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Website Content for Agencies and Businesses

When many people think of "SEO" they think of getting backlinks. While a good backlink profile is important, and websites should be free of technical (on-site) issues -- but the driving need today is for CONTENT. High-quality and informative content. The kind of content that people need and will search for.

One of the biggest SEO problems today is websites that have thin (too short) content, or content that is just, … well, really bad. Regurgitated fluff, web content that is lacking any detail or value. We've all seen it out there.

To have great SEO results, you need outstanding content on your site. Relevant, informative content will reduce your sites' bounce rate by keeping people on your site longer.

If you operate a business or organizational website, or you service your own clients as an agency, you already know that search engine algorithms today are smart enough to detect garbage content.

There are no "workarounds" for this - you can go the easy route and try to use poorly written content, but in the end you'll pay the penalty. Great content is what you need if you want to attract site visitors. And Posirank's content writing services can get you content - at high volumes, if necessary, that is extremely well-written, detailed and at a competitive price.

What Kind of Content Writing Services Can I Get?

People with websites need content for various purposes - for posting on their own site as web pages or blog posts - for press releases and other commercial/trade announcements - for landing pages - lead generation sites - product descriptions - product reviews.

Our U.S. based writing team is experienced in creating all types of content pieces for a variety of different markets and niches: legal, medical/health, financial, consumer products and services, sensitive niches (vaping, cannabis/CBD, gambling, adult), technical, industrial and of course B2B of all types. If you are overseas and need content using UK English, our writers can handle those assignments as well.

Pricing and Turnaround Times

While pricing can fluctuate, in general the price you pay is primarily determined by two things: the overall length (word count) and amount of researched detail that you will need.

All other things being equal, content that requires more in-depth research, more detail and/or longer length has a higher pricing than shorter and/or less-detailed piece (please see your account manager or check your dashboard under "order content" for latest pricing).

We guarantee that your article will be well-written, to your exact specifications, free from grammatical errors and typos, which has been both editor- and QC (quality control) reviewed.

For most orders, you will be able to see a draft for your review, and you can request edits to it if changes are needed, before the order is finalized and a final draft is forwarded to you.

We also have an "express" content order option for those wanting to reduce turnaround time by eliminating edit requests (we do not recommend express content for use as website content that needs specific detail as this content is more general in its focus.)

And here's some great news if you need content on a frequent basis (such as for blog posts) - You can set up an order which will automatically recur on a monthly basis, on the day (date) that you have previously selected. You won't have to re-enter order details each month, saving you time, as the previous order details are saved and used again (you can, however, change your order details before the order executes again if you like).

Here's How the Content Writing Services Process Works

How does all of this work? It's easy and simple-to-understand.

Consultation: If needed, you can communicate with us and we can assign you a staff person to consult with you to determine your best options, theme and keyword focus, length and type of content piece needed, etc. There is no additional cost for this consultation.

Order Placement: Once you know what needs to be done, you will use your Posirank account dashboard to select the type of content order that you need from the content writing services area. Depending on the nature of the order, we will need some information from you to pass to our writing team.

If you like, you can give us detailed order notes (and we actually encourage this as it will allow us to tailor our writing to your requirements 100%)

Draft Approval: Once your content is written, we will send you a notice and you will login to your account to view the draft. If it is OK as written, you will simply approve it and then you can download your finished document.

For all content orders except for "express" content, if you need our writer to make additional changes/tweaks to the content, you will simply post those notes and send it back to the writer for further work. You will be notified again when the revised content is ready for your review and approval.

Our goal is that, at the end of this process, you will be 100% satisfied with the written content that we have provided for you. We don't quit until we have met - or exceeded - your expectations.

Why Choose PosiRank's Content Writing Services?

Why do so many companies rely on our content writing services? Here are some reasons our clients tell us they use us rather than the "other guys":

Timesaving: Our order interface is intuitive and easy-to-use. This reduces the time you need to input orders, which is important if you need content written at scale. Orders can be set to auto-renew monthly, eliminating the need to set up orders "from scratch." Simply put, the Posirank advantage is that we can get you all the content you need, for all the clients that you have, with a minimum time investment on your part.

Communication: For our highest-level content writing, our system will even allow our writers to communicate with you if they have questions or need clarification on any points.

This direct writer-to-client communication system, which allows for exchange of information while preserving writer and customer confidentiality, is unique to the content writing services industry. (Please feel free to ask us for more details about this as it is one of features of our system that our clients love best!)

Competitive Pricing: While we don't guarantee that we are the "cheapest" content preparation service out there, we do believe that we offer the best value-for-money of any of our competitors.

Planning/Consultation: Unlike others, our staff is always available to consult with you before you place a content order. You don't have to guess about what to order.

At Posirank, we'll take the time to analyze your site and industry, see what your competitors are up to, and tell you what your content requirements really are. If you don't need any help, that's totally OK, but if you do, please reach out and ask!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Content Writing Services

What are your turnaround times on content orders? How quickly can I get content?

