SEO Tools for Every Need: Unlocking Your Site’s True Potential

SEO Tools for Every Need: Unlocking Your Site’s True Potential

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With the digital realm continuing to eclipse the physical world, search engine optimization grows ever more important to today’s businesses. The days when simply having a website was enough to generate attention are long gone. At this point, online visibility takes considerable effort and ongoing diligence.

Reaching page one on the SERPs involves many aspects, each of which carries its weight in the eyes of search engines and site visitors alike. Though the entire SEO industry may seem a bit overwhelming to those aspiring to new online heights, you’re certainly not alone in the journey to the top. Plenty of SEO tools are available to offer guidance and help foster success.

PosiRank Staff Favorites

Before we get into the more extensive list of SEO tools, we want to highlight a few of our top picks. You’d be hard-pressed to find an option at least one of us hasn’t taken for a test drive at some point. Though all the ones we’ve included have their strong suits, some just stand out from the rest.

Our Social Media Manager and SEO Specialist, Dustin Bow is quick to mention the entire Google Suite in his list of preferences. With an array of essential features, this line of tools straight from the ruler of the search engine world covers every corner of the industry. We’ll go into greater detail on all these later, but some of their finer points include:

  • Google Search Console: Google Search Console is designed to not only help sites rank well, but also to increase awareness of various performance factors. Via this far-reaching branch of the Google SEO Suite, you can submit new content for indexing, remove elements you don’t want to appear in search results and keep spam and malware at bay. All the while, you’ll receive reports on mobile functionality, most and least effective search queries for drawing traffic and which sites are linking to your own. Helpful details regarding those notorious errors and issues are known to crop up on occasion are provided as well.

google search console

Search Console also lets you know if your contact info, upcoming events and other factors are being showcased in search results. In short, it shows you just what Google sees when crawling your site and pinpoints which elements are propelling you into the public spotlight during relevant searches. It offers continual site monitoring and metrics with information running a bit deeper than Google Analytics alone.

  • Test My Site: Like its still-operative predecessor, PageSpeed Insights, Test My Site checks loading speed and performance on desktop and mobile devices alike. Input a website address and within minutes, this tool gives the site a loading time score and creates a report detailing areas in need of improvement. It also offers complimentary advice on where to turn for help with repairing those speed-hampering issues.
  • Google Trends: Knowing which keywords are on the rise and which ones are on the way out helps keep a leading edge over the competition. Google Trends offers plenty of inside information on the topic, showing ups and downs in keyword popularity over a given timespan.

google trends

Dustin also mentioned Cognitive SEO. This lineup may not be quite as inclusive as Google’s SEO suite, but it offers its fair share of advantageous features. From a fully customizable dashboard, users can delve into an extensive lineup of data designed to increase rank position by satisfying search engines and online visitors.

cognitive seo

  • SERP Checker: Understanding which industry-relevant keywords are being used by whom and in what capacity is a major component in reaching and maintaining a place on page one. CognitiveSEO’s SERP Checker performs deep-seated keyword analysis daily. These evaluations investigate desktop and mobile searches both locally and internationally.

serp checker

Syncing with data from Searchmetrics, the SERP Checker compares your results against those of competitors. You’ll get info on what’s working for their sites and where you surpass them so that you can build a strong, effective keyword strategy. Should your rank suddenly rise or fall, you’ll get a real-time email alert, giving you the power to take action before any real damage is done.

  • Perpetual Link Audits: Google mandates site quality and providing value to the end user. Anything less sends websites to the back of the line in terms of SERP position. Though links are key ranking factors, they’re also notorious for causing issues. CognitiveSEO’s ongoing link audits help avoid penalties and keep users’ sites on Google’s nice list.

perpetual link audits

Unnatural link detection reports clue you in on which connections may be negatively impacting your ranking while an integral link navigator allows you to disavow them quickly. Since nothing online stays the same for very long, these audits and statements are ongoing processes, keeping the effects of bad links at bay.

