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What Is Cryptocurrency SEO?

Short for search engine optimization, SEO is the process of improving a company's ranking in search engine results. For blockchain companies with crypto products they want to be seen online, appearing among the first few listings in a search engine results page is the key to success. However, with more than 1.5 billion websites now in existence, making your way into the upper echelon of search results isn't an easy feat.

When done properly, SEO for crypto companies makes matters a bit simpler. Using our proven strategies, we can boost search rankings, bring more traffic to your site to view your crypto products. We have been delivering high volume SEO management services to agencies for more than a decade. And, our clients stick with us because we know how to create organic search campaigns that get results!

Why SEO Is the Best Crypto Marketing Strategy

SEO is the best crypto marketing strategy for many reasons. Primarily, SEO and all your other marketing strategies go hand in hand. However, without being fully optimized for search, your other marketing techniques won't be as effective as they could be. Cryptocurrency and blockchain SEO ensures your content is fully tailored to the expectations of search engines as well as those of your customers and prospects.

At the same time, SEO for crypto and blockchain businesses helps to spread the word about your company. It can set your business apart from all the rest and prove to prospects you're the one they should choose. It improves your visibility in search engine results as well.

We can't overlook the fact that SEO drives organic traffic to your website. As opposed to paid traffic, organic results are the ones consumers trust the most. Anyone can use paid ads to reach the tops of the search engine results pages. It takes a true SEO master to get there via the organic route.

Why SEO Is Necessary for Success in the Crypto Market

Cryptocurrency SEO is undeniably necessary for success in the market. As mentioned, it creates organic search results. That's what consumers and search engines alike are looking for to establish authority and trustworthiness. That's only the beginning, though.

As of last year, there were more than 8,000 cryptocurrencies on the market. All of them are vying for the same level of attention as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top names in the industry. Currently, there are more than 1,000 blockchain companies, and the number continues to climb. Those that receive the most attention are the ones using SEO to its fullest.

Common SEO Mistakes Made by Blockchain and Crypto Companies

Obviously, there's a right and wrong way to approach crypto SEO. Quite a few companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency arenas take the wrong path in this regard. They ultimately regret it because it renders them unable to keep up with the competition.

Not Utilizing Guest Posts and other Backlinks

Countless blockchain and cryptocurrency companies focus primarily on the content on their websites. Many also pay close attention to their social media sites now that Facebook has retracted its previous restrictions. Still, many overlook the importance of guest posts and other backlink sources in boosting their visibility.

Failure to Diversify

Quite a few companies in this sector assume they can be one-page wonders. They center their entire websites around only one or two pages. Google and other search engines frown upon limitations like these. Consumers often feel this reduces a company's credibility, too.

Branching out into numerous web pages is crucial. It allows you to provide more in-depth information for customers and prospects. Remember, the more pages your site has, the more opportunities you have for using a broader range of keywords. Having a more diverse website gives search engines more content to index and present in results pages as well.

Underestimating the Power of Keywords

Keywords are king in the cryptocurrency SEO realm. You must use the terms and phrases prospects and customers are looking for. Otherwise, you won't rank in their SERPs. Search engines will view your content as irrelevant and move on to the companies that are using keywords appropriately.

In addition to using the right keywords, you have to use them often enough to prove your relevance. On the other hand, you need to avoid overusing. A crypto SEO agency understands these guidelines and can optimize your content to get the best results.

PosiRank Helps Crypto Brands Get Recognized

At PosiRank, we're dedicated to helping crypto and blockchain companies improve their SEO. Our crypto SEO experts know exactly what it takes to boost your online visibility. Here are some of the SEO strategies we utilize:

Crypto Link Building

We've already pointed out that backlinks can help improve SEO. Not all links are created equally, though. Backlinks that are most effective come from credible, well-established sources. And, although the number of links to your website is important, the quality of the sites connected to your own is even more significant.

Crypto backlinks are a vital component of SEO. They're considered off-page SEO because they promote your company but don't appear on your website. They prove to readers and the search engines that other companies are willing to back your authority. While there are several ways to earn backlinks, guest posts about cryptocurrency and blockchain could be the most effective for your purposes.

PosiRank has existing relationships with high authority websites, and we continue to reach out to new sites every day. Our team creates high quality, high authority crypto backlinks that work.

Crypto and Blockchain Keyword Research

Keywords are your link between prospects' searches and the content on your website and other arenas. Using the right keywords in the proper places will help improve your rank in consumers' searches. One of the factors behind the success of Bitcoin SEO is the use of appropriate keywords.

We conduct extensive research to determine which keywords are most effective for the leading companies in your field. That way, we can tailor the use of keywords to your company's fullest advantage. Through our targeted research, we can also customize your keywords to cover the broadest range of consumer searches.

Crypto Guest Posts

Guest posts play a couple of key roles in SEO for crypto and blockchain companies. We help our clients seek out guest bloggers who will further build their credibility. Our team of US based writers can even write the guest posts for you. This will build even more links for your company and benefit everyone involved.

Content Creation for Cryptocurrency Brands

We've already noted the importance of content in SEO for crypto businesses. Your content should be written well and relevant to the products and services your company offers. It also needs to have the right balance of information and keywords. We have a leading team of content writers on hand who know how to help build your brand and get you noticed.

Why PosiRank Should Be Your Crypto SEO Agency

Plenty of SEO companies are out there. They claim to have extensive expertise and offer numerous benefits. However, not all of them are capable of living up to their promises. At PosiRank, we have the knowledge and experience to truly send you to the tops of the SERPs.

We're experts in the field of SEO for crypto and blockchain companies. We also have the capacity to customize your SEO efforts and crypto marketing strategies. We stay up-to-date on the industry and monitor results so we can adapting our services to this evolving industry.