Turnaround times from a website content writer can vary, due to fluctuations in the volume of incoming orders. Once your order is placed, you will see an estimated ETA for completion listed in your dashboard. Please understand that this will only be an estimate, and actual delivery times can vary (in many cases you will receive your content earlier). You are always welcome to place a support ticket to enquire - and we try, whenever possible, to accommodate requests to expedite an order (normally at no additional cost).

Press Releases: Normal turnaround times for writing will usually be 3-4 business days, but syndication of your press release to wire services can take up to 7 days.

Express Content: Again, normal turnaround times will be around 3-4 days, but there will be no delay in the approval process, as these have no review/approval option but are sent directly to you as completed orders on the first draft.

Higher-Level Content: We estimate that under normal conditions this content will be completed within 7-10 working days. Many assignments are completed sooner, a few can take longer, especially when the customer requires extensive additional edits.

How will you know my business?

Simply, because we invest the time to learn about your needs, and the needs of your business. How? By interacting with you before we sit down at the computer to write even a single word. Everything we learn about your needs we communicate to our content writer team. This could include your overall goals, the "voice" you want in the content, keyword requirements, other sites you know of where we can find useful information, etc.

We understand that the best website content is not "cookie-cutter," off-the-rack, assembly-line produced. It needs to reflect your business, your industry and specifically how you service your own customers (or other site visitors).

Will a single writer write my entire site?

Realistically, if you need a lot of content for a very large site, practical logistics and the need for a reasonable turnaround time make it unlikely that we can produce content for an entire site using just one writer.

For sites requiring a large number of page content orders, we will coordinate the efforts of all of several writers through our editors and managers to make sure that the same tone is maintained throughout. If you have the time to wait, we can, however, reach out and secure an experienced writer to prepare all the content for your site if you like.

Even for smaller orders, if there is a writer that you especially like, you have the option of using them again - we will assign new orders directly to that writer if you request it, at no additional cost.

Do you write existing sites?

Yes, this is possible. With larger sites this will take some effort, but it is possible to rewrite every page on a site if you have the time. Our consultation service can help you to identify what pages need new content or partial revamping, or what needs to be done to beat the competition.

Why hire a content writing service? Why not just hire my own in-house staff or use a freelancer?

Here's the problem with those approaches: the cost vs. quality/reliability bind. If you rely on freelancers, they can be unreliable or push out really bad quality. Communication with them can be an issue, especially if they are many time zones removed from you. Or they may disappear altogether.

If you have in-house staff, you will have to pay more, and in order to keep them with you, you will need to have enough work to keep them busy at all times.

Many of our clients have tried one or both of those options in the past, and have found that Posirank's content writing services gives them the quality that they need at a price that is affordable, without all of the hassles that go with working with staff or freelancers.

Will I have to pay for revisions?

Absolutely not. Revisions (of a reasonable number) are always made at no additional cost to you. In fact, our writing team enjoys working for us so much (some have been with us for years, a rarity in this industry) that they make necessary edits for free as they consider this a normal part of the process.

Will the content be original?

Yes, it will always be original. Our content is Copyscape ™ filtered before it is sent to you and is always reviewed by experienced content editors to make sure it is error-free and that the content fulfills your project notes requirements.

Will my content be SEO-friendly?

Yes. Our writers have lots of experience in writing content that helps, instead of hurts, your site's SEO. We avoid all black-hat techniques like keyword stuffing, surface-level rewrites, or spun content. We guarantee that you will never see a ranking penalty or a loss of traffic from any content that we prepare.

Can you tell me anything about your writers? Where do you get them from? What are their backgrounds? How are they hired?

Posirank's content writing services are driven, of course, by our writers who do the actual work. These writers are all located in the U.S. (and we use location-verification technology and SSN verification to verify identities and locations).

Our writers come from a variety of backgrounds. Many of them are (or were) teachers, business professionals, techno-nerds, gamers, outdoor enthusiasts, health care professionals, musicians and even artists. Our team (consisting of hundreds of writers) is very low-turnover, and many of them have been with us for years.

All of our writers must be vetted before employment and have a prior history of writing. We have an in-house training program which includes training on our processes, and we use our own systems for staff communication and notifications. All new hires are carefully monitored for the first few weeks, and all work, from any writer, is reviewed by our editors and must pass checks for duplicate/plagiarized content.

Can your writers supply images or graphics in the content that they prepare?

Unfortunately, given varying client requirements and the wide variety of image/graphic formatting options, our writers are not able to incorporate images or graphics in their content. As well, our writers cannot supply HTML tags on content, except for formatting for links when needed.

Can your writers post the content they have written directly on my website?

Due to privacy requirements and the potential liability if a site might be damaged, our writers (or other staff) are not permitted to login to post content on your site. Once your content has been delivered to you, you will need to make arrangements to have it posted on your site, including making any formatting/HTML coding adjustments that might be needed.

I have other questions. Can I talk with someone?

No problem! We'd be happy to talk with you. Please contact your support specialist (if you have one) or place a support ticket to ask your question or to request a free consultation. There is no obligation, and the consultation is always free.

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