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Competitive Market Case Study

Personal Insurance


Our clients typically see a 10-20% average increase in Google organic search engine traffic each quarter compared to the previous quarter. However, it's not uncommon to see increases as high as 50-100% in a quarter.

These increases are possible when the site owner makes the recommended on-site changes and content improvements, in combination with the monthly SEO promotions we are setting up for them. However, not all client sites have on-site issues. This makes them “link ready” – we can proceed to acquire backlinks for the site as no further on-site work is necessary.

The following case study showcases the increases received for one of our agency clients, whose client is in the insurance niche, a very competitive industry indeed.

One key takeaway from this case study is to emphasize the value of consistent, regular link building with a realistic budget and recurring orders, promoting a variety of URL's and using a variety of link products.

At PosiRank we have experience promoting a wide range of industries, most of which are in very competitive industries such as real estate, health, medical, fitness, engineering, auto (e.g. dealerships) and much more.


This case study showcases what's possible with a consistent, regular SEO strategy in a niche that is highly competitive. This client has a budget which usually fluctuates in the $1,000.00/month range (although recently they have increased it), which allows us to promote a higher number of URL's with a lot more firepower than usual. Generally, the higher the budget, the faster we can achieve results in Google organic search.

This agency sought out PosiRank for reasons that are typical when servicing sites in this niche:

  1. To find high-quality links that did not come from a PBN (Private Blog Network).
  2. To find a service that would handle the writing of content and do the legwork of sourcing sites to post on.

When this agency first came to Posirank, they had several objectives that needed to be met:

  • To increase their client sites SERPS rank to drive (ultimately) more leads to their client via the traffic increase that increased ranking exposure normally brings.
  • To increase the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of their client site grow due to the links that were built through PosiRank. To this end, the agency monitored DA and PA changes very closely.

We discussed “low-hanging fruit” and did a basic gap analysis in our initial strategy sessions. However, they didn't follow these lines of thought. Instead, they just stayed consistent with their ordering from month to month. We provide more information on what orders were placed in the information below.


  1. There was a pretty quick increase (within two months of their first link orders going out) increase of DA (up 1 point) and PA (2 points overall). This was an early indication that the search engines were viewing this strategy (and evaluating it) positively.
  2. Within 3 months, there was detected a SERP's position change from the 4th page to the 3rd page – a very significant jump given the competitiveness of this niche.
  3. Secondary blogs being used by this client started to rank for the same keyword and the PA jumped 5 points and the DA increased by 3 points, again a great result given the competition level in this industry.
  4. Since the increase in DA and PA was noted, there have been a significant number of incoming leads oriented around the targeted keyword. As this client is selling a service that is very high cost, the increase in inbound leads is financially significant.


This client optimizes every page (on-page) for the keywords they are targeting. After the on-page optimization is complete, they focus primarily on link building activity to drive traffic to the page and to increase its rank on Google. They used the following products and services to promote this client's website:

  • High Quality Guest Posting via Manual Blog Outreach: This is our main powerhouse product. Guest posts are an excellent foundational source of quality links. For this specific client, these links would be considered 3rd in line in terms of power, behind our Max Power and Platinum link products detailed below. We acquire niche-relevant backlinks on real websites which rank in Google. We only approach established sites. This means that not only do these publications add substantial link power to a customers link profile, but in a lot of cases each posting can become a long-term source of traffic in and of itself. This is one of the most affordable and beneficial options you can have for legit white hat links that have been done through true outreach and hard-earned relationships. On this website, we consistently built links to the most important pages that, in turn, funneled the maximum link equity to all the sub-pages. This is one of the main ways to build consistent authority to websites.
  • Max Power Platinum Links – DA 70+: These are the second most powerful link product offered by Posirank, each link having a Domain Authority of at least 70, in many cases higher. These are real, powerful websites which allow us to build a link to them for each of our clients. Through our industry connections, we're able to negotiate placements onto mainstream powerhouses such as and With this product, we promoted the most important URLs for the client, ensuring that the Max Power link being created funneled the maximum link equity to all the most important sub-pages.
  • Platinum Select Links: These are like our Max Power, but the next step down. These links are powerful placements on sites with a DA of 50-69, ensuring that placement provides plenty of authority to the client site. On this site, we promoted the most important pages using the Platinum Select links to ensure the maximum amount of link equity funneled through the site.
Please note: references to our Platinum and Max Power links have been recently replaced by our A-List links. Please check your customer dashboard for current pricing for your needs.
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