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What You Need to Know

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Are you a growing SEO, web development or marketing firm that needs to offer or scale up SEO services for your customers?

Perhaps you are not needing to supply SEO for clients, but your own business/organization website is operating in a fast-changing, competitive niche where your site requires intensive SEO execution but don't have the time and resources to get the job done for yourself?

Whether you need to offer SEO for customers or just have high-maintenance SEO objectives for your own site, Posirank's SEO Management Services can provide you with a tailor-made roadmap and handle campaign execution for all of your clients and/or your own site.

Could You Tell Me a Little About Posirank?

Sure. Posirank as a company began full public operations in 2013. Founded by 3 guys, each of whom have decades of experience in SEO, marketing and consulting, a core focus of our company is to provide solutions to businesses and organizations that will allow them to efficiently and cost-effectively scale SEO. This means that Posirank does not offer SEO management services as an add-on or afterthought - it is foundational to our existence as a company.

Today, Posirank has thousands of websites that we actively manage on behalf of -

Agencies: Imagine handling the SEO needs of 25, 75, 100 or even more clients. It can be a time-consuming, money-sucking burden which can quickly become a huge operations bottleneck. Posirank exists as a third-party SEO partner to allow agencies with multiple clients to transfer all their back-end fulfillment to us. We know how to efficiently scale up and handle all the internal logistics - and have been doing it for years, at very competitive pricing - so that agencies don't have to struggle anymore.

Marketing Directors: Yes, Posirank does serve the smaller customer niche, and we do have options for customers who are self-serve, who place SEO campaign orders and then report back to their clients. But for our largest customers we provide a professionally-staffed management team that works alongside of you to understand the needs and SEO objectives of each and every one of your customers. In addition to execution of organic (SERP's-focused) SEO, we also have the capacity to take over PPC account management for your clients who use it.

Independent SEO Consultants: It can be difficult for SEO startups to achieve critical-mass and gain traction - and even when your client base is growing, fulfillment can become a challenge if your staff is small, not deeply involved with technical SEO, or is primarily focused on new customer acquisition (sales). Most of our internal team have a lot of experience in operating their own SEO consultancies in their past, so we know the pressures you face and what SEO challenges your clients need to overcome. Here's a little secret: many independent SEO consultants have learned "on the job" and sharpened their own sales/client presentation skills, analytics knowledge and understanding of the deeper aspects of SEO, just by working alongside us as we, together, meet the needs of their clients.

Small-Shop SEO Contractors: If you are providing content/content marketing, web optimization, link outreach but have reached the limits of your time and resources, why don't you do as many have done and outsource your gigs to us? We don't ever steal clients - your customers will always remain your customers. We don't contact them but work with you and clear your fulfillment bottlenecks, allowing you to take on more work and secure more clients, growing your revenues higher and higher. Don't struggle anymore as a one-person army: let us be your "staff" behind-the-scenes and help you get stuff done, on time and with high-quality work that you will be proud to show off to your clients.

Medium-Sized Businesses: Your firm has survived the newbie stage, and you are now a sophisticated SMB. But it can still be difficult to achieve (and maintain) great organic SERP's rankings, especially when your firm begins to compete with the big dogs. You should consider Posirank's SEO management services early on, so we can work with you to strategize and execute effective SEO campaigns during the "early days," in order to provide a solid foundation for effective FUTURE company/brand visibility. SEO done at this stage is often far less expensive and produces results more quickly - and has longer-lasting effects - than SEO executed at a later stage.

Posirank: The SmartSEO ™ Advantage

What is SmartSEO all about? At Posirank it means goodbye to "SEO" that is nothing more than throwing as much mud on the wall to see what sticks. Your company - your clients - should not be used as a laboratory or science experiment.

Effective SEO execution - SEO that gets results for you or your clients - can only come from careful planning based on thorough investigations of your/your client's sites, their competition, financial resources, market fluctuations and a number of other factors.

That's why we call it SmartSEO - Because it's strategizing and comprehensive planning that's SMART - done right the first time. "Cookie-cutter" and "package" deals in SEO are nice for the service providers, but effective SEO must be tailor-made, not something bought "off-the-rack."

So What Are the Components of SmartSEO?

Personalized Support Team: SmartSEO begins with people - your very own support team will be assigned to you when you onboard with us. The heart of SEO management services is actually not the services but the management. Anyone can get you a backlink or an article written - the difference is in the people.

Your support team are, simply put, … experts. In Reputation Management, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Content Marketing, PPC placement. They are, in most cases, veterans with years of client-facing work in their history.

They know how to talk to you - about your site or your client's sites. About goals, challenges you (or your client) has faced; prior SEO work that has been done. They understand the financial limitations you may be under. And they are not just in place to get you started. They will stay with you - the same team - throughout the time you are working with us. If issues develop, or there are unforeseen roadblocks, don't sweat it. We have handled many "emergencies," and do so every day. We'll get you to the head of the list and over the goal line no matter what.

A Tailored SEO Strategy: Before you spend a dime of your own or your client's money, you have a right to see a plan of action developed. What kind of SEO do we recommend? Why these particular tactics and not something else? What will the cost be? When can we expect results/ROI?

Your clients want answers to those questions - and we know you do as well. So before campaign execution occurs, we develop a strategy for each site you manage, and work with you to hone it to razor sharpness and 100% transparency so that you can secure that all-important client buy-in.

Not a penny will be spent until you - and your client - approve this action plan. And they are not written in stone either. If circumstances require, you can contact us anytime and let us know what has changed and request modifications. There is no cost for management consultation and strategic planning, no matter how complex the issues or intensive the process may be.

