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Press Releases for SEO Written By US Writers

Using Press Releases for SEO

As you probably know, millions of press releases are issued every year by both for-profit companies and non-profit organizations to publicize their organization, as well as events , personnel changes and the like.

Of course, the hoped-for result of issuing any press release is publicity and community awareness. This could be in the form of inquiries from the media or other interested parties, directing traffic to a website - even for lead generation.

But today, issuing press releases can have a positive influence on your website’s off-page SEO optimization.

How Do Press Releases Help SEO?

Today's press release services allow you to place links into the content. When these PR's are published ("syndicated") your press release will sit, as content with links, on some of the most authoritative websites available - media sites.

Although some of these embedded links are nofollow links, the press release can bring some punch to your website backlink profile.

Press releases written for SEO means exactly that: these press releases are specially-crafted to enhance their SEO benefits so that they can be found when people search for that information.

Our Press Release for SEO Process

Be Prepared BEFORE You Place Your Order. The most crucial thing that you need to do before you place a press release order with us is to prepare beforehand.

First of all, you need to think about the purpose for the press release - the best PR's are those written to announce a company event, new product release, merger, major staff change, etc.

You will also need to understand what keywords you will need to target and this content should fit well with your overall SEO strategy. Related to this is the selection of proper anchor text - and anchor text ratios are very important in press releases for SEO. This is a service we provide free-of-charge to all of our managed SEO clients.

Finally, you need to have a strong CTA (Call-to-Action), the close of your PR where you tell the reader what to do next.

Select the Proper Type of Press Release Order. At Posirank, we offer two types: "Express" press releases, and also "Newsworthy" press releases.

Express press releases are best used in situations where you may not have a current event or major announcement coming up. In those cases, you want to use a PR strictly for the link juice that a press release can provide. With Express press releases, we will use your information to craft a story of some sort, essentially finding a newsworthy event for you where none exists. An Express press release goes directly to distribution after we write it. Since this is not a real newsworthy event, no customer review of the content is possible before it is syndicated. This is the simplest type of press release for SEO that you can order from us.

Our Newsworthy Pro Press Release is a professional-level, high-quality press release service. Our team of highly skilled American-based press release writers will craft a power press release for you on any subject (with the exception of gambling, adult and prescription drug products). However, unlike our Express press releases, with Newsworthy press releases for SEO, you will be able to review this press release before it is sent out to our distribution network.

3 Ways to Improve the SEO of Your Press Releases

Use the Inverted Pyramid Writing Style. Magazines and newspapers use this style all the time: put your most important facts, the must-know critical information at the very beginning of your press release. When your press release is published, it may be edited by the site owners or editors and even reduced in length. You don't want to have critical information lost because it was placed at the bottom, near the end of your press release and then subsequently cut out.

Don't Be Overly-Promotional. Poorly-written press releases usually read as a thinly-veiled commercial for the company. If you need an ad, buy an ad - but you need to use a light touch and not be obvious about its ultimate purpose.

Use Legit Contact Information. Press releases for SEO that use some sort of fake contact information (fake name, fake email or phone number) will get your press release rejected from syndication services. Make sure that your phone number will actually ring and that a real person stands behind it. Also, your email contact should be on the same domain as the domain name of the website you are promoting (i.e., a press release for the site should have a contact email of (something) Don't use general email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail.

How to Turn a Bad PR Situation Into an SEO Benefit

Let's face it: All businesses have incidents when something does not go right. Reports of bad customer service, defective products, or a comment made on Facebook or Twitter that blows up in your face can put your business into crisis mode. This can also happen with non-profit organizations.

But remember the history of the press release? The PR was first used as a tool of "damage control" to get out ahead of bad press and lawsuits.

Once mistakes are made, you can't take that away, but you can control what happens going forward, and use a press release for SEO to influence public opinion and help repair your companies' reputation. Media who may choose to cover your mishap may take your statement (press release) and quote it in their own reporting.

And when that content is syndicated on the web, that information will show up in the online searches that your present/potential customers perform when researching your company in the future.

FAQ: Frequently-Asked Questions About the Posirank Press Release Services For SEO

Are press releases still worth it in 2021?

Absolutely. And to prove it just visit any of the larger press release distribution services - at each ofthese sites, you will find thousands and thousands of press releases that have been released, even within aone-year period. Companies with big budgets spend multiplied thousands of dollars to issue press releases.They would not be doing this unless it had a significant impact, as these companies don't throw money away!

And if those companies and large organizations use them, and benefit from them, you can (and should) aswell.

How can I make my press release more effective?

You can safely trust Posirank to provide you with a well-written, SEO-friendly press release. That's what wedo, after all.

You (the customer) can make your press release more effective by thinking about the "angle" that will beused. Will it be truly newsworthy, something that others (especially the media) would consider interesting?Press releases for SEO which are written around a really significant happening are much more likely to gaintraction and generate inquiries than those that are generic and without any real focus.

Who should I write the press release for?

This is a critical area - your target audience. You want to think in terms of responses. What types ofpeople do you want to contact you as a result of reading your press release?

