The Single Biggest Mistake That Over 90% Of All Online Businesses Make…

.. is one that is so easy to fix. Yet few pay attention to. In fact, we would be willing to bet that most people already know the answer, but completely ignore it.

35,106 current page 1 rankings don't lie. We specialize in delivering page 1 rankings for our customers. Let's talk.

Most people know a ‘little' SEO. But much of what people think they know comes either from uninformed sources or is just outright dated info.

I'm not going to make you read 5 pages before I tell you what that mistake is.

Ready for the answer??

It's simple. IT'S YOUR CONTENT.


But you're saying…. "I have good content on my website, so this sounds like BS". My question to you would be, how do you define good content?

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about and why you're likely doing it wrong.

A good friend of mine has a site in a very competitive niche.

This is a site that was launched a few years ago, from scratch, with nothing more than an idea. There were no investors, no funding. Nothing. The idea was to simply be the best source of information in his niche.

That site now gets tens of thousands of visitors per day and well in excess of a million a month. He has no product, but generates revenue from various forms of advertising, none of which are Adwords/Adsense etc.

This site is now so powerful in his niche that the companies he works with as revenue generators want to meet with him personally on a fairly frequent basis.

How'd he do it? The quality of his content literally destroys most of his competitors. The content is so good, that TV stations call him for interviews, big news sites write about him. How would you like to get links from sites like the New York Times that you didn't have to pay for, nor seek out?

Content really works. But what kind of content is this site using that makes it so powerful? Let's start with the basics of why most of you are doing it wrong.

The days of writing 350-word articles, 500 words, 750 words and putting it on your site as your main content, if that's your good content, well…. Google has a different take on that.

Think a thousand words is enough? Guess again. I'm not saying it's always wrong to have content that is 1000 words or even a bit less, what I'm saying is if this is what most of your website looks like, then those who do it correctly and know what Google really wants will destroy you.

You need to think in terms of thousands of words in your content. I've seen my friend do articles that are over 10,000 words. All his articles are incredibly well researched. This is content that makes people want to read from beginning to end. It keeps people on the website. There is literally zero filler in the content. There are very relevant images used. It's better than reading most newspaper or major media sites. It's that good.

Some of the pages rank for hundreds if not thousands of keyword variations. But he didn't worry about keywords much when the content was being written. The content is so natural and so compelling that the keywords take care of themselves.

It doesn't matter what niche you are in. Almost every niche in existence can benefit from content articles that are just downright impressive to read.

Content is not exciting to people who are promoting their businesses online. In fact, it comes across as really boring. But, it comes across as just the opposite to Google and those who come to your website.

When you have content like this, your visitor bounce rate (those who leave your site almost immediately) drops to close to zero.

It's that powerful.

When most people today think of SEO, they think link building, and we're not suggesting you abandon your link building efforts, what we're telling you is this: if you add compelling content to your site, watch what happens. The link building you do all of a sudden is like link building on steroids because you've fixed the missing piece of the puzzle.

Even adding a few pieces of great content per month can make a massive difference. Posirank has been writing this kind of compelling content for our customers for years. But there is only one of our content products that fits into what we're telling you. It's our ‘Elite Content' product. There are NO shortcuts.

Yes, we offer lower levels of content products, but they are not intended to be used for content on your website.

There probably is no single thing you can do for your business website, that would have a greater impact and a more rapid impact than getting incredible content on your site.

It's not something that works some of the time. It's something that works 100% of the time.

With each passing month, Google is getting more sophisticated. The goal they have with their algorithm is to become as human as possible, and they are not that far off.

Everyone needs to rethink their priorities about the best way to promote their website. Good things do come to those who do it right.

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