  • Further Backlink Analysis: Because strong, authoritative links work in your favor, CognitiveSEO caters to this end of the spectrum as well. Drawing from a number of trusted databases, the backlink tool provides a list of contacts that can be used for research, link building, prospecting or any other purpose you see fit.

further backlink analysis

Take a peek at competitors’ approaches for helpful ideas on effective link building or to learn what not to do. Know if your prospecting efforts are paying off or when a connection is lost via instant email notifications. Stay on top of the latest trends, always have the upper hand and avoid being beaten down by unexpected penalties.

Overall, CognitiveSEO helps you better understand what top competitors are doing to gain the spotlight so you can enjoy the same advantages. This SEO software also gives you a heads up when those valuable links turn on you or the market takes a sudden swing. More than 35 different metrics fall under CognitiveSEO’s umbrella, giving you plenty of openings for improvement.

Several Chrome Plugins also made Dustin’s cut, including:

  • Keywords Everywhere: Keywords are everywhere if you know exactly where to look, and this research tool brings up accommodating details like Google keyword search volume and cost-per-click stats. Since it’s designed to scan several websites at once, you don’t have to copy information and plug it into an entirely different platform as you would with some of the keyword tools on the market.

keywords everywhere


Versions are available for both Chrome and Firefox, both of which support several websites. They’re designed to benefit virtually anyone conducting keyword research, such as copywriters, bloggers, digital marketers and paid advertising experts alike.

  • Link Grabber: A potentially useful tool in the link building process, Link Grabber allows users to easily pull links from an HTML page and transfer them to the clipboard for future reference. You can filter those links by substring match, hide duplicates, group them by domain and more with this link extraction tool.

link grabber

While link extraction could be useful in a number of scenarios, the most prominent would probably be researching competitors’ link building strategies and forging working relationships with potential connections for various types of link or content marketing outreaches. No permission is needed when using this tool, and your information won’t be shared in the process.

  • Ghostery: Trackers are integral components in modern online experiences. They’re set in place to follow the masses, gather their information and relay it to various companies for marketing and UX purposes. While this goes a long way toward tailoring marketing and advertising campaigns to users’ behavior and search habits, these little tidbits of code can also slow down load time and lead to security issues. Ghostery was designed to help combat those negative effects.


Ghostery allows you to see tracking scripts on a given page, showing you where they are and how they’re affecting page load speed. With this useful tool, you can eliminate trackers and keep your site performing at optimal capacity.

  • SEOQuake: One of many site analysis tools, this Chrome plugin offers real-time SEO audits to bring a wide range of optimization issues to your attention. It also performs extensive keyword and SERP analyses, pulling data from Alexa, Google Rank, SEMrush.

seo quake

All the while, SEOQuake delves into internal and external links, giving you ample information about your current connections as well as those of competitors. Learn more about your site and glean new ideas from others in your industry without having to manipulate data manually.

  • KWFinder: KWFinder is a keyword research and analysis tool capable of highlighting ample long tail keywords and variations that may not have crossed your mind. Imagine delving into as many as 700 keyword ideas as well as their search volume and difficulty without using up all your SERP lookups.

kw finder

KWFinder also offers insight into search trends to uncover potentially valuable seasonal opportunities. Organize keyword options by category and easily weed out the ones you don’t want to use, like those with low search volumes or high difficulty scores.

Alex Miller, our Co-Founder and SEO Operations Director also submitted a list of his top choices across a number of key aspects in the field.

  • Ahrefs: Alex notes there’s no better tool for backlink research than Ahrefs with its crawlers scouring roughly four billion web pages every day and continually providing fresh infusions of info. Get email alerts whenever you or competitors gain or lose a backlink. Obtain insight into industry-relevant content drawing considerable attention. Along those lines, Ahrefs doubles as a keyword research tool, offering ample suggestions from a pool of more than three billion alternatives.

ahrefs tool

ahrefs keyword tool


Search trend, ranking history and consumer behavior are a few of the aspects for which reports are available. Competitor analyses and content research opportunities likewise enter the mix through Ahrefs, which are perfect for finding gaps between you and the competition.

