The “State of SEO” Follow-up (Case Study & Proof Included)

The “State of SEO” Follow-up (Case Study & Proof Included)

In our previous post I spoke about “what’s working now” which included some of the most influential aspects of SEO based on our data centers, internal tests, SEO mastermind collaborations and feedback from our customers.

That equates to a LOT of data 🙂

Today, I’m going to include some stats and screenshots taken from campaigns where a number of these factors were brought into action.

Most of my focus on this particular post will be based on Campaign #1 (see below) where I’ll add a little more context than just a bunch of screenshots.

Campaign A (Quick Stats)

  • This brand new domain was indexed in Google in February 2016 (Less Than 5 Months Ago)
  • It’s in a brutal niche: Travel / Credit Cards / Lifestyle
  • Currently averaging ~2,500 uniques per day from Google from ultra targeted keyphrases.
  • Only ~80 Pages are Indexed in Google…(Not a big site!)


In Under 5 Months, This Site has Pulled-In Close to 90,000 Visitors
(95% via Google From Just 80 Pages!)

In Under 5 Months, This Site Pulled In Close to 90,000 Visitors (95% from Google!)


~50k Visitors In The Last 28 Days…
(Traffic Keeps Building As The Site’s Authority Does)

Last 28 days in Google


A Record Google Traffic Day (Just Yesterday!)


This Site Ranks for 25,780 Keyphrases (and counting) in
LOOK at the Search Volumes & Positions!

Organic Keywords - 1st

Organic Keywords - 2nd


5,667 of Those Keyphrases Rank in Positions 1-20 (Already!)

Organic Keywords - 3rd

Let’s give you some insights into the structure of this site and what was done:

Quick “On-Page” Stats:

  • ~80 Pages of Bad-Ass, Original Content
    • 90% of these pages contain 1.5-4k words of unique content (with references & links to relevant authority sites of course & plenty of internal links). A table of contents is included on most of the posts too (an excellent way to boost engagement).
    • Each page has the goal of being “The Definitive Guide To {enter topic}” – it’s a great way to approach content creation as it instantly expands your mindset for that piece (vs I have to write 1k+ words somehow).
      Of course, they ALL include 5-10 unique FAQ’s at the bottom of each page.
  • Optimized Title Tags & Meta’s
    • Every page that the client is looking to rank prominently in Google has a carefully crafted title tag and  meta description to maximize CTR’s. This is still one of the fastest ways to boost traffic overnight. (In other words, make a better “ad” in Google and treat it like a paid ad – seriously)
  • Clean Indexing…
    • We closely followed the techniques in our “Avoid Panda” PDF ensuring that there’s no “Junk” in the index. Remember that Junk basically = pages that offer little to no value and are better off either a) improved or b) de-indexed to ensure a high domain quality score. This software helps a lot with finding that junk.
  • Site Speed
    • The site runs on a CDN and is currently averaging ~3 seconds (we’re working quickly on getting it to under 2 seconds!)

Off-Site Promotions (for the past 5 months)

    • A variety of “social signal momentum” packages were ordered and spread across 12 different URL’s so far. This actually included the new “Bundle” package that is now live inside PosiRank. The client had special access to the product before it launched (we do this sometimes when we’re testing).

Bottom Line: When promoting a site, treat “social” exactly the same as link building for a page.

In other words – you should build both links AND social signals to your target pages. If you want the most effective results, do not choose one or the other – it’s both. The goal is to order a social signal momentum package for all target pages in time, just like you would with links. Simple!

    • The client didn’t want to order DA10’s as they wanted to raise the quality bar. Soon we’ll recommend a little more diversity and include a handful of DA10’s too – but the main focus was on DA20-50+
    • Every DA50+ was boosted
    • Due to the site getting a lot of traffic, it picked up a few editorial links on good quality sites (so we naturally boosted ’em)
    • 9-10 .EDU links were picked up from a scholarship campaign we ran for the client ($1k prize to the winner, ~$200/link from each EDU site). This is only available to our Infinity clients due to the back-and-forth required to make this work.
    • This was handled internally by the client (not by us), but each day 2-3 blog comments were made on relevant blogs which helped to pick-up a number of NF links from relevant sites. NF is important too for diversity.

That is it folks. These promotions will of course continue each month (not the scholarship as this was a one-off).

In a future post, we’ll go through quantities for ordering, anchor texts and strategies etc – but just know that the above is what actually happened.

