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Many of our Posirank customers fall into the category of "self-serve" customers - they are happy to login to their customer dashboard and order SEO campaigns that we then fulfill, either for their own website or those of their clients. For them, this is a good option and is very effective.

However, did you know that we do more - much more - than just SEO campaign execution? In fact, we make available a professional SEO consultant option for those who want this service.

Why Rely on a Professional SEO consultant?

There are two primary reasons why businesses rely on us for SEO consulting. The first is time. Time, or rather the lack of it. Company owners are busy people - and effective SEO work takes time, sometimes lots of it. A consultant, coming along side of you, will handle all of the analysis, planning and campaign fulfillment. This frees up your time to do other things - like actually running your business.

The second reason for relying on a seasoned SEO consultant? Know-how - and again, it's rather the lack of it, on the part of the business owner. As a business owner, your area of expertise is in the products/services that you provide to your customers, not in SEO. We find, not surprisingly, that most folks in business know (at best) the basic concepts and principles of SEO. They are not SEO experts. And why should they be?

Simply put, business owners who lack the time or knowledge of SEO are not good candidates to be a self-service customer. For these customers, their best option is to use our consultation service.

SEO Consultants? Won't That Be Expensive?

Business owners might shy away from seeking out professional SEO consultants because of the costs involved.

And, while it is true that SEO consulting can get quite expensive (some will charge anywhere from USD $200-$500/hour, in addition to the cost for specific campaigns ordered), we are pleased to inform you that, as a Posirank customer, you have the option of using our SEO consultants for no additional cost.

That's right, our professional SEO consultant services are available to you at any time, at no additional cost to you!

What Do I Need to Do First?

The first thing that you need to do is some thinking. Think about your business, and the website that serves it. How is it ranking? Are you trying to rank for any particular keywords? Who are your competitors? What's the traffic to your site like? Are you getting leads from your site?

Where would you like your business to be in 1 month? In 3 months? In 6 months? A year from now? What types of SEO (if any) have you attempted in the past? Did it produce any results?

You see, when you start working with our team members, the more you can tell us about your challenges and goals the better able we will be to help you. You don't need to read up and self-educate yourself on SEO, that's where we come in.

What Can Your Professional SEO Consultants do to Help Me?

VTLS: Here it is in a nutshell. At Posirank, we use the acronym "VTLS" (we pronounce that "vitals" by the way) to help you understand the overall goals of our consultation process.

Explained very simply it comes down to this -

  1. V: VISIBILITY. The best-designed website in the world will do you no good if no one sees it. The first goal of SEO is to get you more visible in search engines when people are searching using critical keywords that are relevant to your niche. If you are not on page 1 of the SERP's - at a minimum, you're nowhere.
  2. T: TRAFFIC. It's a pretty solid rule-of-thumb in SEO - the more visible your site, the more clicks you get. The coveted 1-2 positions at the top of the SERP's can get 30%-40% or even more of the total clicks for that search term. The result of greater visibility is more clicks to your site - that is, more traffic.
  3. L: LEADS AND INQUIRIES. More traffic, as essential as that is, is not enough though. If you are selling sneakers, for example, 10,000 people/day who visit your site searching for the local weather won't make you a penny in sales. Because what you need is not just traffic, but traffic that is relevant to your site. We call this well-qualified traffic. Ideally, you don't want tire-kickers, you want people who are ready to buy. If your site is getting plenty of traffic but you are not getting good leads and customer inquiries, you need a professional SEO consultant to determine the cause.
  4. S: SALES. While no SEO can guarantee sales, what effective SEO can do is to help drive the right kinds of traffic to your site, traffic that will convert to actual sales, to new customer growth, which goes straight to your bottom line.

To put it another way, when you use professional SEO consultants, their responsibility is to put in your hands a budget-friendly analysis of your current situation along with an action plan that will help you reach your business goals.

OK, What's Your "Action Plan" Look Like?

While the specifics of our deliverables will depend on your unique situation, typically we will incorporate the following elements into our comprehensive SEO strategy recommendations -

Comprehensive Onboarding Conference - The process begins with speaking with you. At this stage we are listening rather than talking. We know what questions to ask you, and we will, in order to help us understanding more about your site and your business. Tell us about your greatest challenges, setbacks, the competition, past failed attempts - the works. The more you can share with us, the better. We won't go any further in the process until we get a clear picture of the current situation and what needs to happen.

Data-Mining and Analysis - The next phase is on us. You sit back and relax, and our professional SEO consultants will put your website - and your competitors - under our microscope. We'll look at everything, like how your website code is working under-the-hood (or not), content strengths and weaknesses, the total UX (user experience) of your site visitors. We'll also do an analysis of your GSC or other analytics data to pinpoint your traffic sources, overall trends and understand what parts of your site are being visited, which are converting to sales/leads - and which are not.

