Getting Started With SEO

Understanding the basics is the key to success

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We're going to tell you the biggest mistake people make and how you CAN do well and NOT break your budget doing it.

Let us be clear.

Getting ranked high in Google and generating massive amounts of search traffic is something we do every day for our clients.

This guide is dealing with a very specific scenario where you are just getting started and working with a limited budget.

Everyone getting started has similar questions and often runs into the same problems. The most common of these being:

You have a website that you want to drive traffic to, but you don't have thousands or even hundreds of dollars to spend to do it.

What we're going to show you are several ways you can solve this problem.

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One of the most critical points to understand when starting an online business and starting with SEO is, everything is incremental. Everything has a starting point, a foundation, and if you don't build that foundation, what you build above it will crumble. Far too many make the mistake of starting somewhere other than the beginning. Just remember, when you build a house, you don't put the walls and roof up first.

Let's focus on building that foundation. These are the things you need to do to set the wheels in motion for your continued growth and success.

Foundation Builders

Step 1) Visibility. Start with 35 or 100 local business listings. Your site will be submitted to popular business listing sites. It's a start and lets the world know you exist.

The cost for this service is $59 or $109 depending on which option you choose. Many start with the 35 listing package and repeat for 2-4 months. There is a limit on the number of directories available, and it varies depending on the niche you are in.

Step 2) Press Releases. We offer a Press release product that you can as needed designed just to announce your product. Even if you don't have a true newsworthy event to announce which is the traditional role of the Press Release, our team of writers can craft a press release that makes it look like you do have something newsworthy.

These press releases can link both to your main website and your YouTube channel. Again, more pieces of the foundation are in place. Press releases are something you can order every month. They are time-dependent so should not be thought of as a solution for long term link building, but they increase visibility which makes them an excellent foundation builder.

Step 3) Fresh Content. This one is extremely critical if you own your website. This is not only foundational but extremely beneficial in the long term. You need to constantly provide a stream of new, relevant and interesting content about your subject matter for people to read.

Don't think of this so much as about ranking high in Google, (though content is a major factor in Google ranking algorithm); it's about keeping people on your website when they come to your site.

Also, great content can often rank by itself as it is not focused specifically on selling a product but is providing great information to your customers. Don't think of this content as being keyword based. Just think of it as being something people want to read. The days of 350-word articles are long gone.

Good content should be a minimum of 1000 words in length.

Posirank offers two products that can deliver the quality content you need. Premium Content, and the best of the best writing we offer Elite Content.

One thousand words of Premium content is priced at $90. One thousand words of Elite content is priced at $157.

High-quality content is often the biggest single overlooked piece of the puzzle and should not be ignored.

Every item we've listed above are MUST DO. These products are all foundational. If you get this part of it right, the rest becomes a whole lot easier.

None of the above are budget busters. You can get started for under $50 if that's what your budget allows. You can do them all in a single month or spread them out over several months. But you need to get these pieces of the puzzle in place.

A Note of Caution About "Link-Building"

One of the biggest mistakes often made when you're just getting started is to believe all the hype you read about getting backlinks. While it is true that getting good quality links from other sites that point back to your site is important, keep in mind that with backlinks, you get what you pay for.

Please, do NOT give in to the temptation to go out and get a huge amount of links that are advertised as low-cost. In almost every case, the links are of low value and will not help your site rank at all. When in doubt, ask an expert

If you have any questions about link building or have any questions about anything referenced here, our team is available right now to answer your questions. Just log into your Posirank account, and in the lower right corner, you'll see a ‘Help' icon. Just click it, and one of SEO experts will jump on and answer your questions in real time.


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