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A Revolution in The Making

Back in the day, as they say, if you were interested in purchasing a product or service you personally visited the business selling it. Those were the days of shopping malls and professional office suites (accountants, attorneys and the like). And if you needed home maintenance, or a real estate agent, plumber or electrician, you would pull out the phone book and begin looking around.

And while those options are still available to you today, a huge paradigm shift has taken place: the transition to offering products and services for sale online. This is the world of ecommerce.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, total ecommerce sales for all of FY 2021 were estimated to be $870B, which represents an increase of over 14% from 2020 figures. Ecommerce sales for all of FY 2021 accounted for over 13% of all total sales in the U.S.

And this phenomenon is not limited to the U.S. According to the website Statista, for the period 2015-2020, ecommerce sales, as a percentage of all retail sales increased from a low of 7.4% in 2015 to a high of 17.8% in 2020, and are projected to rise to a whopping 24.5% of all retail sales by 2025.

Think about that: in just a few more years, almost 1 in 4 retail sales will take place online. And this does not include the sales of business and professional services or B2B transactions like heavy equipment sales, accounting, payroll and legal consulting, just to name a few.

Simply stated: the ecommerce market is exploding and if your business is not into ecommerce, you are missing out!

Strengthen Your Brand Awareness

Traditionally, when marketers have wanted to raise awareness of their brand - - they have used offline media such as radio, TV, print (newspapers and magazines) and banner ads on websites.

But according to a study conducted by the marketing company Conductor, brands appearing above the fold for organic search, there was a measurable increase (10%) in consumers being able to recall brands/sites, with test subjects being better able to recall those sites/brands that they viewed, and especially when search results links were clicked.

This data has enormous implications for those doing business in the ecommerce space. As there are more and more ecomm sites appearing every day, it is essential that an ecommerce site achieve high visibility in the SERP's in order to stand out from all the background "noise" of other, competing sites. And in case you're asking, yes, your ecommerce site should be thought of as a brand unto itself, just like Amazon, eBay and a whole host of other online marketplace sites.

Beware the Pitfalls!

So you have put in a lot of time and your website is ready -- but before you take the plunge, let's quickly touch on some areas that need checking, areas where Posirank can help you gain the edge.

This is important because many ecommerce sites ultimately fail to generate business (or enough business) to become profitable. Let's outline a few critical aspects:

Site Structure and Operation

The first area to examine is your ecommerce site itself - this is the heart of it all. Any web traffic that does come your way is precious and you don't want to lose sales by giving your site visitors a terrible user experience.

Ecomm sites need to be easy-to-navigate and the ordering mechanisms (shopping cart) must work flawlessly. Posirank can help you with this phase by conducting a comprehensive site audit to pinpoint areas that need improvement and optimization. Detailed reports will make it easy for you to quickly make the needed changes.

Content - Do You Need It?

An often-overlooked area of ecommerce SEO is the content on your sites. An example is product descriptions. If you are selling items with product descriptions supplied by the manufacturer, hundreds of other sites may also be using that same content - and we all know that search engines devalue content that is duplicated elsewhere. Posirank can help you here - our talented, professional U.S. based writing staff can rework those product descriptions, as well as supply you with product category page summaries, in-depth use guides, and content for "about us" pages.

Don't be fooled: it takes time to write good content. Don't have that kind of time? Let us handle your content needs. We can even assign you one of our content managers to craft a content strategy that meets your unique needs.

Ranking and Backlinks: The Relationship

Once your site is squared away, you need to get customers to your ecommerce site. For that you need to get visibility in the search engines.

The general rule-of-thumb here is that the "higher" you are placed in search engine results pages (SERP's) the more visibility your site will get. This is called "organic" search (as opposed to paid advertising). And did you know that over 30% of worldwide ecommerce traffic comes from organic search?

And we all know that most Internet searchers believe that organic search results are more valuable to them than sites that show up using paid advertising. Some studies estimate that 70%-80% of searchers focus more on organically displayed results and ignore paid ads.

An important way to get your site ranked is through the use of backlinks - sites linking back to yours. When those sites themselves have authority then those link-backs become a vote favor of your site, and search engines use backlinks as an important component in deciding where to rank a site.