  • SEMRush: With SEMRush, you can scour both Google and Bing for short and long tail keywords performing well in searches. Use this tool to learn more about current trends and unconventional key phrases worth targeting. Find popular, highly competitive options and more passive alternatives alike from more than 15 different languages.

semrush keyword tools

This keyword tool offers a wide range of opportunities for SEO and PPC keyword research on local, national and international levels. Going even further beyond the basics, SEMRush includes a Featured Snippets Analysis, providing a greater understanding of which questions to answer in your content to gain the spotlight during users’ searches.

  • Answer The Public: Thanks to the recent rise in voice search, conversational content has gained an incredible influx of attention. Manual searches are following suit in terms of Because of all this, knowing which questions your target audience is asking goes a long way toward achieving page-one ranking.Answer The Public has risen to the occasion, incorporating Google autosuggest and question scraping to give users the upper hand in this increasingly significant search sector. Gather new ideas for creating powerful content visitors will want to read and use those popular keywords to make sure it’s seen.
  • DeepCrawl: Alex describes this as the best tool for onsite analysis by a mile. It’s designed to scan every page on a website and create a comprehensive report listing how many H1 tags are on each page, no-indexed pages, broken internal and external links and many other potential issues on both desktop and mobile platforms.

deep crawl SEO tools

Using all this intel to make necessary changes can help bring in a great deal more organic traffic than a site was accustomed to beforehand. Though DeepCrawl doesn’t provide all-inclusive insight, it does cover its intended bases well.

  • ScreamingFrog: As an incredible all-around technical SEO analysis tool, ScreamingFrog peruses URLs to find problems in need of correction and overlooked opportunities you could be using to your advantage. Interestingly enough, ScreamingFrog also delves into log files. Most technical SEO tools skip over this aspect, but it’s a great way to pinpoint just which areas of your site can or can’t be crawled and indexed.

screaming frog web crawler

Seeing a site through the eyes of the search engines tends to change your perspective. When you act on this new knowledge, it transforms the way the public sees your site as well. Use ScreamingFrog with DeepCrawl for a truly far-reaching experience.

  • AccuRanker: AccuRanker is being called the most effective keyword tracking tool on the market, delivering reports on an unlimited number of domains without the risk of being shut out of competitor territory. Additional features like daily rank updates, ranking and competition analytics, real-time keyword updates from Bing and Google searches, social media integration and API accessibility to name few land this software among the most popular choices for keyword research and site ranking data.

accuranker seo tools

  • Responsinator: Technical aspects play a significant role in site performance and overall user experience, but they mean little without visual representation. When you plug a URL into Responsinator, you’ll get renditions of how the site appears on various mobile devices. Looks aren’t everything, but they do count for something.
  • GTMetrix: As another helpful website performance tool, GTMetrix offers a wide range of features focused on identifying issues and improving load speed. Reports generated by this tool are based on Google PageSpeed and Yahoo YSlow guidelines and show page size, load time for each page and total number of requests among other factors.

gtmetrix site speed tool

Aside from that, you can test sites on servers in seven different regions of the world and compare them against other GTMetrix users’ results. Get daily, weekly or monthly site checkups and receive alerts when specific performance elements go awry with three APIs working in tandem.

  • Mention: Meant for tracking brand mentions, this tool keeps a tab on more than a billion sites, including blogs, social media outlets, forums and other sources. It’s great for boosting brand awareness, creating more holistic user experiences and tailoring marketing efforts to your target audience.
  • Searchmetrics: As is the case with Google’s SEO tools, we’ll be discussing Searchmetrics in greater depth shortly. This lineup of SEO tools speaks to the overall visibility of a site from several angles. Alex mentioned Ahrefs and SEMRush compliment this suite well when doing deep dives.
  • SimilarWeb: When it comes to estimating traffic for a site, few options can hold a candle to SimilarWeb. Uncover rising search trends, learn more about prospects’ search behaviors and interests and find new marketing opportunities with this market intelligence tool.

similarweb seo tools

You can also explore competitors’ strategies and compare your efforts to others in your industry courtesy of this staff favorite. All these elements add up to a well-rounded solution for increasing traffic and visibility.

