Complete List of Keyword Research Tools For SEO in 2020

Keyword research is at the core of everything we do at PosiRank. 

We focus on creating SEO campaigns that bring our customers results. To do that, we start with in-depth keyword research.

Remember the saying garbage in… garbage out?  Well, that also holds true for keywords. And, the keyword research tool you use to find your search terms is the key to staying out of the garbage can.

To get your content, sales page or products in front of your target market, you need to know the terms they are using when they search. That’s when SEO pros turn to their favorite keyword research tool. 

The Best Keyword Research Tool

Finding the best of anything is subjective. We all have our own opinions and experiences. So instead of declaring one keyword research tool as the “best”, we decided to gather information on as many tools as we could find. 

Take a look at the list below and vote for your favorite. Let’s see which tool has the most fans!

Features at a glance: Search Volume Data, Cost-Per-Click Data, Google Ads Competition Data, 2 Times More Keywords, Competitor Keyword Analysis. Bulk Search Volume Analysis, API Requests

Monthly – * Pro Business $199 | * Pro Plus $99  | * Pro Basic $89
Annually – * Pro Business $159 | * Pro Plus $79 | * Pro Basic $69

Consumer Feedback:
Carmine Mastropierro: “Keyword Tool is a priceless keyword research app to keep under your belt. I find that the free version is nice for some inspiration and ideas that you can plug into other tools, but upgrading is a wise investment, too. Overall I suggest that you try out the free version to determine if it’s right for you, then purchase the paid version if it is.”

Find Popular Keywords That Your Competitors Have No Idea About with Keyword Tool Pro


Features at a glance: Content insights to generate ideas, create high-performing content, monitor performance and identify influencers.

Monthly – * Pro $ 99 /mo | * Plus $ 179 /mo | * Large $ 299 /mo | * Enterprise $ 499+
Annually – * Pro $948 | * Plus $1,668 | * Large $2,868 | * Enterprise $499+/month (custom plans)

Consumer Feedback:

Gael Breton: “…until we discovered Buzzsumo. This tool, allows us to find out what works for the competition, what works in the niche and who to promote our content to for maximised exposure.”


Features at a glance: Analytics Reports, Organic Research, Advertising Research, Display Advertising Tool, Backlinks, Keyword Research, – Product Listing Ads, Traffic Analytics, Market Explorer”

Monthly – *Pro $99.95 | *Guru $199.95 | *Business $399.95
Annually – *Pro $83.28 | *Guru $166.62 | *Business $333.28

Consumer Feedback:
Matthew Woodward: “If you want to take your site to the next level, SEMRush provides a complete suite of tools that helps to fast track your success. From content planning to link building, site audits, competitor analysis, rank monitoring and more – SEMRush is your one-stop shop.

Introduction to Keyword Research with SEMRush


Features at a glance: Backlink checker, Broken link checker, Website authority checker, Keyword generator, YouTube keyword tool, Amazon keyword tool

Monthly – *Lite $99 per month | * Standard $179 per month | *Advanced $399 per month | *Agency $999 per month
Annually – *Lite $990 |*Standard $1,790 | *Advanced $3,990 | *Agency $9,990

Consumer Feedback:
Robbie Richards: “Ahrefs is an integral part of my SEO toolset. The backlink, keyword and content insights it delivers are invaluable when it comes to building out successful SEO & PPC campaigns for personal and client projects.”

Brian Dean: “When it comes to backlink analysis, Ahrefs is my #1 go-to tool. I’ve tested over 25 link analysis tools and none comes close to Ahrefs in terms of index size, freshness and overall usability. If you’re serious about SEO, you need Ahrefs.”

Going Beyond Search Volume with AHREFs Keyword Tool


Features at a glance: Monitor, analyze and optimize the key elements of your website efficiently with one tool. Find new issues before your users do. Write the best content out there to help achieve top spots in Google

* Monthly – Basic Suite $119.90/month
* Basic Suite $107.91/month (billed annually)
* Business Suite Individual pricing Annually
* Business Suite Individual pricing

Consumer Feedback:
“For me, Ryte is the market’s most comprehensive and versatile SEO tool. Keep up the good work!”
~Richard Baxter


Features at a glance: Compatible with any Web Browser, Unlimited Keyword Searches per Day, 10 000 Search Results per Keyword, Search Keyword Ideas via Google AdWords, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, Keyword Ideas via Google Suggest and Google Related Searches, Keyword Ideas via Amazon and YouTube Suggest, Special Bonus: RankTracker 100 Daily Tracked Keywords Ranking for Desktop and Mobile Ranking for all Countries and Languages, Ranking by City, Branded PDF Reports, Email Reports and Notifications

Monthly: *Personal $39 | * Pro $59 | * Agency $99
Annually: *Personal $299 | *Pro $499 | *Agency $899


Features at a glance: Content Marketing Services, SEO Consulting, Strategic Consulting, Analyze Mobile Rankings Traffic with Mobile SEO, Boost Global Search Performance with Global SEO, Reveal Trends and Opportunities with Local SEO, Optimize Your Website’s Link Structure with Backlink Analysis, Make Your Site Attractive to Search Engines with Site Optimization, Drive Conversions with SEM, Identify High Impact Opportunities with Keyword Analysis

* Freemium – 14 day free trial


Features at a glance: Domain Overview, Top SEO Pages, Keyword Suggestions, Content Ideas, Backlink data

* Free

Consumer Feedback:

For the beginners, in particular, it is certainly a great free SEO tool. But is it better than other premium SEO tools in the market? Only those who have used the other tools can tell. Personally, I find Ubersuggest decently sufficient for my personal needs.
~Asif from SpellOutMarketing


Features at a glance: Pulls auto suggest results from both Google and Bing. Keywords are organized into questions (what, where, why, which, how), prepositions  (with, to, for, like) and alphabetical.

