Things to Know About SEO – April, 27 2021

Things to Know About SEO – April, 27 2021

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Pay Attention to This if You’re Doing Product Reviews

Earlier this month Google made an announcement that wasn’t about a core algorithm change.  There has now been a “product review update.”  This update is going to put more pressure on content creators to produce better quality, more in-depth reviews.  Here’s looking at you – Amazon affiliates.  This will make your job more difficult.

Here’s a screenshot of some of the things their algo will now be looking for:

Google Product Review Update

G has told us that this update will roll out over the course of a couple of weeks.  They’ve also mentioned that it impacts Discovery rankings as well as organic SERPs.  

While this update will most certainly hurt some of the more “thin” affiliate sites out there it should help others.  Rather than look at this as a bummer, if you’re one of those thin site builders, look at it as an opportunity.  This is going to change affiliate site building, without a doubt.  Those that rise to the challenge should reap the ranking rewards.

Seeing Big Ranking Changes, Frequently?  This May Be Why

Have you noticed your site’s rankings fluctuate between great and bad?  Well, as some have noted in the SEO world this appears to mean that your site is “on the edge” of Google’s quality guidelines.  In other words, Google just isn’t certain your site can be trusted.

Check out our recap of the Google Quality Rater Guidelines to help make improvements on your site.

Do Unnatural Links Harm Your Site If You’ve Never Received a Manual Action?

We all know that Google just ignores bad links, right?  No.  Not really.  First, we need to understand what makes a link bad – and that is a long conversation.  Rest assured, they’re not the type of links you get from PosiRank.  Meanwhile, though, you may have some links in your profile that aren’t necessarily spam (or maybe they are) but are still considered unnatural.

These are the links that Google could potentially hit you with a manual penalty for (bad/spam/unnatural links).  Though sometimes they miss the mark and don’t give you that penalty.  Do these links still harm your site or rankings?  That’s a great question.  And the short answer is yes.

In a recent session with John Mueller he said the following:

“One area where you might see some kind of after effects for a while is with regards to links. If the old website had a lot of really really bad artificial links associated with it then that might be something that at some point would count kind of against your website in that sense, even if in the meantime you have a different website up there.”

What he’s saying here is that these “bad links” could lead to a negative algorithmic impact.  This is exactly why we offer our Backlink Analysis service.  We manually review your backlink profile, categorize the bad links, then build a formatted disavow file for you to submit in Google Search Console.  It’s important to stay on top of this for these reasons.

Google’s Moving the Core Web Vitals Goal Post – Already

In a recent announcement, Google has made changes to how they calculate the “cumulative layout shift” is calculated.  Keep in mind the Core Web Vitals update is coming this May.  

Some have said that this change was made to make the calculation fairer for long-running pages.  That may be.  But I can tell you from my own personal experience I’ve seen sites that were absolutely crushing the CWV metrics be impacted by this.  They’re no longer in the green.  And that’s for sites that made zero tech changes.  So while the change may be more “fair” for some – it doesn’t seem to be true for all.


Evaluating 3 Click Ranking Signals that Are Not CTR

Be first. Be long. Be last.

These are the top 3 click signals that Cyrus Shepard suggests you focus your SEO attention on.  He believes that these signals can impact your rankings within Google without Google’s own “judgment.”

Find out how Cyrus breaks down these signals and his process for evaluating them here.

That’s it for this edition of Things to know about SEO.  If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below?

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