We each have our preferences. Various combinations of tools are immeasurably effective depending on the goals at hand with each project. Though plenty have made our short list, they’re only a fraction of what’s available. Now, without further ado, we’ll jump into the all-encompassing territory of SEO tools.

Keyword Tools for SEO: Unlocking the Secret to Organic Traffic

Keywords reign supreme in SEO just as they have for quite some time; of course, they’ve evolved over the years. While frequency was once a major ranking factor, placement now takes precedence. At the same time, Google also has advanced. This king of all search engines now can read between the lines, considering keywords as well as their surrounding context when producing search results.

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Though the latest changes bring more freedom and diversity to the mix, finding the right keywords on which to build content is no less difficult. Considering all the SEO tools catering specifically to this branch of the field, you don’t have to rely on trial and error by any means.

  • FAQFox: FAQFox caters to the surging question-and-answer search scenario in its unique way. Choose particular keywords to focus on or target specific high-ranking sites in your niche, and this tool scrapes away on your behalf. It’s great for basic website content creation, SMM, video and live feed development and plenty of other branches of the industry.
  • FreshKey: Keywords come in any number of forms, and FreshKey readily shines the spotlight on them. It scrapes Google Market, eBay, Amazon, Bing and other key players to give you new versions of classic favorites and fresh keyword ideas you may not have thought of.

freshkey site checker

  • Keyword Eye: Some keyword finding tools are a bit complex to decipher, but Keyword Eye approaches its task from a different angle. Generating color-coded word clouds, this tool shows keyword suggestions and variations based on Adwords competition. By extension, it offers insight into search volume and profitability.
  • Keyword Snatcher: All the keyword tools listed here offer their unique benefits, but Keyword Snatcher has been said to cultivate more suggestions than any other of its kind. By scouring Yahoo, Amazon, eBay and other widely-used locales, it can point out thousands of possibilities.
  • Moz Keyword Explorer: Moz’s Keyword Explorer takes keyword research to entirely new levels. This alternative covers the basics, like search volume and difficulty, but it doesn’t stop there. Delving into the weight of a keyword in a specific campaign as well as its click-through rate on various SERPs, this tool goes above and beyond. It also offers numerous metrics to help decide which keywords to focus on.

moz keyword explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer walks you through the keyword research process, from finding interesting new ideas to deciding which ones are worth pursuing. This keyword tool’s search volume score metric steps outside the box in comparison to similar options, generating impressive accuracy.

  • Authority Labs: As a rank tracking and SERP monitoring portal, Authority Labs allows you to track keyword performance by city, zip code or country for local SEO as well as more widespread efforts. Keep tabs on keyword rank position, search volume, competitors’ rankings and other aspects to help reach those page-one slots. Get weekly and monthly reports on both desktop and mobile sites along with a wealth of other information.

authority labs tools for seo

On a side note, Authority Labs offers a few other options as well. Its backlink checker lets you monitor links to make sure they’re all in working order and on the good side of Google’s latest algo updates. An available web crawler peruses your site to check for any issues bringing down your ranking potential.

Keywords are vital in reaching target audiences and driving traffic to your website. Any number of combinations are out there waiting to be discovered. Finding the right ones unlocks unlimited opportunities for proving your relevance to the search engines and being seen by the masses.

Industry experts agree these are some of the best research and rank tracking tools available; of course, this is only one piece of the puzzle. When it comes to deeper marketing and ranking matters, other means come into play. Fortunately, several SEO tools focus on these areas as well.

Site Analysis SEO Tools: Making the Most of Your Online Domain

Keywords certainly give you some direction when it comes to building content and developing advertising campaigns. Still, they’re not the only elements propelling you to the tops of the SERPs or holding you back as the case may be. Content layout, underlying website design, functionality and several other factors play significant roles as well. A wide range of SEO tools are geared toward just these aspects.