I Want To Draw Your Attention More Towards The “Social” Promotions…

Did you know that we now have 4 social products in PosiRank? (FB, TW, G+ and the new “Bundle” which combines them all)

Consistently we’re seeing these promotions take the rankings up to the next level and add the critical diversity that sites need in their promotions.

We realize that each order only contains 3 social signals – but it’s NOT the quantity that matters, truly.

(go order 1000+ Likes on and you’ll see what I mean when you look at the results!).

Instead – it really is the quality that matters.

These social accounts might not LOOK authoritative as they don’t follow the “common sense” mentality of what an authority account should look like (i.e. tons of followers).

But actually, the signals that are being produced by us – when combined with our unique “secret sauce” of course – are what really drives the results.

If you have not tried a social signal product, get stuck in and add them to your regular promotions.

You’ll find our social momentum product line by logging in, and then going to Order Services > SEO Promotions > Social Signal Momentum

As we spoke about above, they should be ordered alongside links – not instead of. It’s the combination that works so well.

Now – here’s something we haven’t yet announced…

LOCAL SEO’s – There’s a BIG Added Benefit to “Social”

Earlier this year, we discovered a huge bonus for those of you promoting local sites targeting geo-specific terms.

Our Social Signal Momentum products (any of them) can really help to boost your position in the Local 3-Pack.

Take a look at some screenshots from recent campaigns:

mortgage term

Roofing keyphrase construction keyphrase

So, bottom line – start actively rolling in Social Momentum with your campaigns (especially for local keywords), and you’ll accelerate your time-to-rank, and your ROI.

Okay, let’s wrap things up…

Hopefully today’s “proof post” helped to solidify the importance of both our onsite & offsite best-practices.

We’re certainly not looking for validation, but rather just to make it as clear as possible that Google really does respond to all of these variables, and that if you overlook or ignore them… you’re simply selling yourself short.

Also, while I fully understand that (regardless of the ROI outlook), not everyone has a Fortune 500 budget to work with. And because our Social Momentum line is designed to complement High DA Guest Posting, rather than replace it – some of our customers understandably balk at raising the net budget to try it out.

That’s another reason why we rolled out the Social Momentum Bundle – which provides authority signals from Facebook, Google Plus & Twitter, all for the same price as a standard signal pack from an individual source – and it’s a great way to maximize bang for buck.

Pro Tip: Whatever you might spend on the Lower DA tier-1 range, instead shift that budget to the Social Bundle, and keep an eye on your time-to-rank metric vs. traditional linking.

Alright – so what’s next?

Coming Up:

Our next post is a doozy.

We’re going to walk you through a simple little “hack” that allows you easily exploit what we call “Voice Search”.

In a nutshell, now that the mobile revolution is well & truly entrenched, one of the many impacts on search comes to us courtesy of Siri & Cortana. Because as a result of their popularity, hundreds of millions are now “searching” by dictation.

This represents a staggering volume of “new” searches, and alternate keywords. Keywords that aren’t yet on the radar of most SEO’s. And it’s a lot easier than you might think to soak up loads more traffic – once you know where to capture it, and for next to nill additional effort.

So, stay tuned 🙂


~ Alex Miller

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  • Great post Alex, looking forward to learning the quantities for ordering, anchor texts and strategies etc…..

    I’ve just ordered my first social promotion – excited to see the results.

  • Nice case study, sounds like a hefty budget between content, social signals, guest posts, scholarship links, and boosts.

    But yes, I can totally see this strategy working really well. Social promotions are awesome and working well for me so far! In conjunction with quality guest posting.

    • Appreciate you sharing that info, thank you Miguel. Yes – there was certainly budget behind this promo, but there is a lot of progress that can be made without all of that. Remember that it can be spread out over additional months as well to be budget-friendly.

    • Hi George – the cost is 249 credits (the same price as the other social signal momentum products). If you login to your account, you’ll see it listed under “Order Services” > “SEO Promotion” 🙂

  • What software or service are you using to produce the screenshots, that are just below Clicky shots that show your Organic Keyword stats?

    Filename? Organic-Keywords-1st-1024×553.png

  • HI there, from my comment Jun 29. Sorry to be unclear. I’m not asking about tool for screenshots.

    What solution/software/service produced the organic ranking results? I recognize Clicky above that… what is the other solution used for ranking results


    Jan Gregory – June 29, 2016 @ 7:55 pm

    What software or service are you using to produce the screenshots, that are just below Clicky shots that show your Organic Keyword stats?

    Filename? Organic-Keywords-1st-1024×553.png

    PosiRank Team – June 30, 2016 @ 1:54 pm

    Jan – I use Jing and sometimes Snagit

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