services, you will be paying for placement on specific sites, so there will be no need for a manual outreach.

Quality-Control Review. After the site has published the content we will double-check it to make sure that no unauthorized changes have been made and that your link is still present and loads correctly (and is not redirected or restricted in any way).

Reporting. We are transparent about our link reporting! Our report will detail the URL where your guest post has been published. This information can be retained for your own use/tracking, or it can be freely shared with clients if you are operating an agency.

Who Uses our Guest Blogging Services?

Many different types of clients have used - and are today still using (some for years!) our guest posting service:

Agencies and Consultants. Of course, building quality backlinks for clients is an essential aspect of SEO work, and if you have an SEO agency, marketing or web development company, our services will allow you to offer these services to your clients at scale because we do all the time-intensive heavy lifting for you.

Enterprise-Level Clients. Speaking of getting links at scale, very large companies operating in uber-competitive niches appreciate our service because they trust that we can secure the highest-quality links for them, in volume, at reasonable prices and an excellent turnaround time.

Mid- and smaller-sized Companies. Smaller companies use our services as well. While their budgets are sometimes smaller, because their staffing might be limited they may find it difficult to take the time to do full-throttle manual outreach. Using Posirank, the mid-sized or smaller business is assured of getting great links without overpaying on high-priced, low-value "packages" offered by some companies.

Non-Profits. Even non-profits need some linking sometimes! Organizations operating in the public interest need - and deserve - to be visible on the web, and building a good backlink profile is one way to signal to Google that their site is an authority and should be ranked highly.

Legal and Healthcare. Sites operating in the legal and healthcare industry face special challenges when securing guest posts - they need content posted, but it must be written by people who are knowledgeable about these fields, and they also need that content posted on sites that are actually relevant to them. You'll be glad to know that we have been securing links for our legal and healthcare clients for a long time. We have content producers who are experienced writers in these areas, and we maintain an inventory of sites that are great sources of links for anyone operating a site in the healthcare, financial services or legal area.

Sensitive Niches. Traditionally, those who are operating websites dealing with CBD, marijuana, gambling, payday loans, vaping and the like have found it difficult, if not impossible to find sites willing to link to them. At Posirank, we offer specialized link outreach just for sensitive niches. We would be happy to discuss your options for sensitive niche linkbuilding at your convenience - just contact our support area and request a 1-1 consultation call.

Schedule a Free Strategy Call With Our SEO Experts

When choosing which links to secure for your site (or a client site) you can be swamped with lots of questions: "What DA level should I order? Should I link to one of my internal pages or the homepage? What should my anchor text be? How often should I order?"

You don't have to guess or wonder about the best course of action - at Posirank you can schedule a FREE strategy call with one of our expert SEO analysts. Each of them has worked with us for years, and has seen hundreds of sites, in all sorts of niches - including yours.

Our consultants will carefully consider your needs, your site, current industry dynamics, your competitors and of course your budget requirements -- and they will work with you to develop a plan that will help you gain traction (visibility and traffic) for your site, at the best possible cost.

These are people who work for us, full-time, all the time. It is not their hobby or a "side gig," they are true experts, not newbies, and for many of our customers they are truly their unsung heroes.

Posirank Guest Post Service FAQ

I'm concerned that I don't harm my website through guest posting. Do you run the necessary checks on sites to make sure that the links will not be placed on penalized websites?

Absolutely. With our service, the most important thing is quality. The quality of content we craft for you,and the quality of the site it (and your backlink) is posted on. Before we accept any website to host anycontent and links for one of our customers, it goes through a detailed vetting process to ensure that thesite is a real site, with real (not faked) authority and traffic, and that it is relevant to your niche.Sites that don't make the cut are removed from our lists before we even start a manual outreach to them.

Who writes my guest post content?

For some of our guest posts, we make use of experienced (and trained!) general-purpose writers. For posts inspecialized industries (like finance, investing, medical, dental, insurance) we use the services of peoplewho have experience in writing that type of content. For our sensitive niche product, we use writers who areknowledgeable and comfortable in writing about those subjects, so that they can use a confident tone andapproach in their writing.

Can I approve guest post content (or the sites) before you place any posts?

