Case Study: 9-Month SEO Promotion Results In 100%+ Traffic Increase (With Less Than $500/Month Budget)

Case Study: 9-Month SEO Promotion Results In 100%+ Traffic Increase (With Less Than $500/Month Budget)


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Today, we’re excited to talk about one of our clients that manages a major site in the commercial real estate niche – specifically, operating a portal for those looking to be tenants.

In this post, we’ll jump straight into what the SEO goals of the client were, the campaigns they ran, their budget and of course — details of the 100%+ traffic increase!

What was the main reason this client contacted Posirank?

This client had recently done a major update to their site and had a lot of on-site changes made.

However, their priority was to leverage the SEO impact of their many pages for each of the city/metro areas that they currently list. As they are in the real estate industry, these pages literally run into the thousands – presenting a formidable challenge for any SEO campaign.

What were their SEO Goals?

Their goal was to rank high in Google (Page 1) for businesses who are searching for space for their company and/or have a lease currently.

The domain competes with a number of other sites in this niche and were curious about what types of SEO campaigns would allow them to take advantage of the size of their site — and the fact that they update each of their building pages quite often (rate changes, rating, reviews etc..) to stay current.

The Exact SEO Campaign Breakdown (Including Budget Levels)

Over a 9 month period, this client spent a little over $4,000 USD with us which averages out to a monthly budget of just $483.

This was very reasonable to the client, especially considering that it was not paid out all at once, but over the course of 9 months.

Promotions have mostly included guest posting, backlink boosting, an EDU scholarship service, Web 2.0 properties, Local Business Listings, and a press release.  Additionally, a full on-site audit and link analysis & disavow was done.

Here are the specific campaigns that were run over this 9-month period:

November 2017

1 x DA30+ Guest Post (500 words) – 199 credits

1 x DA20+ Guest Post (1500 words) – 199 credits

1 x DA10+ Guest Post (500 words) – 99 credits

Total: 497 credits

December 2017

2 x DA40+ Guest Posts – 738 credits

1 x SocialRank with Facebook – 249 credits

8 x High DA BlogPosts (DA28+) (backlink boosting) – 200 credits

2 x DA20+ Guest Posts – 298 credits

1 x Press Release – 149 credits

Total: 1634 credits

January 2018

1 x High PR Squared 15 Links – 99 credits

Total: 99 credits

February 2018

10 Manual High Quality Social Bookmarks – 25

1 x High PR Squared 15 links – 99 credits

Total: 124 credits

March 2018

Full-Scale, In-Depth On-site Audit (up to 500 pages analyzed) – 199 credits

Total: 199 credits

April 2018

1 x 10 EDU Links – DoFollow (1 Year Scholarship) – 999 credits

1 x Page – 23 credits

Link Analysis and Disavow of up to 100 unique domains – 399 credits

Total: 1421 credits

May 2018

No promotion done

June 2018

1 x 100 Local Business listing Submissions + Cross Check – 170 credits

1 x page – 23 credits

Total: 193 credits

July 2018

2 x Page – 46 credits

1 x Page – 23 credits

5 Web 2.0 Authority Properties (PR5+) + 5K Reinforcement Links (TIER 2) – 119 credits

Total: 188 credits

The Results of The 9 Month SEO Promotion

As the following screenshot from Google Analytics shows, this site has seen a massive increase in traffic:

·       7-day visitors (as defined by the client) increased 8-fold, from 566 to 4,016.

·       14-day visitors (as defined by the client) increased by +100%, from 9,278 to 22,126.

posirank case study

You Can Do The Same, Too.

The keys to the success of this SEO campaign are as follows — and there’s (still) no magic bullet:

  • Clean up on-site, technical issues that are holding your rankings back
  • Publish in-depth, helpful content that targets topics that are actively being searched for in Google
  • Get a consistent flow on quality, incoming links to your content

Above all, consistency is what produced results for this client – and with a budget of less than $500/month.

If you’re wanting similar (or better) results than what we’ve shown here — get in contact with one of our lead SEO experts, Katie Byrd, at to discuss your campaign…and get started!

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