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You Receive:
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Daily Security Scans
  • Daily Broken Link Monitoring
  • Daily Website Backups
  • Daily Security Scans
  • Daily Speed Scans
  • Monthly WordPress or WooCommerce Upgrades
  • Monthly Plugin Upgrades
  • Monthly Theme Upgrades
  • Weekly Activity Reports
  • Weekly SEO Ranking & Competitor Reports
  • 30 Minutes Web Design & Content Updates
  • Unrivaled Tech Support

Posirank CMS Management and Webhosting Services

WordPress and Woocommerce are two of the most-used and comprehensive CMS (Content Management Systems) in use in the world today. Literally millions of websites, worldwide, in multiple locations and languages - blog sites, eComm sites, news sites, as well as local, regional, national and multi-national commercial businesses - use these platforms. For example, as of January 2020, it was estimated that WooCommerce was being used by around 3.9 million websites as the CMS of choice. WordPress, it's older brother, was used by 42.8% of the top 10 million websites as of October 2021.

CMS Platforms - The Promise - and The Reality

Your choice of any CMS platform is the foundation of your site's operation. WordPress and its spin-off Woocommerce, as platforms, are attractive to many because of its efficient admin functionality and the availability of many plugins and themes to customize your site's appearance, functionality and data-gathering capabilities.

Using a CMS allows backend coding and database setup to be installed quickly and easily on your webhosting's servers easily and quickly, without the need to do any programming. The necessary files are simply uploaded server-side and "unpacked" and you can begin to work with it immediately.

Yet … CMS platforms are not without its hassles and limitations. Did you know that there are over 10's of thousands of known security vulnerabilities in the WP platform? That is why WP is constantly pushing out security upgrades.

And like WP, sites using the Woocommerce platform can suffer from such issues as bugs in improperly written (and not fully tested) code, plugin incompatability, slow loading times and security issues.

Your choice of your platform theme and plugin selection makes it necessary to update the code frequently. And if you get busy and forget to do that? Your site becomes vulnerable.

BUT … What if you could turn this task over to others - "set it and forget it" - who will keep your site updated with the latest patches and enhancements? How much would that be worth to you, in terms of recovering your precious time to devote to actually getting in front of your customers and running your core business?

That's what our Posirank CMS Management Service is all about - we provide the support you need to get your site running securely and efficiently, and keep it running that way.

Here's just a sample of how we can help you:

  • Preventative Monitoring: Monitor your site uptime (24/7) - security scans (daily) - speed scans (daily) - daily broken link check - daily database/platform backups.
  • Upgrades: Every month we will check to make sure that the latest WP codebase installed, as well as plugin and site theme upgrades.
  • Reporting: We will report each week on any activity performed on your site that will include malware scans, blocked hacking attempts, upgrades, backups, updates, and any other activities.
  • SEO: We can even give you weekly SEO ranking reports as well as reporting on your competitors.
  • Technical support: Need bugs in your code fixed? Migrating to a new domain? Considering design/functionality changes? We have the staff to handle whatever you need.

What About Your Webhosting? Our No-Hassle Webhosting Management Service - PosiServers

When you own a website, to make it operational, all of the files containing your site code and database information must reside on a server that has connections to the web. When the public visits your site, they are actually interacting with the web server that contains those files.

So you need a service that "hosts" or stores your site files, and there are thousands of companies hosting sites on their equipment.

But if that server is not maintained properly your site can suffer a lot of downtime or run inefficiently. Like CMS platforms, web servers can also be "hacked," with all kinds of malicious code that can ruin your site - and your customer's life.

Did you know that Posirank is now offering our own webhosting management service? We call it PosiServers and it is one of the best out there.

The Big 3: Webhosting Priorities

Claims from different webhosting companies abound, as we're sure you know if you have investigated providers.

But let's make this crystal-clear - what you need (and what any webhosting service must provide) boils down to three things:

  1. Uptime: Your site visitors can't visit your site and do business with you if your hosting company has an outage. The web is truly "world-wide" today, so your site needs to be accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, in all time zones and languages (if you have a multi-language site).
    • We guarantee 99.9% uptime!
  2. Site Loading/Navigation Speed: Your website elements (especially images and interactive elements) should load like lightening, as search engines consider slow-loading sites a poor user experience and this can hurt your search engine rankings.
    • Our packages include - high performance unlimited CDN - bleeding-edge server-level caching and weekly automatic DB optimization.
  3. Security: Hackers can attack at any time, so your site's servers must be equipped with the latest protections and backups should be made in case your site is completely zapped. Payments/transactions should also be made securely for your - and your customer's - peace-of-mind.
    • Our packages include - automatic backups (daily) - DDoS Cloudflare protection - SSL included - two-factor authentication (when requested) - isolated software containers - SSH/SFTP protocols.

In addition to all of this, we also provide --

  • A web staging environment
  • Premium DNS
  • Up to 15,000 monthly visits covered
  • 2.5 GIG of disk space
  • And up to 6 PHP workers per site!

PosiServer Webhosting Options

Currently, we offer 4 types of hosting with our PosiServer product:

Shared Web Hosting. This option is PERFECT for those just starting their site, for those who are cost-conscious, or anyone who has a site with low to medium levels of web traffic. It is a "shared" option because your site data resides along with the code for other sites on the same physical equipment (server). With this arrangement, the "shared" aspect allows the operational cost of the server to be borne by many sites, thereby reducing the cost without sacrificing features or security.

VPS Web Hosting. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. A virtual server option allows you a great deal of control, including root access and the ability to install any software that your site may need. It gives you a great deal more flexibility without the added cost of more muscular configurations.

Dedicated Servers. If you are looking for dedicated web hosting then you have a large site and need to harness all the power of an entire server. Your site will reside on the server alone, so you can make full server-side configurations that would not be possible if other sites shared the server with you.

Cloud Hosting. Ready to play in the deep end of the pool, with the big boys? Then cloud-based web hosting is the way to go. You can make configuration changes and deploy your web resources on the fly. Unlike others who make you pay for cloud services you are not currently using, with PosiServers you only pay for the resources you are using right now.

Why bother with the hassle of trying to hire your own staff to do this stuff? And why take your focus off of managing your business?

Whether you are just starting out with your first website … or have many domains to manage, our Posirank CMS Management Service and PosiServers webhosting can be your reliable service partner, at a cost that is really affordable.

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