Other Crypto Marketing Strategies

We believe SEO for crypto and blockchain should be at the heart of any online marketing campaign. And, marketing is just as important for cryptocurrencies and blockchain as it is for any other product or service. Here are a few other marketing channels you should consider when marketing crypto products.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is rising through the ranks these days. It's an effective way to reach people in all sections of your conversion funnel. It allows businesses to branch out and reach different target audiences while building trust among prospects. It also provides insight into consumers' mindsets, giving blockchain and crypto companies the power to further hone their marketing campaigns.

Since previous bans on cryptocurrency marketing via social media sites were recently lifted, businesses are now free to leverage this outlet in their favor. From reaching newcomers to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency to drawing in seasoned investors and entrepreneurs, social media marketing can make a major difference for your business.

At least 70 percent of Americans are on social media, and numbers are similar in other countries across the globe. Research shows the conversion rate for social media marketing is more than twice that of other marketing channels. On top of all that, social media is among the most cost-effective marketing channels. Social media presence is also a one of the factors in improving cryptocurrency and blockchain SEO.

Email Marketing

Email is also a highly effective crypto and blockchain marketing strategy. It gives companies a way to personalize their marketing efforts based on individual prospects and their specific interests.

Almost three-quarters of consumers now prefer email for communicating with businesses. That number jumps to more than 85% for professionals and B2B marketing emails. Email open rates have nearly doubled over the last few years and click-through rates are on the rise.

Many people believe there's little connection between email marketing and SEO. On the contrary, email marketing campaigns can drive traffic to your website and improve consumer engagement. They can also generate more qualified leads to help create a higher conversion rate. Those are some of the crypto SEO factors search engines pay close attention to.

Email marketing can also alert prospects of upcoming events, such as ICOs and customized blockchain platforms for businesses. Email can be a powerful addition to your crypto SEO arsenal.

Crypto Influencer Marketing

Despite widespread information on cryptos, or perhaps because of it, more than half of Americans don't trust these wholly digital, decentralized forms of currency. That means billions of prospects are out there waiting to be convinced that purchasing cryptocurrencies is a wise investment decision.

Still, simply telling naysayers they should invest in your tokens or blockchain platform isn't going to be enough to sway them. Consumers who have already bought into the general concept have numerous options to choose from, so convincing them yours is the best is going to take a lot more than standard advertising tactics. No matter what type of information and statistics you give them to consider, they're still going to be leery.

Having said that, a recent survey indicated that more than 90% of consumers trust influencers. Creating a connection between your company and the right influencers can help improve your crypto SEO in many ways. It'll boost your visibility, build trust among consumers, and gain more positive attention for your brand.

Crypto and Blockchain Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Posting crypto content on your website, social media sites, and other outlets is the perfect way to use all the relevant keywords that cause your company to appear in people's online searches. Making a habit of posting new content also keeps your site fresh and relevant in the eyes of consumers and search engines.

Your on-site content serves to boost your online visibility. This includes the individual web pages that highlight your products and services. Your blog posts that provide helpful information for visitors are essential, too. They only make up part of the picture, though.

Keep in mind, the more content you post outside your website and social media outlets, the more credible you'll appear to consumers. Search engines take notice of content that connects you to other relevant and trustworthy sources as well. Then, they'll make your content visible to more prospects. More visitors equate to higher rankings, and the cycle goes on.

Get Started With Crypto SEO Services

Maybe you're looking for ICO SEO services to promote your upcoming initial coin offering. It could be that you're building a new blockchain platform for medical offices. For those needs or anything in between, PosiRank is here to help. Call us or enter your email in the form we've provided to get started and find out what we can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptocurrency SEO and marketing is a complex field. Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions.

What Is Cryptocurrency Marketing?

Cryptocurrency marketing is the process of making your company, brand, and website more visible online. It encompasses numerous measures designed to prove your relevance and ensure you rank at the tops of the right SERPs.

What Is Crypto SEO?

Crypto SEO brings organic traffic to your website. Search engines look for the amount of organic traffic you receive to further determine how you'll rank in people's searches for cryptocurrencies and related services.

Why Is Crypto SEO Necessary?

SEO for crypto companies is necessary to keep your website at the tops of people's search engine results.

How Do I Promote My Cryptocurrency Website?

Cryptocurrency marketing campaigns and crypto SEO are the most productive and cost-effective ways to promote your website.

Where Can I Promote My Cryptocurrency?

You'll find there are several places to promote your cryptocurrency. Your website and social media sites are great places to start. From there, it's possible to branch out to exchanges, e-commerce sites, websites that offer financial products and services, and many other options.

What Are the Best Crypto Marketing Channels?

We believe SEO is the best crypto marketing channel, but you can also utilize Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and many more.

How Is Cryptocurrency SEO Different from Traditional SEO?

In contrast to traditional SEO, cryptocurrency SEO specifically focuses on keywords that pertain to the crypto and blockchain fields. It also revolves around providing and improving upon content that's helpful to consumers who are looking for information on various aspects of those sectors.

How Do You Market Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin?

Marketing cryptocurrencies isn't a simple process. It requires gaining the trust of potential buyers. Because of that, you'll need to emphasize the security, value, and other attributes of your crypto through organic marketing strategies.

How Is PosiRank Different from Other Cryptocurrency SEO Agencies?

PosiRank is different from other cryptocurrency SEO agencies because of our unique approach. We don't simply apply general SEO factors to your cryptocurrency marketing. We tailor every aspect of our services to the specific needs of companies like yours and the intricacies of the cryptocurrency sector.

What Should My Budget Be to Get Started with Crypto Marketing?

There's no straightforward answer to this question. Different companies have different needs in terms of their crypto marketing strategies. Feel free to contact us here at PosiRank to find out more and request a customized quote for your crypto SEO requirements.

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