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Professional Video Promotion & Youtube Optimized Commercials

Let's face it: today's online environment is a visual environment. The reason is simple - people would much rather engage with a video that only takes a few minutes to watch than wade through paragraph after paragraph of written material.

Savvy business owners (and those who offer them SEO services) have been using the drawing power of videos for years now - but to get the maximum impact you've got to develop a video that really engages viewers and effectively communicates your business or organization's message.

That's exactly what Posirank's professional video promotion service is designed to do. Our skilled animators and video production team will create a professional promotional video, and if you are interested in YouTube optimized commercials, you'll be pleased to know that our videos are the kind that YouTube "likes."

Video Marketing Ideas

Once you get your completed video file from us, you upload that video to video-sharing sites such as YouTube - then you can get busy promoting your video link. Here are some areas that you should include as a part of your video promotion strategy:

Social Media. Does your company or organization - or you or your staff or friends - maintain one or more social media accounts? Then you can use those platforms to promote your video. On most sites, you can upload a copy of that video or embed a link to YouTube or other site where it has been posted.

People actually want to engage with videos and the platforms themselves encourage uploads - this becomes a win-win for everyone. Promotional videos for business are a critical necessity!

Paid Promotions. If you have the budget for it, you can post PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads, or even banner advertising - which can be targeted very precisely to the specific audience you want to reach.

Personal Outreach. Don't forget to go old-school: reach out to people via emails or message/announce your video in forums or chat rooms that you have access to. Ask them to view your video - and ask them to share it with the people in their world. Try to connect with industry influencers and good customers.

Don't Forget the Homepage. Don't forget that effective professional video promotion includes posting a copy on your own website. Make sure it is visible so that all of your site visitors can see it.

Use in Sales/Marketing Tools. If you have sales literature or have developed marketing materials like white papers you can include a link to your video. This can be effective even when used in printed literature. You can add this link to your company business card or email signature.

Link Building. This is basic SEO - once your video is posted, begin to place guest posts or other content on the web (containing a link to your video). You can build links to your video(s) just as you might build links to your website, in order to push them up in the SERP's and get them seen more often, by more people.

Get Noticed On YouTube: YouTube Video Promotion Services

Of course you will need to promote your video on YouTube, and Youtube optimized commercials can drive in tons of traffic and leads for your business - even phone calls.

Youtube optimized commercials are specifically designed to drive maximum engagement, with a professional voice actor, a call-to-action, and an engaging visual sequence to hold the prospect's attention. It is not difficult to promote your YouTube video and we can show you how to do it right.

If you operate an SEO management company, this is one of the most effective ways to drive results for your clients in a very short time-frame, in today's SEO environment - we've seen YouTube videos rank again-and-again, in even the most aggressive keywords verticals.

This Youtube optimized commercials strategy (ranking web assets like vids) is one of the easiest ways to multiply your client's search-driven traffic.

In fact, videos that are properly prepared and promoted can actually drive as much business as an official company website - even though the production and promotion cost is just a fraction in comparison.

Creating a Great Promotional Video

The heart of any video promotion service is, of course, the development of the video itself.

Our process at Posirank begins with a deep-dive into your business to discover just what you need a video for, and what audience(s) it would be best to target.

We will then ask you for information that we can incorporate into a voice-over script (which you can customize as much as you like). Once developed, we will give "life" to your video by strategically adding custom-developed animation sequences that perfectly fit the subject-matter and theme. These are animations, not actors (in order to keep your cost reasonable) but they are engaging and reinforce the voice-over message.

Organic Video Promotion

What is "organic" video promotion? It is really no different than other types of organic SEO - the goal is to engage a higher level of "organic" traffic. Organic traffic is traffic from search engines and other links, in contrast to paid forms of advertising.

Like any organic SEO promotion, success is achieved by:

Properly Optimized Video Meta Data. Once your video is developed, you must make sure that the accompanying description is properly worded, and that good title tags are used.

For example, when doing Youtube optimized commercials you should edit the title of your video when it is posted so that your primary keyword is followed by a telephone number, so that prospects don't necessarily even have to click (or even watch!) the video, because Google will automatically display that phone number in the SERP's when your video link is crawled, indexed and displayed.

Social Media. As mentioned above, once your video has been posted, an effective way to drive traffic to it is to engage people over any social media channels that you may have access to. In some instances, these videos can go "viral" with others - sometimes important industry influencers - reposting the information to their own followers. This will extend the reach of your marketing efforts many-fold, sometimes very quickly.

