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What Is Fully Managed SEO?

Fully managed SEO is a service typically chosen by search engine optimization, web design and marketing agencies who operate in highly competitive niches where SEO typically needs constant attention. Managed SEO is also a good fit for companies who need a comprehensive suite of SEO services for their own website.

Posirank’s managed SEO team can do all the "heavy lifting" for you, thereby freeing up your company resources and allowing you to concentrate on actually growing your business.

Our fully managed account services program is designed to offer you everything you’ll need to run successful SEO campaigns that produces real results: increased search engine visibility, which leads to more site traffic, which translates into greater revenue for your company!

Managed SEO Dedicated Account Management Team

As a fully managed SEO services partner, you will be assigned a dedicated account management team. You’ll have full access to your team, including interaction via Slack, Skype, telephone and email, as well as through shared documents and reports via our private client portal.

Our managed SEO service starts with an in-depth intake process to identify your company goals for this SEO campaign. Next, our team will get to work to develop and implement your fully customized SEO strategy. We constantly monitor results and adjust strategy as needed.

Screen showing Posirank’s fully managed SEO services

An important part of our process to conduct an in-depth onsite optimization review and support you to understand any changes that need to be made to get your site looking and functioning at its best.

Your team will also assist you with keyword research to develop effective and diversified anchor text profiles. We also do a deep-dive market analysis to see what your competitors are doing.

At Posirank, we don't believe in the "one size fits all approach" to SEO - and that includes reporting and deliverables. Your clients have varying needs and requirements for the reporting that you must provide them, and at Posirank we understand that perfectly. That's why you can count on us to fulfill any custom requests for client support, and we are more than happy to develop any custom work completion reports that you may need - at no additional charge!

Content is at the heart of any SEO strategy, and our managed SEO team can recommend the types of content that your site needs - including brainstorming for topics that will interest and engage your target audience. Web pages, blog posts, product descriptions, FAQ pages - even press releases - can be prepared and delivered to you in a timely fashion from our completely in-house, 100% American-based content writing service.

We can also help sites dealing with negative issues such as negative publicity (reputation management), advanced link clean-up and other high-level tactics to help recover from penalties and lost rankings.

Finally, if your marketing strategy includes paid advertising, you can have direct access to our world-class Pay-Per-Click Ad managers, who will craft ad promotions that will squeeze the maximum ROI from every dollar spent on PPC.

PosiRank's Managed SEO Process to Rank Your Sites

Initially, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager and individual team members who will work with you directly (no more support tickets!) to strategize your SEO campaigns, as well to execute orders on your behalf.

We will work with you directly as your "advisors" in SEO. We’ll provide end-to-end SEO guidance, plan out all of the details of your monthly campaigns, set up your customer dashboard project groupings, place orders into our system (with your approval, of course) and monitor your progress.

If you have used our professional Campaign Architect service previously (as a wholesale-level account), you will be glad to know that you get that type of service built-in, as this type of dedicated strategy consulting is included at no cost. As a fully-managed SEO client, all you ever pay for is the cost to execute individual orders that may be necessary - there are no management fees assessed, ever.

What Makes Posirank The Best SEO Management Company?

Unlike competitors who just offer you a series of prepackaged options, at Posirank we create a customized plan for every client. We pride ourselves on being one of the SEO providers with a truly customizable approach, with a focus on results-oriented SEO.

Every company has different goals and needs different things from their SEO campaigns, which is why personalization is critical to the success of any campaign. This means, frankly, lots more work for us, but better results for you!

What Makes Posirank The Best SEO Management Company?

E-Commerce Company Doubles Organic Traffic in 6 Months

E-Commerce Case Study Highlights:

  • January
    • 1700 keywords in Google top 100 results
    • 8,000 unique visitors per month
    • Traffic value $8,000 (PPC cost to drive this traffic from the same keywords)
  • June
    • 2100 keywords in Google top 100 results
    • 17,500 unique visitors per month
    • Traffic value $15,900 (PPC cost to drive this traffic from the same keywords)
Google Analytics dashboard with results from Posirank’s managed seo services

Personal Injury Law Firm Case Study Highlights:

  • Results Timeline - 3 Months
  • 50.83% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 139% Increase in Monthly Traffic Value
Read the Case Study here:

Frequently Asked Questions about Fully Managed SEO

How Do I Know If My Business Is A Good Fit For the Fully Managed SEO Program?

In general, if you have an ongoing need to strategize your SEO campaigns and/or manage high volumes of SEO campaign orders for your own site or for clients that you manage, you would most likely benefit from Posirank's Fully Managed SEO program.

Currently, we have enrolled enterprise-level (Fortune 500-type) companies, larger SEO/Marketing/Webagencies - as well as businesses with websites operating in markets that are very competitive thatneed intensive SEO campaign execution to compete successfully in their chosen niche.

Keep in mind that with our FMA program, we custom-tailor your service to your individual needs --whatever you need, our goal is to provide the necessary support/service.

What Am I Responsible For Doing?

During the onboarding discussion phase, you will consult with us to establish your monthly budget level. Initially, you will need to agree to a minimum monthly deposit, which covers the cost of ordering and executing the various SEO campaigns that will be needed.

