Latest Case Study: 95% Increase in Traffic & Conversions Boost by 100%!

Latest Case Study: 95% Increase in Traffic & Conversions Boost by 100%!

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We are very pleased to give you some details from our latest Posirank client case study. Please read through all the details as this client, with the implementation of the proper SEO strategy, has seen massive increases in both traffic to their site, and conversions.

This is a “short and sharp” piece that highlights the goals of the client, what they ordered and their budget levels.

Why Did This Client Need Our Help?

This Posirank client, who is an “FMA” client (Full-Service Management) of ours, manages a major site that is in the healthcare operations niche – specifically a specialized type of treatment clinic.

For this client, this was all about increasing rankings and traffic to the most important pages on the site to generate leads for their clinic.

Additionally, they were looking for a service to provide custom content for the site, which we have done using the “Elite Content” service that we offer (this is our top-tier content).

It should be noted that they routinely use our services and consultation for advice on site structure, improving CTR and bounce rates to their secondary pages, link disavow analysis and more.

What Were Their SEO Goals?

The main goal was to significantly increase traffic to their site by improving their SERP rankings — traffic which would convert for them. Additionally, having used us in the past for other sites, they wanted to have us build out custom content they could use for this particular site.

What Have Been Some Recent Results?

As the following screenshot from Google Analytics shows, for 2108, for Q2 compared with Q1, this site saw –

·       A 95% increase in traffic!

·       A 100% increase in lead conversions! (defined as submissions via a website contact form) case study 2018

What Campaigns Did They Run?

Over the course of the past few months, both content creation and link-building services were ordered by the client. A custom campaign such as the following was used:

  • 1 x – DoFollow Link within Unique Article (DA96)
  • 1 x – DoFollow Link within Unique Article (DA85)
  • 2 x DA20+ Guest Post (1000 words)
  • 2 x DA20+ Guest Post (1500 words)
  • 2 x DA30+ Guest Post (500 words)
  • 2 x DA30+ Guest Post (1000 words)
  • 3 x DA30+ Guest Post (1500 words)
  • 5 x DA40+ Guest Post boosted with 4 x High DA28+ Blogposts
  • 2 x Social Rank Bundle

The client’s budget was approximately $5k per month, which is certainly on the higher end and not within everyone’s monthly budget. However – even a “diluted” form of this campaign would be effective in driving results.

Overall, their SEO strategy includes fresh website content, Platinum Links, Social Bundles, Guest Posting, Boosting existing backlinks, as well as our EDU Scholarship service.

In Closing…

As you can see, this is a wildly successful campaign stretched across only XX months. This is a client that focused on published high-quality content and promoting that content with links, ensuring that their domain is clean of major SEO issues.

That’s all it takes! The key, as always, is CONSISTENCY. 

We’d strongly suggest emulating this campaign or if you’re not sure, ordering a “Campaign Architect” to get your own custom promotional campaign based upon your budget.

If you need results sooner vs than later, there’s no doubt that assigning a larger budget will move the needle faster. This client spends $2-3k per month on promotions, but as you can see – is generating multiple leads every day for his business.

Let us know below in the comments if you have any questions!

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