We don't stop there, however. We also need to see what your competitors are up to. How are they ranking? What is their traffic like? To beat the competition you need to be better than they are, and we give you solid business intel on your competitors to help you make informed strategic decisions.

Reputation Management and Negative Signaling - Part of our work as your professional SEO consultants is to inform you when your website may be sending "negative" signals to search engines such as Google. For example, duplicate content on your site - when you have pages on your site with duplicate content, or pages of content that are duplicating what other sites are saying -is a big negative signal to search engines. They devalue such sites as they deem it a waste of time for visitors to go there (as there is nothing of unique value there that they cannot get somewhere else).

We also do a comprehensive search for any web postings where negative reviews of your business might be showing up. This too is a negative signal, and especially for humans who are searching the web as no one wants to take a chance on a shady business. If negative search engine signaling seems to be in play, we'll give you all the details - and also our best recommendations on how to deal with it in the most cost-effective way.

Search Engine Manual Penalties - Would you believe it? We have found many of our clients sites were actually operating under a manual penalty by Google and were not even aware of it!

Another thing we often find is websites that have lots of junk/spammy sites that are linking back to them. This might be the result of relying on bargain-basement or "miracle" solutions that make up a large part of the shady part of the SEO world.

As a part of our comprehensive consulting, we'll let you know if you are under a manual penalty, or have been the victim of bad SEO - and help you understand how that hurts your site rankings and how to fix those problems.

Backlink Portfolio Recommendations - Yes, backlinks are important to any site. When any site links back to yours, Google takes note. Among other factors, they consider it as a "vote" in favor of your site. If the link comes from a great site, that site's built-in, earned trust and reputation can positively impact your site's ranking. Conversely, if a low-quality site links back to you that brings you no value at all, as search engines simply ignore them.

So a major aspect of your action plan will be to analyze the current crop of sites that are linking back to yours (in the SEO world these are called "referring domains"). Sometimes we can determine that your competitors are outranking you because they have more and/or higher-quality sites linking to them than you have to your site. Again, we'll put everything under our SEO microscope and let you know what is going on, and how to improve your backlink situation.

Posirank SEO Consultants DON'T Leave You Twisting in the Wind

Getting a great plan-of-action into your hands is where many SEO companies stop - at Posirank we are just getting started.

Because we don't just share - or even discuss in-depth - a comprehensive analysis with you. We actually come along side of you and help you to take action on what needs improving. If your site needs a backlink clean-up, we'll handle that. If you need more/better written content, we'll put together content briefs, share with your writing team (if you have one) or even utilize our own experienced writers and get it written. Slow-loading site? Navigation that's confusing? We can work directly with your web developers to fix that stuff quickly.

And to facilitate all of this? You will have access to our secure, private-channel communication system which will allow you to communicate with our team 24/7, without relying on traditional emails.

Yes, you will have real, "reachable" Posirank staff who will interact with you. And we won't hand you off to others who don't know your background. Your team members stay with you for your entire history with us. You'll know their names - and their phone numbers. And they will be available for meetings - with you, your staff, your company management or ownership, whoever you need to be involved.

OK I'm Interested. What Now?

Excellent! And based on our experience, we would recommend the following as your first steps to get started with us.

Register for Dashboard Access. While other SEO companies will give you a "trial" or "demo" account, at Posirank we don't believe in wasting your time. When you register for a dashboard account, you will get a fully-functioning account. You could (and some people do) start using it to order our services right away. Instead what we recommend is that you use your account to look over our comprehensive suite of services and also our pricing plans. This will help you to decide if it makes sense to take the next step - to reach out to us for a consultation.

Book a Consult Call. To do this, click this link which will take you to our booking page. There, you will be able to pick a date and time that works best for you. Usually the call will be about 30 minutes - and at the end of that call both we and you will know if Posirank is going to be a good option for you. Cost for the consultation? Nothing. It's no-risk and no-obligation.

Questions That Can't Wait? Do you need to ask us questions and can't wait for a consult call? Not ready yet for a dashboard tour? While it can't compare with talking with someone live, you can contact us by using our website contact form. We'll need your name and contact information of course, and you can detail your query in the area provided. Our staff will be notified, in real-time, and will reply quickly to you, often same-day. If you are curious but not ready to pull the trigger yet, this is a no-brainer option.

Regardless of how you choose to contact us, we are looking forward to hearing from you. Because we believe that Posirank's professional SEO consultants are best-in-class. We can help you with your SEO challenges - why not contact us today?

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