Unlike other fully managed SEO services, there are no management fees or other fees - 100% of your deposit is spendable on SEO services, and you will have our iron-clad "guarantee" that you will never be charged additional fees - ever.

And unlike other services, we do not try to lock you into a contract for future orders - there is no minimum "term" to your arrangement. You will not be held liable, nor will you have to pay a penalty fee if you need to end your FMA status with us.

On an ongoing basis (usually monthly) you will stay up-to-date on latest developments by interacting with our staff (we use dedicated private communication tools), you will be responsible for giving final approval for all new campaigns being executed that month, and make the necessary deposits to cover your order costs as per your agreement with us.

Finally, as completion (fulfillment) reports are issued to you for completed campaign work, you will need to login to your Posirank account to download the reports for your review, sharing with clients, etc. If we are placing a large number of orders for you, we can share fulfillment reporting in other ways to save you the time of downloading individual reports.

What Happens During the Initial Consultation Phase?

When you come onboard as a new FMA customer, we will do a deep-dive analysis of your website, your competitors and your current rankings and site traffic. The goal is to uncover any areas of website performance (or other areas/issues that need correcting).

In order to protect your site (or your client's site) security, and to maintain confidentiality between you and your clients, we do not make direct on-site changes - you (or your client) would be responsible for making the recommended changes. Your customer will remain exactly that - YOUR customer.

Once any problem areas on-site have been addressed (and resolved), we will next discuss with you what SEO tactics will be needed to gain traction in the SERPS to increase visibility and generate additional site traffic. To that end we will also share with you the results of our comprehensive competitor analysis.

At the end of this process, you will know exactly what SEO campaigns we are recommending that you (or your client) implement. Once you or your client has approved those orders, and funding has been secured to pay for them in the system, our staff will actually place those orders for you, including completion of all the necessary online order information forms that our system might require. For you, this is a totally hands-off process!

How Long Will It Take to See Results?

Every business -- and every business website -- is different. Some results can be detected fairly quickly (in general, between 1-3 months). But more significant SEO traction may need to happen over 6-8 months, especially in competitive niches where the competition is heavy. Exact timing will depend on a number of factors, including developments with your competition, or if you change your SEO strategy during campaign roll-out. Your fully managed SEO team can give you a more accurate estimate of time-to-rankings during the onboarding process.

We have seen significant results in managing the SEO process with many types of client sites: Automotive - Real Estate - Travel - Finance - CBD/Cannabis - Insurance - Health Clinics/Rehab (Substance Abuse, Counseling) - Dental & Medical - Hospitality - Attorney/Legal.

Can I Talk to a Project Manager Before I Decide to Enroll as an FMA-Level Client?

Of course! We know that this is a significant decision and you may have additional questions/concerns not addressed here that arise from your specific situation. We would be happy to speak to you and explore your available options, before you officially begin working with us as an FMA client.

Do You Have Shareable Resources That I Can Use With Clients or My Staff?

Yes we have a number of tools, resources, handouts that you can use within your company or share with your clients. These can be modified as you need to, including your own branding if you like. If you need a custom tool or handout developed that we do not currently offer, just ask and our FMA staff can prepare something to meet your individual needs.

How Will You Spend My Monthly Budget?

Exactly as you desire. If you have multiple client sites, you can specify exactly where your budget is to be spent for each client, and this can change from month-to-month as needed, as long as your minimum monthly (total) deposit minimum is met.

Keep in mind, we will draw up a list of campaign orders - including costs - which will be shared with you before any monies are spent. You are 100% in control of your spending and always have the final say in the work we will complete for you.

What If I Want Link Building Only? Or I Only Need Content Marketing? Are Your Campaigns Stand-Alone?

Yes they are - this gives you complete control over your SEO spend. And your campaign order mix can be changed monthly as needed by you, or as recommended by us, because client priorities, available budget and marketplace changes can make strategy adjustments necessary from time-to-time.

Do You Offer a Guarantee? Do I Have to Sign a Contract? Who Will Be Working on My SEO Campaign?

Professional SEO services cannot guarantee "results" in terms of rankings and site traffic, as search engines operate on their own (largely secret) terms. SEO tactics are designed to send "signals" to the search engines that your site is valuable and deserves to be ranked highly. We do, however, guarantee that work that we have agreed to complete for you (links we place on your behalf, content we write, audits, etc.) will be provided as advertised. For link placements, we do not guarantee that links will remain live forever, but we will replace lost links within a reasonable timeframe.

To complete actual campaign work, we rely on our in-house, contracted network of providers, as well as our own staff. Your FMA Management team is 100% American and work in the U.S. You can find many of them listed on this page.

Also, we believe it is important not to tie our clients down with a formal contract - so keep in mind that there is no contract needed, nor are you ever assessed a management fee or any other type of fee -- your only cost is the cost of individual campaign elements we order for you.

I Want to Get Started - What Do I Need to Do Next?

The quickest - and easiest - way to get started is to contact our Director of New Business, Mike Kim via email. He will schedule you for an in-depth phone consultation to discuss your needs and requirements, and the specific services we can provide you as a fully managed SEO client. There is no cost - or obligation - for the consultation.

If you decide that this is a good option for you, and after the completion of some initial paperwork, Mike will communicate directly with the FMA team members to set up your meet-and-greet with the FMA team leader to begin the onboarding process.

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