Monthly – * Pro $99
Annually – * Pro $948

Consumer Feedback:
Jennifer Gregory: “By using tools such as AnswerThePublic, you can have instant brainstorming at your fingertips to help you come up with possible ideas on any topic that the sales department suggests. And it can help you come up with overlooked angles on those topics that you feel like you’ve already written about 99 different times.”


Features at a glance: Keyword research,  SEO audit & crawl, backlink research, rank tracking, SEO toolbar, domain analysis

Monthly – * Standard $99 | * Medium $179 | * Large $249 | * Premium $599
Annually – * Standard $950 | * Medium $1,719 | * Large $2,390 | * Premium $5,750

Consumer Feedback:
Logan Ray: “Two clicks is all you need for basically any SEO-related data point you could ever want. On-page elements, HTTP status codes, link metrics, schema markup, keyword difficulty … it’s all only 2 clicks away! MozBar is the single most useful item in my SEO toolbox, and it keeps getting better.”


Features at a glance: Hidden long tail keywords, competitor keywords, Google Suggest keyword source, organize keywords with keyword lists, import keywords in bulk, filter keywords that aren’t profitable, local keyword research, accurate keyword difficulty, search volume and keyword metrics

Monthly – * Basic $49 | * Premium $69 | * Agency $129
Annually – * Basic $358.80 | * Premium $478.80 | * Agency $958.20

Consumer Feedback:
Jeremy Noronha: “Many Premium SEO tools have their base prices starting in the 100s of $$ which may be too high for many people starting out or people not working in strong economic markets. That’s where Mangools comes in, it’s the best SEO tool that fits the gap between the weak free tools and the premium tools.”


Features at a glance: Find thousands of long tail keywords, run competitor analysis, determine keyword profitability with rank value.

Monthly – * Starter $37 | * Pro $67 | * Agency $147
Annually – * Starter $297 | * Pro $537 | * Agency $1177

Consumer Feedback:
Alan Young: “…find hot keywords that you can easily rank for using Long Tail Pro.”


Features at a glance: White-label reports, API access, 6 user accounts, domain history, domain analysis

Monthly (pricing in Euros + VAT) – * SEO (keyword tool only) 100€ | * Links (backlinks only) 100€ | * Optimizer (on-page only) 100€

Consumer Feedback:
John Lincoln: “If you’ve worked with other tools, you know that you might have to wait a couple of weeks to see where your site stands for a specific keyword. That’s not the case with Sistrix.

That’s a great benefit when the search engines change their algorithms. It gives you a chance to adapt more quickly to those updates.

The SEO Module also has 10 years worth of historical data. That’s probably going to be good enough for your optimization efforts.”


Features at a glance: Competition analysis, keyword research, domain name research

One-time payment of $149
Lifetime software updates

Consumer Feedback:
Walter Ponce: “If you are into SEO and your day by day is doing keyword research, I think that after doing the Market Samurai review, my conclusion is that is a must have. I’ve used a good number of Keyword research software in the past and this is by far the most useful.”


Features at a glance: Crowd sourcing keyword ideas


Consumer Feedback:
SEM Plaza Marketing: “Seed Keywords may be the best online service for you if you want to create the most relevant content for a specific situation. You can understand your audience and connect with them on a deeper level by using the information this tool provides. The fact that its free is just icing on the cake.”


Features at a Glance: Built for SEO specialists, Webmasters, Link Builders, Marketing and Content Teams, Web Developers and QA, Sales Teams

Monthly –
*Pro $19.95 / mo | *Business $39.95 / mo | *Agency $79.95 / mo

Consumer Feedback: “HitTail describes their suggested keywords as a highly filtered targeted list of keywords. That sounds cool, but what does it mean? Well, HitTail goes through all of the long-tail keywords that bring traffic to your website, and then recommends the ones that are most likely to increase the traffic to your site.”
~Eric Binnion


Features at a glance: Multiple seed keywords, import keywords, export data, Adwords data, 11 suggest APIs, SEO metrics, categorize by intent, sort and filter

Monthly – * SEO Consultant $40 | * SEO Expert $80 | * SEO Agency $280
Annually – * SEO Consultant $288 | * SEO Expert $576 | * SEO Agency $2,016

Consumer Feedback:
Dan Shure: “Keyword Keg is a powerful content research tool. It allows you to enter a seed topic and get high opportunity long tail topics in just a few seconds. It was an invaluable asset for a recent client project which involved a lot of keyword research. It helped them fill their content calendar which improved the quality of my services and will help them be more successful.”


Features at a Glance: Get a complete picture of the competition all the way from the SERP to the Domain, and then to the Page.

Monthly –
*Basic Plan $34 | *Pro Plan $97 | *Agency Plan $499 
Annually –
*Basic Plan $306 | *Pro Plan $873 | *Agency Plan $4,491

Consumer Feedback: “Term Explorer is the best thing since sliced bread. It’s the single best keyword generation tool that I’ve ever used.”


Features at a Glance: Keywords Everywhere lets you find long-tail phrases with their accurate search volume, CPC and competition data. pulls the “People Also Search For” and “Related” keywords from Google & Bing and shows them to you with the volume metrics right inside Google’s search page.

Pricing: No monthly fee, pay as you go credit-based system.  1 credit = $1

Consumer Feedback: “This is must-have for any digital marketer, and it has been absolutely priceless in my SEO journey for ranking websites and generating traffic.”
~ Carmine

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