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Do you own or operate a business in the home remodeling industry? Then you know that business is booming. New construction and existing home renovation have led to the development of scores of new businesses. And there's the rub: those new business startups add to your competition. And competition in the home remodeling industry is as intense as a wildfire these days: just turn on the TV, or listen to the radio, or open your newspaper and you'll see the advertisements touting the benefits of this or that home remodeler…

Are you looking to gain the edge on your competition? You better - because they are looking to gain the edge on you. And we believe that SEO for home remodelers will not only help you to maintain a good presence online, but can (if properly executed) propel you ahead of your competition in the search engine results pages (SERP's). Here is a list of 8 things that you should know about the benefits of properly executed organic (non-paid) SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO Brings the Highest ROI of ANY Type of Promotion

As a business owner every penny you earn is precious, and you certainly don't settle for promotion that does not bring results. But did you know that of any form of promotion, SEO brings you the highest return on investment?

You see, while TV and radio are often utilized for advertising, those mediums do not allow for the precise targeting of audiences who are actually interested and in the market for your services right now. Not to mention that they are very expensive.

Print advertising has also been a traditional channel, especially town/city newspapers, for local service-based businesses. However, as we all know print media is a shrinking industry. Circulations are down - and costs are ever-rising. And again, most people who see a print ad are most likely "not interested" when it is published, which means most of those dollars are wasted.

PPC (pay-per-click) ads are also a popular choice and are an excellent way to bring quick results as paid ads are always listed at the top of the SERP's. However, because they are an ad they typically have lower conversion rates than non-paid SERP's listings, which must be earned.

Organic (non-paid) website listings, returned by search engines such as Bing and Google, although requiring a financial commitment for the initial campaigns, but most site owners find that once top rankings have been achieved the cost to maintain that ranking is lower, thereby increasing ROI even further.

SEO is the BEST Way to Attract New Prospects

Although details can vary from market vertical to market vertical, in general we find that people doing business-related searches (for both products as well as services) tend to fall into one of two categories. Some searchers are not ready to buy just yet, however they are contemplating a purchase in the future. At this stage they will be looking for information to help them reach a decision. They will be looking for "tips" on the best alternatives, comparative pricing information, differences among manufacturers and so on.

On the other hand, some online searchers will be past the research/information-gathering stage. They are ready to buy now. They may have already developed their own "short list" of most promising companies to contact. They have thought about costs, installation options and probably have a budget set aside.

Regardless of which group they may fall into, properly executed SEO for home remodelers will help you to reach them both.

SEO Allows You to Segment Your Website Content

How do you target various types of searchers? Why, through the content that you have posted on your website -

Some may planning the restoration or renovation of a "historic" or older home. They won't be interested in off-the-rack modifications. They will need to know if you can handle special restoration projects for flooring or walls or windows that match their home appearance or that must conform to community appearance standards. If you can take on specialty work, make sure to showcase this in your website content.

Others may be doing a single room upgrade - on their bathroom or kitchen - or perhaps the install of a game room, entertainment center or home office. These searchers may be looking for products that fit their pocketbook or may be thinking about doing the work themselves. A well-written article explaining the pitfalls of DIY installations that stresses the positives in letting a "pro" do the work could encourage them to reach out and give you a call.

Finally, other searchers may be looking to take on a remodeling project due to property damage recently sustained. For these searchers, before-and-after pictures, customer testimonials and your proven track record in working with insurance companies will help to convince them that your remodeling company is the best option for them.

SEO is Based on Proven Tactics and Strategies - Not Guesswork

As in every type of business, there is a shady side to the SEO industry. These are the companies that will fill your head with speculation, fancy terminology, rumor and the latest shiny new toy. They are also usually pushing "packages" that supposedly will get any site to rank. This is all BS - run away from these people!

SEO that is ethical is not based on speculation or guesswork - but analysis. To be effective, SEO for home remodelers must be data-driven. And instead of taking the quick route and trying to force you to work within a fixed model, true SEO professionals will work with you to develop a custom-tailored action plan, as all websites are not created equal and have their own unique industry challenges.

SEO Allows You to Monitor and Improve Your Online Reputation

Your business reputation is your most critical asset. No matter how competitive your pricing and extensive your experience is, it will count for nothing if your online reputation is poor.

An important aspect of SEO is "reputation management." Reputation management is an umbrella term that includes 3 aspects: discovering what people are currently saying about your business, promoting positive reviews and comments to give them greater visibility to searchers, and eliminating or at least mitigating the damaging effects of negative information.

