When A Direct Link Can’t Be Secured: Go Indirect (Here’s How)

When A Direct Link Can’t Be Secured: Go Indirect (Here’s How)

Last Updated on February 25, 2021 by Alex Miller

One of our strongest SEO tactics here at Posirank is to secure guest posts featuring well-written, non-promotional content containing a link back to your site. A few of these each month, on high DA (Domain Authority, a MOZ metric) sites can give your site a tremendous boost in rankings.

But there is an issue sometimes: Some site pages are difficult to secure links for, usually due to the nature of the website or business being done there. Normal guest post outreach may produce no “takers” for this type of a link. Obvious sites like gambling and payday loans would be examples, but this can happen with ecommerce sites as well, along with others.

But there is a good workaround for money sites that are hard to promote directly — and it is a tactic that works insanely well if done properly. Let me share the overall strategy with you…

Securing Backlinks For “Difficult” Money Sites

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A Winning Formula To “Unlock” Backlinks to Money Sites

For concreteness, let’s assume that you are trying to secure backlinks for an ecomm (ecommerce) site. This is going to be difficult, as your product page content will be shouting “buy, buy, buy.

But think about this instead: How about a page somewhere else on your money site (blog pages work well here) where there is an informative, in-depth, neutral and objective review of one your popular products? You might find it possible to get backlinks to that type of content.

Here’s the additional secret sauce: From that neutral and safe page you can link out to an ecommerce or any commercial site page by including internal links.

Overall, your strategy is to direct links to pages that attract links — but then you include internal links from those pages, that go to your money site pages that are hard to get direct links for.

We call this strategy “indirect linking” and it is a killer strategy.

These links going to any page on your site are going to be ultra-powerful, and you can (as explained above) funnel that link juice from that page to your target money site page just by including internal links in the “neutral” page.

The recipe works like this:

  1. Get a page with your squeaky-clean, neutral, objective, non-promotional, in-depth information set up somewhere on your money site.
  2. Secure links to that content page (we can help with this – see below).
  3. Then, go back to that page and insert an internal link in the content to your money site page.
  4. Lather, rinse and repeat.

At Posirank We Can Help You Use This Strategy

Does this technique sound intriguing? It’s not a difficult tactic to implement but it can take some creativity to implement.

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Our Platinum Collection For Backlinking

We have a brand-new service offering, called our “Platinum Collection” (which is under SEO Services in your Posirank account dashboard).

And with the Platinum Collection, because you will be promoting pages that are squeaky-clean we can get you some backlinks from some really terrific sites (we currently have 3 outlets and we will have more coming in the future).

Those content placements can have your squeaky-clean site page as the URL target, and then you just modify your squeaky-clean page to include an internal link to your “difficult to link to” money site page. Easy-peasy.

So now, you don’t have to sulk any longer. With just a little extra work, and some creative-outside-the-box thinking, you can slowly but surely get wonderful quality links (indirectly) to money sites where securing a direct link is going to be impossible.

And, you REALLY need to check out our new Platinum CollectionReally.

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