Posirank is a leader in securing high-quality, white-hat links from reputable sites, with real traffic and measurable metrics. Our enterprise links have DA30-DA90+ metrics and are vetted beforehand. We also have a premium guest post and blogger outreach service, where for a competitive, all-inclusive payment, we will get content-rich white-hat links via our intensive manual blogger outreach. Simply put, we do all the heavy lifting and communication with site owners.

Paid Advertising? Sometimes, Yes…

Given what we have said about the priority of organic search, it is still nevertheless true that your site may need some focus on paid search. For example, organic SEO techniques, while the most powerful and longest-lasting in their ranking benefits, can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to move the needle.

What to do in the meantime? Our Posirank SmartPPC service allows us to custom-craft the most effective paid acquisition strategy while still staying affordable. Yes, you will talk with real people, not robots! And we never tie you (or your funds) up with contracts. Our reporting is 100% ethical, reconcilable and transparent (no "vanity metrics!"). We handle it all: lead generation, getting inbound calls, setting up a retargeting or Google Shopping campaign. Even landing page work!

Do we know what we are doing? Our customers say yes! We currently have over $100 million in managed PPC spend. Our PPC staff are Google Ads certified, some of the best in this industry.

Onboarding a New eCommerce Site Customer: A Birds-Eye Overview

Perhaps you are almost ready to take the plunge and use Posirank for your ecommerce SEO services. But just what will happen once you pull the trigger?

Intake Phase: To begin with, we will need to get some information from you. Your website, your products, information about your competitors as well as your goals for your site. No two ecomm sites are the same, and we take time in the beginning to understand you, your site and your business goals.

Discovery Phase: During this phase you sit back and let us get to work. We will set up internal meetings with our staff and begin to examine your website in-depth. This usually includes an in-depth site audit, conducted by auding specialists who focus on this type of work every day. We will also do an analysis of your top competitors, what they are currently ranking for, and an action plan to ultimately outperform them. We will determine the keywords you can easily rank higher for as well as areas where your site needs to beef up its content.

Reporting Our Findings: After we have concluded our analysis of your situation, your campaign manager will contact you and arrange a meeting (phone or video) to review our findings with you and our suggested action plan. Of course, we will give you plenty of opportunity to ask any questions you wish. You always have the final say in what types of work we will be doing with you.

Campaign Start-Up: Once you have given the go-ahead, we will get to work. If you need content, we will get it written, if backlinks are needed we will begin sourcing those. If needed, we will follow-up with you regularly on the progress of our work.

Reporting: This takes two forms. One type of reporting is a detailed report of services ordered and your costs (in most cases you will be able to track this in your account dashboard). The other type of reporting is about "results" - what are your current standings and keywords you are ranking for, and how things are progressing.

Ongoing Adjustments: SEO is not a static thing. Needs change, site goals change, traffic targets can shift, budgets can as well. At Posirank we get that, and staying flexible to new needs and realities is something we specialize in. If you need to change something in your campaigns, we are just a phone call or email away!

OK I'm Sold…What's the Next Step?

If you are like many customers, you are probably interested in seeing the "inside" of Posirank. You would like to know just what services we offer, the whole range, and what it might cost you. In this case, we encourage you to actually register for a dashboard account. There is no cost to do this, and it is not a demo - you can actually place orders in the system.

Registering for access takes only a minute or two and if you decide that Posirank is not for you just submit a support ticket and we'll cancel your access. And we never spam or share your access details with other parties, even if you decide to cancel. You can view our privacy policy here and our comprehensive Terms of Use here.

If you are ready to move forward with the process you have two options:

The first way to get started is to use our handy submission form for inquiries. Just give us your name/company name, your email address so we can contact you, and any general details you wish to give. Our professional sales team members will respond to your inquiry within 1 business day, often even quicker than that!

Alternatively, if you want to you can just proceed to book a call with our sales/intake manager. You will be able to schedule a quick, 30-min SEO consultation, and pick a date/time that is convenient for you from our open date/time slots. If you want to have a more in-depth conversation, no problem, just let our sales contact know that before you speak with them. After you book your call you will get confirmation details via email as well as staff contact information so you can reach out to them before the call if needed.

We know that when it comes to ecommerce SEO that you have many questions and want to make sure the job is done right. Let us PROVE to you that we are SEO experts - take a look at our customer reviews and case studies. Their experience could be yours but you have to make the first move -- we'd love to start working with you today!

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