Execution of SEO Campaigns: Although SEO needs vary from site-to-site, we generally touch on the following areas with most sites --

Website Optimization. During this phase, our team will put your site under the microscope, so-to-speak. Every page will need to be examined - it's content, HTML tags, headlines, meta-descriptions, usefulness of the content and ability to rank for targeted keywords.

Competitor Analysis. Websites don't exist in a vacuum. Of course you have competitors - and some of them may have sites that rank higher than yours in the SERP's. That means lost business and changing that situation is a major priority. Once we have optimized your site, we will study the competition, looking at their web pages where they outrank you. We'll find out why they are - and what you need to turn the tables on them. If you want to beat your competitors you have to outrank them and a key component of the Posirank SmartSEO advantage is the competitor analysis we provide. Armed with this information, you can make client presentations that will get their attention and secure their full approval and project funding without those frustrating delays.

SmartCONTENT ™ Preparation. Probably 99.99% of all websites we analyze have issues with their content. Either it's very poorly written (frequently encountered with bargain-basement priced content written offshore) or too brief to be useful to site visitors. And search engines devalue sites with poor-quality content. At Posirank, we take a different approach. We discover exactly what kind of content people are searching for, the kinds of questions they need answers to. We don't believe in guessing, so we analyze what content in your niche is already ranking well for the keywords we have identified.

The end result? We develop guidelines that can be used by your writers - or ours - to get the most value from your investment in content development.

Speaking of writers, at Posirank our writers are ALL U.S.-based, not offshored, and English is their first and native language. They are experienced in SEO writing and are fully-vetted on their writing abilities before we hire them. They know how to observe deadlines and handle special niche issues (like for legal, medical, adult, cannabis markets) whenever needed.

SmartLINKS ™ Outreach. These days, everybody seems to offer some sort of backlinks or "guest posts." But there's lots of spam junk out there, and frankly as a business owner you don't have time to vet all these offerings. At Posirank, we've got you covered when it comes to securing backlinks. We have spent years developing relationships with owners of high-quality, authority websites - websites that would be an asset to any site's backlink portfolio.

To be sure that the content is top-notch, we provide these site owners with the written content. And it is the kind of content that a site owner wants - and often they beg us for more and more, as it improves the quality of their own site with very little work on their part. We do not use tools or software to post spam content somewhere. We engage in 100% manual outreach only to pre-qualified sites that are not going to cause ranking issues with your site once a linkback has been secured from them.

And a critical part of the SmartLINKS strategy is to monitor those sites for changes, dropped links, hidden redirects and other foolishness. Your links will always be fresh and functioning. And if a site goes down, we will secure a replacement - for free, if it is within 1 year of its original placement. Again, at Posirank we do the heavy lifting so that you (or your clients) don't have to. We have a HUGE inventory of sites, targeting a wide variety of topics/themes (not just "mommy blogs") news and science sites, fashion, technology, gaming, DIY, B2B, educational and many more.

And here's the best part: with SEO Management Services at Posirank you don't have to guess and hope it will be the best choice. Your team will advise you of which of our sites will give your site the maximum backlink lift. They know our inventory and will take into account your available budget to get you the best links at the lowest cost for you or your clients. That's the SMART in SmartLINKS.

World-Class Reporting. And when the work is done? That's where Posirank's SmartREPORTING ™ comes into play. This is not superficial, turnkey (one-size-fits-all) reporting that may not cover areas you are interested in or be easy for your client to understand. With our reporting you will always know the work that has been on your behalf. If areas of improvement exist, we will not hide that away from you - transparent and truthful reporting is essential to retaining your business - and your clients loyalty.

An important aspect of SmartREPORTING is that it is completely customizable. Our reporting mechanisms are adaptable in a variety of ways. Reporting needs for one site (or one client) may differ from others. At Posirank, we don't force you to use our pre-packaged formats (although we have default reporting) but, again, our SEO Management Services Team members will carefully note your requirements during onboarding, or if your client requests modifications in the reporting that is sent to them. Of course, you are always free to take our reports and modify themselves as you see fit, just as if you had generated them yourself.

At Last! Seo That is Reseller-Friendly

If you are working with clients and are using a third-party SEO provider, it is critical to your success that you be able to resell those services to prospects and also existing clients.

Coordination of Previous SEO is critical when you are changing SEO providers yourself, or onboarding clients who have paid for SEO services from others. Our SEO Management Services team will work with you to prevent duplication of unneeded services, or discuss with you any concerns that we (or you) may have regarding the effectiveness of past SEO efforts.

Help In Understanding Your Account Dashboard is also important to you, as the coordinating client. If you don't know your way around the dashboard you will not be able to understand where you stand - which work is in-progress, which is complete, when and where reports are available. We have dedicated staff who will help train you, 1-on-1, in navigating your dashboard and understanding the information that is provided there. And our support team is always available (normal U.S. East Coast business hours) if you have a question or need help with something.

Sales/Promotion/Marketing Support is always a godsend, especially in the competitive world of SEO. A lot of SEO businesses - just like yours - are vying for your client's business. Your assigned team members can assist you in brainstorming the best ways to pitch customers, retain those who might go elsewhere, or give you some ideas on how to grow your business. Why do we do this? Because, when your business grows, we often reap the world with new sites to onboard - so it's a win-win situation for everyone.

Help with Difficult Challenges when you have them. Everyone selling to clients has had difficult to handle situations, or websites that have TONS of issues. How do you sort out what needs to happen first? How do you get your client into a more reasonable frame of mind? With Posirank you are not on your own. When we say that our team is with you, we mean that, even when difficult times come. We'll help you over the bumps in the road, and get back to a better place.

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