  • Moz Pro: Moz Pro approaches ranking from a few different angles, starting with keyword research. From there, it allows you to track your ranking for various keywords as well as that of competitors to help one-up them on content. Moving on, Moz Pro’s Crawl Test Tool sends its crawler, RogerBot, through your site to seek out issues keeping the search engines from seeing all you have to offer.In short, this tool aids in identifying problems and missed opportunities, tracks growth and fosters the optimization process. Scout out duplicate content, find pages blocked with Robot.txt, locate and fix server redirects and take care of other issues to get you into the limelight where you belong.

moz pro for seo comparison

  • Bright Local: Geared toward local SEO needs, Bright Local performs extensive site audits on essential local search factors. This tool digs into your citations to ensure they all match the NAP on your site while monitoring your Google My Business listing for unauthorized changes. Numerous review sites are also kept under close watch for more efficient reputation management. It likewise offers keyword and rank tracking for your site as well as those of competitors.

bright local seo analysis for social

Find duplicate or incorrect citations, foster consistency across all your vital listings and make sure you’re being portrayed in a positive light. Keep track of the competition as well with numerous report types available for each branch of Bright Local’s services.

  • WooRank: WooRank scrutinizes websites inside and out from several perspectives. User-friendliness, mobile functionality, social and local directory visibility and load speed are only a few of the elements it inspects to find areas in need of improvement. Aspects like backlink count, keyword consistency, XML sitemap usage and SEO best practices also enter the mix. All these count toward higher rankings, making them important points to be aware of when traversing the online landscape from a business point of view.
  • SEO SiteCheckup: With various integral components, SEO SiteCheckup offers a wide range of monitoring and analysis options. Reports point out webpage size and load time issues while analyzing keyword use; meta, H1 and H2 tags; Google SERP appearance; sitemap inclusion; image alt attributes; broken links and a long list of other aspects potentially hampering rank and user opinion. It also allows for comparison against competitor sites, creating plenty of opportunities for visibility and functionality improvements.

seo site checkup tool

With this SEO tool, you can generate reports on more than 30 ranking factors and receive notifications if your SERP position begins to slide. Tutorials are provided when crawling, indexing and ranking issues rear their heads.

  • Forecheck: Like others in this portion of our list, Forecheck crawls websites to uncover issues possibly keeping them from reaching their rightful places on page one. This one carries out its analyses at speeds of up to 100 pages per second and in any language.

forecheck site analysis

Once Forecheck’s scans are complete, you’ll receive detailed, color-coded reports letting you know which problems should receive immediate attention and which can be put on a back burner. Crawls can be customized as needed for optimized fit and optimum performance.

Understanding the inner workings of your site as well as how it appears in the eyes of search engines and prospects is a major step in the right direction. Once you have this information at your disposal, it can be used to your advantage. Still, other forces are also at work in this realm.

Link Building Tools for SEO: Finding the Right Connections

Next on the agenda is link building. Those authoritative ties are crucial to gaining clout in a specific niche of the market. Where Google and its counterparts are concerned, they’re also key components in proving relevance; of course, they could also put a damper on visibility. Link building tools for SEO are designed to help make the most of these valuable resources.

  • Citation Labs: Links come in several forms and from several different sources. Citation Labs serves as a highly effective link prospector to aid in finding them all. This link building tool focuses on three key aspects of its field: PR, outreach and Where the press is concerned, it seeks out journalists likely to cover your latest news and stories welcoming reader input. In terms of outreach, Citation Labs brings you lists of websites, organizations and directories relevant to your niche as potential links. It also connects you with reciprocal interview opportunities and pertinent forums.

citation labscitation labs

Earn or barter for the links sure to boost your online presence, conduct interviews with industry experts, promote your brand by lending knowledge and experience to the right conversations and more. The tool additionally offers a broken link finder to scout out those harmful lost connections.