Keyword Optimized Backlinks. To help your video gain traction in the SERP's, as mentioned above you can begin a properly-structured campaign to strategically acquire high-authority backlinks (our Guest Post Service is ideal for this) that are properly keyword-optimized. As the power of your video posting gains linking "juice" it will naturally, over time, begin to move upward in search engine rankings.

Keywords with a heavy search volume can be more difficult to rank for, but when successful they will really boost your video's visibility. And even less-searched-for keywords can help to drive in traffic, and even small traffic increases can help your bottom line, especially in high dollar-transaction businesses.

Send to Email List. An important part of video marketing is to use every means possible to publicize your video. It is critical, therefore, that your video be promoted to your existing customers, prospects, and industry contacts. Email marketing of videos is an excellent way to let everyone know about that video, and email announcements about new videos often have a higher open rate as people do not associate them with a "sales pitch."

Embed Video on Your Website. You would think embedding a newly-developed video on the company website would be one of the first priorities - but again and again, we've seen companies who failed to post their video on prime online real estate - their own company website. You can post it right on your home page, in footer/navigation bar links, on internal pages, your blog, etc.

Video Promotion FAQs

Can I make changes? What if I need my video revised?

Practically speaking, the only way that we can feasibly provide this service at scale - and at our excellentprice points - is to deliver these videos "as is," without further revisions. Should you need changes toyour video in the future, we will be happy to do so once payment has been made for a new order.

For comparison, it would generally cost you about $1,000 per minute (!) for a professionally-animated videoshort (60 seconds), complete with revisions, storyboard development, etc.

Instead, we've tried to combine the best of two worlds (an excellent product at a reasonable cost), whilestill delivering a great service that can drive awesome results for your clients, without breaking the bank(or piling on a bunch of management workload on your end).

What is a promotional video?

How much does it cost to make a promotional video?

As stated above, at Posirank we strive to offer this service by striking a balance between cost and value -giving you the best possible value-for-money, especially when compared with full-blown video productionservices that the big dogs use.

You can check our current pricing by logging into your Posirank customer dashboard, navigating to the "SEOPromotion" area, and selecting the "Professional Video Creation and Enhancement" option.

Specifically, what types of video services do you provide? How long will my video be?

You have a number of options when ordering a video product:

Video Updater.This option is especially helpful if you have an existing video (see this link

for an example). We will takea video provided by you and create an "attention wrapper" version of it. (See this link to see how the abovevideo could be wrapped).

A "wrapped" video is a 16:9 ratio video that is transformed into an attention-grabbing square video byaddingcontent (such as header and footer text, images, captions) above and below the original video.

Video Development & Promo. Don't have an existing video? No sweat - when you order thispackage we willcreate afull HD video for you and in addition we will create a "wrapped" version of the video - both versions canthenbe used as needed.

To develop your video you would send us your script (and yes, we can consult with you on the best wording),anylogo or optional images you wish us to use. If you want us to record a voiceover we can incorporate that forasmall additional fee ($25) - even music! (See here for a finished video example, and the same video as a "wrapped" video.)

Video Promo With On-Air Talent. With this package you will also get two videos - one for posting on videosites and a wrapped version that is designed for social media sharing. These videos will use a live spokespersonwhois professionally-trained as on-air talent.

In addition, if you don't want to take the time to create a script, you can request that we create it. (Hereisan example finished HD video, andthe wrapped version.)

Customized Animated Logo. Do you have a company or organization logo? When you order thelogo option, wewilltake your logo and create a professional, fully-customized animated version of it.

You can really stand out from the crowd by ending every video you create with a stunning animated version ofyour logo. You can optionally use it as an introduction as well.

All we need to do this is your logo image file. Any vector format (AI, SVG, EPS) can be used, or even an JPGorPNG file (as long as it is high-quality/high-res).

You can also provide suggestions (like "Drop the earphones onto the record and then make the record spin,etc.")and we can incorporate them into the animation. (Here is an example of a static image file of a logoyoucouldsend us, and here is the animated logo file.)

It will have a transparent background in MOV format so that it can be used on top of any background, as well as a white background in MP4 format as an added option.

Can I pay YouTube to promote my video?

Certainly. If you have the funds, you can pay (via Google Ads) to set up an advertising promotion. This adcan be delivered to video viewers before the video they have selected begins, or it can run on a video's watch page, alongside of the video itself. You will also have full control of your ad targeting, so yourpromo is seen by the audience most likely to be interested in it and respond.

I'm really new to this video stuff. Can your staff walk me through the process and give me some tips andguidance?

We certainly can - and there is no additional fee for this. All you need to do is to contact your accountmanager or place a support ticket. Just ask anytime - we'll be glad to help.

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