A press release, for example, that aims to attract the attention of media personalities (reporters,commentators, editors) needs to be written differently than if you are aiming to have potential customerscontact you. Your press release for SEO purposes must be tailored for the specific audience you are aimingto reach.

What's the role of keywords in my press release?

You should think carefully about the keywords used in your press release text - including the wording ofheadings and subheadings. When that content is indexed by the search engines, those keywords help the searchengines to "understand" what your content is about.

And when those keywords (and/or related words and phrases) are used in searches, links to your pressreleases can show up in the SERP's, and people can click on them. This is a fundamental aspect of the SEOprocess.

What about the anchor text in my press release - is that different fromkeywords?

When a link shows in your press release, the words of text that are highlighted or underlined (or sometimesin a different color depending on the formatting of the site) in the content is called the "anchor" text, asit anchors the link to those particular words. Anchor text could be considered keywords if it uses thatwording.

Keywords are words and phrases, then, that make up the searches that people are doing inyourindustry/market/niche; what wording people use when they are searching for information.

When those words are linked out to a site (called a "backlink" for that reason) those words form the anchortext of the link.

In addition to link text (anchor text) your press release should use keywords in other places in yourcontent, even when it is not being used for a link. Search engines learn to "associate" your content withthose keywords when they scan it and add it to their index (database). Proper keyword selection is crucialto help your content "surface" during internet searches. (If you want further help in understanding anchortext and its role in press releases for SEO, see this link.)

How can I optimize my press release for SEO and potential customers?

Here's the reason that we offer a press release writing and distribution service - there are many aspects toputting together an effective press release for SEO. This is not fluff writing, and there are strictprotocols that must be followed and formats that must be used. Mistakes in this area can cause your pressrelease to be ineffective - or to be rejected by media sites altogether. Don't try to learn all this stuff.The far superior strategy is for you to focus on running your business/organization - and let us take careof the details, including any necessary SEO optimization.

How much do press releases cost?

Some press release distribution services charge by the word (meaning that you pay more for longer pressreleases) or they submit to different "levels" or "tiers" of media sites (and reserving access to the bestsitesfor those who pay more).

At Posirank, we are pleased to offer our press releases at a flat fee (and it is very affordable because wesubmit in volume to the major wire services) that includes the writing, revisions as needed, and thesubsequentpress release distribution (except for Express releases which are not customer-reviewed). You will neverhave topay more for longer press releases, and you always will have access to our full network of media sites.

Where do I submit my press release?

With Posirank, you never need to take time to do manual press release submissions on your own. We willhandleall the details regarding submissions to wire services. If any issues develop during this process, we willpromptly communicate with you, get your feedback, and reach out to the sites to make the process as smoothaspossible for you.

Who writes the press releases?

At Posirank, we do not rely on "general purpose" writers. We have learned, over many years, that we musttakeexcellent writers and train them on the specific details of press release writing. This is specializedwritingand media sites (not to mention reporters and editors!) will simply ignore badly-written oroverly-promotionalcontent.

Your press release content will be written by specialists, and QC reviewed by editors specializing in pressreleases, before it goes to you or the public.

There are hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of media sites all over the world, that will accept pressreleasecontent. Those that manage newspapers, news sites, blog sites have a critical need for interesting contentthatis also of current interest or reflects current trends.

Simply put, press release "distribution" is the process of notifying these media (and other) sites that newpress release content has been released.

This press release distribution takes place through one or more wire service channels, who maintainup-to-datecontacts and use their own technology to push out content to their database of sites. This is called"syndication" and traditionally, access to these networks has been beyond the means of average businesses,dueto the cost of wire service subscriptions.

Posirank maintains these subscriptions because we can afford to (due to the volume of submissions we placewiththem).

Because we know this industry we guarantee that your press release will have a whopping 98%chance of beingfeatured in Google News, as well as sites like The Press Enterprise, MercuryNews, The Boston Globe,,The Daily Herald and hundreds/thousands more.

What is press release distribution?

What kind of reporting will I receive?

Every completed order comes with a detailed report listing every site that has already immediately publishedyour press release. Keep in mind that in the days/weeks following initial publication, there will behundreds ofadditional sites that will pick up your press release via RSS feeds. (Tip: The best way to determine howmanysites have indexed your press release is to search for the title of your PR in quotes, using Google.)

A (Brief) History of the Press Release

In the 18th and 19th centuries, railroads were king. Here in the U.S. people were coming out of thehorse-and-buggy age, but the era of mass-produced automobiles was years away. The preferred method oftransportation (for trips of any length) was via train. This included the use of rail services for transportofgoods as well as for personal and business travel.

However, in 1906, disaster struck - there was a major rail accident, a train wreck in New Jersey and morethan50 people were left dead, and scores more were injured.

The rail company (Pennsylvania Railroad Company) had recently hired a man, Ivy Lee as it's public relationsconsultant. In the wake of this tragedy, government investigations were launched and the public was greatlyalarmed.

Lee convinced the management of the PRR to issue a statement to the public media - which in those days wasmostly dominated by newspapers - and this published statement is thought to be the very first "pressrelease."

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