It's just a reality in today's online world - before someone will decide to work with you, they will check well-known company review portals (such as the BBB and Angie's List), social media sites (like Facebook posts), blog posts and comments on forums. A professional-level SEO company can schedule regular reviews of sites (places) where information about you could be posted. They can also help you to get more positive reviews from satisfied customers, and figure out the best way to get those reviews seen by prospects.

SEO Enables You to Understand What Your Competitors Are Doing

Traditional forms of business promotion do nothing to enhance your knowledge of what your competition is up to, because those types of promotions only focus on what you are doing.

Unlike traditional advertising, an in-depth SEO analysis can (and should!) pinpoint:

  • Who your closest competitors are in the SERP's, for different variations of search terms/phrases
  • What subjects/themes of online searches they are ranking for
  • How your site stacks up next to them, in comparison with the competition
  • How difficult it might be to outrank your competition

And keep in mind that just as you know that you need to keep an eye on what your top competing websites are outranking you for, your competitors know they must keep eyes on your rankings. If they see their site slipping in the SERP's they will take action. If you don't watch your competition and take necessary action to regain lost rankings, you may soon find your site pushed out of visibility.

SEO Brings Out the Full Potential of Your Business Website

The most fundamental part of SEO for home remodelers is to focus on the site itself:

  1. How it looks - it's overall appearance: Is it professional-looking, an attractive layout and color scheme?
  2. How smoothly it works - it's functionality: Are elements easy-to-find? Links that work? Mobile-friendly and device-independent?
  3. Whether or not it is a useful resource hub - does the content have real value and usefulness to the searcher?
  4. Knowing if your site is actually gaining you inquiries, phone calls, leads - and ultimately, sales - this can be done through the proper installation and use of tracking/analytics code to compile data on traffic volumes, referral source, pages visited, time spent on-site, last page visited, etc.

Sites where no thought has been given to SEO may look great on the surface but invariably there are aspects of its functioning that are not in line with industry best practices. SEO analysis will pinpoint the most critical areas where improvement is needed.

SEO Brings Your Website Into Alignment With Search Engine Standards

Much "mystery" surrounds the concept of a search engine. In reality though, a search "engine" is composed of two main components - a huge database of information pulled from web pages that have been visited (crawled) by the SE, and a decision-making algorithm that, at the time an online search is executed, analyzes all the web page information that might be related to the intent of the searcher and presents the sites that are most likely to meet the searcher's information needs at that moment in time.

This is the key: search engines rank highly (closer to the top of the page) those sites that they value highly.

And search engines value a site highly because their algorithm says that people will value it highly, when they visit.

Organic SEO is all about making on-site changes that will shape the elements of your website to raise its authority over that of your competitors sites. When you make your site valuable to human searchers you make your site more valuable to search engines. Don't focus on trying to "trick" the search engines - improve the experience for human visitors instead.

How to Prepare for Your First SEO Consultation

As you may have concluded by reading this presentation, at Posirank we don't believe in "cookie-cutter" SEO. You are unique, your website is unique. The challenges you face are unique and your business goals are unique. Your SEO campaigns should be also.

So when you work with us, the first stop is to have an SEO consultation with us. Below is a list of topics to explore and investigate beforehand. Having this information available will save much time and enable us to make the best use of our time together.


  • What is your complete site domain name?
  • Do you presently have tracking/analytics code installed on your site? Has it been tested to verify functionality and accuracy?
  • Which site pages seem to be getting the most visits?
  • Which site pages are generating the most inquiries?
  • What types of content are you featuring on your site?
  • Do you have a GMB (Google My Business) profile set up yet?


  • Who would you say your top competitors are?
  • How well are your competitor's sites ranking, as compared to yours?
  • Has your ranking changed significantly in the last 3-6 months?
  • Are any other sites linking back to yours? How many? What type?


  • Have you ever attempted organic SEO for your site in the past?
  • If so, what was done - and what were the results?
  • Who performed this work - DIY as ownership/internal staff/contracted company?


  • What are your current goals?
  • Do you have budget available for purchasing services?
  • Do you currently budget for PPC advertising?
  • Who in your organization will be responsible for approving SEO work?

Don't let the above list scare you - even if you can't get information on every question, get what information you have. In most cases, we can fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle, and also verify the accuracy of what you think you presently know.

Speaking of SEO consultations… There are several ways to contact us:

  1. Pick up the telephone
  2. Send us an email
  3. Submit details in our easy-to-use inquiry form
  4. Register for dashboard access (we reach out to all newcomers who register)

But the one we recommend the most is: click our calendar link and schedule a call. Cost? There is no cost or fee for consultations - ever. You only pay for the services you approve later on (and no tying you down with contracts!).

We are waiting to hear from you today! Your friends at Posirank

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