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"Working with PosiRank has been a wonderful experience for our agency. They've allowed us to scale our SEO services far beyond what we thought was possible. On top of that, the services they provide drive real results for our clients. On average, our clients' rankings for their target keywords improve by about 25 positions after launching campaigns for them and we have several clients who have seen their organic search traffic more than double. We wouldn't be able to achieve those kinds of results with PosiRank."

Tim K

"The team at Posirank do an excellent job. From first contact and review of my requirements I have always felt the knowledge the team holds in the SEO and SEM industry is second to none. The business we operate is in a highly competitive finance niche. Within three months of working with Posirank and following their advice we have seen our website dominate the first position for all our targeted keywords and the organic traffic to our website has doubled. Considering we are up against massive multinational businesses with deep pockets, it's nothing short of amazing we are leaving them all in our shadow. If you're on the fence about which agency to use, look no further. Get started with Posirank!"

Jack Jordan

"I wanted to thank the Posi team for all of the help with our rankings. Frankly, I don't like to recommend you all to avoid competitors finding you. Yet, you asked and you all have done a great job for me and a few partner sites so here are some numbers. Over the coming months, we have more sites that will joining efforts with the Posirank team."

John F

"Without PosiRank it would be hard for me to stay on top of our company websites rankings across numerous keywords. Also,compared to other SEO services I feel Posirank offers a better quality link on a better quality website. So, there's been no worry of any penalty. The websites, content, and links provided are actually beneficial to Googles index in my opinion."

Daniel F

"You are awesome. Thank you for all you do my business is growing. The rankings are very good and it works. Keep up the good work."

John W

"As digital strategists, inbound specialists and service and product developers, having a trusted partner like Posirank by our side allow us to focus on value creation for our clients while. The only con is that Posirank does not manage contents distribution for other languages than English."

Aurelien G

"Our communication with our Account Managers has been great. They are prompt and help explain anything that I have questions about."

Madeline S

"On average we've seen steady growth of about 5% per month in organic traffic, and it takes about 3-4 months to see any real change in keyword rankings. However, as we've grown, our clients have had bigger budgets, and there are bigger/faster changes if we can do multiple services at once."

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