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SEO Website Audit Service

When it is critical to focus on your On-Site SEO

Implementing on-site fixes typically results in SIGNIFICANT impacts across literally all of your site's current rankings (it boosts them across the board) - and unlike external promotion, it can happen very quickly.

Here's why this is arguably our most effective and important service:

  • As an SEO management company, we have direct experience with fixing on-site issues for well over 2000+ sites in our collective experience. This is an area we know intimately.
  • if the items in this product report are fixed, then this will dramatically increase your site's quality score and therefore directly fight against Google Panda.
  • For any NEW client, this should be ordered immediately. This is one of the reasons why clients are charged more in the first month - because these issues HAVE to be fixed.
  • Plus, the site will very likely get a boost within 2-8 weeks of the issues actually being resolved (which we detail in the report)
  • Time Save: Days of your time doing this - or even weeks. The better way to look at it as how much opportunity is currently being lost by your business (or clients) as a result of low exposure across the board, from a poor Panda "score".

Here's What's Included:

1 x Action List Report (CSV)

Firstly, we ONLY report on the most important issues & problems that need fixing. This report won't contain every single issue, but instead, it'll focus on what will move the needle when fixed.

How do we decide what goes into the report? It's based on our experience and having worked with thousands of sites and campaigns.

And so, our reports are "no fluff" deliverables that contain only errors and how to fix them. Your team can then run with this and get busy fixing them.

Below are some of the areas that we'll look into and may be included in your report (depending on whether it's a problem for your site or not):

  • Indexing Issues
  • Technical Issues such as Canonical Problems, 4xx Errors, Pagination Issues etc
  • Thin Contend
  • Duplicate Title Tags & Meta Descriptions
  • Internal & External Broken Links
  • Internal Broken Images
  • Pages Images Missing ALT Tags
  • Desktop & Mobile Site Speed Issues
  • Sitemap errors / conflicts
  • etc etc

It is critical that you focus on fixing those issues that are actually holding you back, and that is what we will focus on.

What Results To Expect

If you fix these errors that we report (not some of them, but all of them) you can expect significant boosts in the SERP's.

Obviously, it depends on the size of the site - the current state of indexing, content, duplications etc. The more trouble your site is in, the better results you can expect.

The reality is that 95%+ of sites have serious issues and they go without being addressed. Thus, this requires more linking to get to where you want to rank.

Fix these issues and within 2-8 weeks you'll see your rankings increase as Panda and quality updates now roll out approximately once per month.

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