How Does Your Site Compare to Your Competition?

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One of the most important aspects of SEO strategizing is to analyze the effectiveness of pages of your website against comparable pages of your competitors.

This is especially true of pages on your site that need to be high-converting (i.e., effective in causing visitors to that page to make an inquiry, fill out a form, book a call or purchase something on the spot).

The first step in this process is, of course, to determine your key "money pages" or pages which need to be generating inquiries/sales. Some pages on your site may be more informational in nature (which is a good thing!) but for this you need to focus on your high-priority money/lead makers.

The Purpose Behind This Tool

The purpose behind this tool is to allow you to compare you with your competition.

This should happen in two steps:

  1. Run the tool first for your competitor's page that you have targeted.
  2. Then run the tool again for your page and then compare the results. Are there areas where your page needs to improve?

Improving areas where your site page is weak can help you to gain ranking increases in the SERP's, sometimes very quickly (time to see ranking increases varies from industry to industry depending on the competition and severity of the issues discovered).

While in-depth, professional-level audits are usually the product of several hours of work on the part of a human (our paid audits are of this type), there are times when you need something less involved, perhaps because budgets are tight or you need at least some basic audit information right away and cannot wait on others to produce the work. Some SEO agencies may also need to give a preliminary/summary or "mini" audit to prospective customers who have yet to pay for any services from them. The Posirank SEO Audit Tool is the perfect choice in these types of situations.

How Does This SEO Checker Work?

The Posirank SEO Audit Tool is very easy to use.

First of all, you will need to have the complete URL of the specific page you want to analyze.

You will also need to input the keyword phrase (anchor text) that you are trying to target.

Once the audit results have been generated, we will email you a PDF of the results as a permanent reference. To receive it you must input a valid email address, and check the box agreeing to receive it (don't worry, we will never spam you!).

Verify that all your information is correct and then click on "Run My Audit" and give the tool a few seconds to perform the analysis…

Once you have received your report email, open it and download the PDF…

Understanding Your Audit Report

When you open up your audit report, the first page will give you an overall summary of findings for that page:

The summary page (first page) will:

  1. Recap the information that you gave us when you generated the report (page URL and anchor text/keyword phrase)
  2. Indicate the number of good/acceptable elements on the page (GREEN CIRCLE)
  3. Also the total number of issues on the page needing correcting will be noted (RED CIRCLE)
  4. An overall "Grade" or rating for that page (on a 0-100 scale) (BLUE CIRCLE) will be given

After the first (overall summary) page, a number of detailed analysis pages will follow. These pages will cover the following areas --

  • Page Load Speed
  • URL Formed Correctly
  • Page Title Tag Analysis
  • Page Description Tag Analysis
  • Image Analysis
  • Top 5 Words Used
  • Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.)
  • Analysis of page content
  • HTML Code Analysis
  • Social Signals Analysis
  • Mobile-Friendly Analysis
  • Page Link Analysis and MOZ Ranking Metrics
  • Root Domain (Homepage) Link Analysis
  • Page Domain Analysis

Because findings vary from site-to-site and page-to-page within the same site, the amount of pages in your report will be as long as necessary to detail all the necessary findings.

Where elements of your page or page SEO are missing, this will also be noted.

Finally, the last page of Site Audit Tool report will be a TASKS page. This page will list out every issue that needs addressing in the form of a to-do list. Perfect to hand off to your web design team!

Here is an example report for you to download and examine: Example Audit Report

Who Can Benefit From the Posirank Audit Tool?

Individual Business/Site Owners: Those maintaining their own business/organizational website can use the Posirank Audit Tool to examine pages of interest on their own site - or perform an analysis on a competitor page - to see how it can be improved. Webpage improvements = better rankings!

Agencies: Have a difficult-to-rank website on your hands? Not sure what the issues might be? Run the Posirank Audit Tool on a page - or a number of pages. Look for the areas where major improvements need to be made. That's your low-hanging fruit. Your clients will be amazed at the ranking lift that you give them!

Independent Consultants/Small SEO Shops: Yes, you need more paying clients, but how do you get them? One good way is to demonstrate your "expertise." With the Posirank Audit Tool, you now have the option of offering potential clients a free "mini-audit" and the lift that they get in the SERP's will help to convince them that you know your stuff and make them more willing to pay for more in-depth analysis and comprehensive SEO campaign work.

"I Have My Report But I'm Not Sure What to Do Next With My Site"

We totally get it. Getting a report is one thing - knowing what needs fixing - and HOW to fix it - is another thing entirely.

At Posirank, we've been helping people with their SEO/site issues for many years. That gives us the confidence and expertise to say that we can also help you. You don't have to tackle this alone. We are as close as a phone call, email, inquiry or a booked consultation. We'll help you to understand everything, prioritize the important stuff, and work out a strategy that will take your site to new levels of SERP visibility. But we can't reach out to you until you reach out to us first. We are waiting to hear from you today!