Unfortunately, you cannot. This is because, even if you did approve the content, the site owner where it isbeing posted may require changes to be made after-the-fact. As the site owner is hosting the content, they -not us or you - must have the final say in what is posted there.

How long will these links be active? Will they be permanent, or do I need to pay amonthly fee to keep them live?

At Posirank, you never pay to "rent" a link - all links are sold as permanent (ongoing live) links. You willonly incur the initial cost when you place your order, you will never have to pay a monthly fee to keep themactive. In most cases, these links will be live for at least a year (if not longer).

If a site owner takes down the post - or the link is removed - can I get areplacement? Will I have to pay for a replacement?

While we strive to always secure permanent links (and negotiate this with the site owner) sometimes ownerswill take down content, move it elsewhere on the site, or modify the link appearance and/or attributes(i.e., making a formerly dofollow link a nofollow link).

In these situations, if you notice that your link has been taken down, or serious modifications have beenmade to the content or linking, please contact us right away. Sometimes, we can get the site owner torescind the changes.

If it becomes necessary to replace the content/links, if the link was ordered within a reasonable timeframe(usually 90 days up to a year, depending on the type of site/DA level it was placed on), we will secure anew link placement for you at no charge.

However, if too much time has elapsed you will need to pay for a new order. No links are guaranteed toremain live for more than 1 year (although many of them do stay live, sometimes for years, but sites willvary on this factor).

Are these links dofollow or nofollow links?

So-called "dofollow" links make use of HTML coding tags to instruct search engines to "follow" and index thelink while "nofollow" tags tell the search engines not to follow those links, so they will not be passingany site authority to your own site. Some sites use dofollow link tags, some use nofollow.

Unless otherwise stated, all of our links are dofollow links, and should remain so once they are posted.

Can I provide the articles or other content to be posted myself?

Yes and no - While we are certainly willing to review any content you may have and consider it for inclusionas guest post content, please be aware that (for a variety of reasons) the site owner may not accept thecontent as written (just as they might not accept it if we did the writing). This is handled on acase-by-case basis, and unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your content will be used withoutmodification, if at all.

Can I choose the exact anchor text?

For many of our guest post linking products, you will have the opportunity of choosing your link anchortext. However, we cannot guarantee that particular wording will be acceptable to a site owner. In thesecases, we will notify you and tell you what your options are. All anchor text should make grammatical sensewhen used in a sentence, and the use of geo-tags, in particular, must be avoided. Naked URL's (such or or the like, when used as anchor text) are not usually accepted by sites. Ifyou need your business mentioned make your anchor text a brand name or phrase rather than a naked URL.

How many links will it take to rank my site? How many links should I order permonth?

This is a natural question to ask - unfortunately there is no "secret recipe" that will guarantee rankings -no way to say "If you secure X amount of links, you will see a significant improvement in rankings." Ourconsultants, however, can look at the present situation with your site, it's current rankings, what yourcompetitors are doing, and give you a general feel for how easy/difficult it will be to outflank yourcompetition and gain traction in the SERP's.

Of course, time-to-rank is also influenced by budgets, and budgets on the low side can increase the time itwill take for your site to see major ranking improvements. Competitors can change their game plan as well,forcing you to reevaluate your SEO strategy as you go. Put simply, you have to be in it to win it - becauseyour competitors are!

Will all my links go live in one go? What is the usual Turnaround time?

At Posirank we do not "drip feed" link placements. This means that you must be aware of how often you areplacing orders for new link acquisitions. As soon as the link is secured, it is published without delay.

However, if you need to "wait a bit" after placing your order, you can request (at the time of orderplacement) that we delay the start of work on it - you will have the option of selecting a date that is bestfor you. Only after that date will your order information actually become available to the link outreachmanagers.

You may see a quick turnaround on these (perhaps 1-2 weeks) orders, but in most cases you should expect towait at least 30-45 days before your link is secured and goes live. Your dashboard will list an estimatedETA for each order (provided you have not requested delayed processing) - but you are always welcome tocontact us to get an update on the current situation. As you might guess, some webmasters are very prompt inresponses and in working with us, other sites are less responsive (and some are VERY busy) so waitingtime/turnaround time can vary a great deal from site-to-site.

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