  • Authority Spy: Designed specifically to foster the link building process and help make the most of its benefits, Authority Spy uncovers the top authority figures and influencers in any niche of the market. By drawing information from Google+, Facebook, Twitter, PageRank and numerous other sources, it provides a wealth of contact information for the power elite most likely to advance your credence and rank. Use it to broaden your horizons and reach the full scope of your target audience.

authority spy tool

  • BuzzStream: Outreach is the key to effective link building, but organization and efficiency are critical elements of the process as well. BuzzStream caters to all these factors and more with the capacity to build customized reports based on a wide range of performance aspects. Keep track of links, domain authority, outreach progress, campaign strengths and weaknesses and much more.

buzzstream seo analysis

  • Dibz: As a versatile link prospecting tool, Dibz aids in finding the right industry influencers for any campaign and shows just how far their reach goes. It’ll also seek out high-quality domains based on search types and keywords, help narrow down outreach opportunities and weed out weak results to name a few available services. Though Dibz won’t automatically reach out to prospects or build links on its own, it’s designed to streamline the process and save users hours of research time.
  • Guest Post Tracker: Hundreds of companies in virtually every corner of the market are on a constant search for guest bloggers with quality content to offer. On the other end of the spectrum, multiplied thousands of businesses are looking for someone to help build their authority by promoting their top-notch content. Guest Post Tracker has created a list of more than 1,400 sites and counting, sorted by category, each of which readily welcomes the right posts from outside sources. Once subscribers get their connections going, this tool helps track the progress of their content.

guest post tracker reviews

  • LinkMiner: Broken links have a way of hampering relevance and ranking, so finding them and making the necessary adjustments is an integral step in sparking greater visibility. LinkMiner checks for broken links and their associated connections. Since it shows how many outbound links a page has on a Google SERP, it’s helpful in finding and taking advantage of any potential broken link building opportunities.

linkminer tool for seo analysis

  • Linkody: Gaining backlinks is a vital part of the overall picture, but maintaining them is equally important. Making sure the ones you acquire and hold on to remain relevant and authoritative is just as crucial. Linkody touches on all those points, giving you valuable insight into just which links are helpful to your status and let you know when a link is gained or lost.


This backlink tool also offers intel on competitors’ link-building strategies and statuses, so you have the upper edge from numerous angles. A fully automated system, Linkody aids in losing those bad links and bringing in the good ones based on your unique goals.

  • NinjaOutreach: While several of the link building tools on the market offer extensive lists of bloggers who are open to guest writers’ input, NinjaOutreach goes above and beyond the norm. With a database of more than 25 million websites and industry-specific influencers, this outreach tool lets you find the right connections and reach out to them from a single platform.Once you find them, though, just how do you go about approaching them? NinjaOutreach offers templates, automated emails and follow-ups and ongoing support as well as an integral contact management system, so you always know where you are and who’s there with you.

ninjaoutreach for social

  • PitchBox: With a handful of keywords to go on, PitchBox will scan the internet for relevant influencers. From there, this link building tool determines which authority figures have the most power and greatest reach, automatically draws in their contact information and delivers it to you on a silver platter.

pitchbox seo reviews

Reach out to prospects via automated, customized emails, follow up with those who don’t initially respond, generate reports to create more effective strategies and more. On top of all this, clients are raving about PitchBox’s ease of use, which is said to outshine quite a few of the other link building tools.

  • Remove’em: Ridding yourself of burdensome links goes a long way toward improving visibility and ranking; not to mention, it helps prevent harmful penalties. Remove’em is designed to do just that, running diagnostics on all your links, bringing the bad ones to light and providing the necessary resources to get them off your shoulders.


As a professional-level link removal tool, Remove’em isn’t exactly geared toward beginners or the faint of heart. It does offer outreach, ongoing campaign tracking and disavow requests along with other helpful options.

  • ScrapeBox: Having been dubbed the Swiss army knife of SEO, ScrapeBox offers a long list of valuable features. Despite origins in the dark shadows of the SEO world, it holds overwhelming potential for white hat strategies. ScrapeBox can glean thousands of relevant URLs for potential links from Google, Bing, Yahoo and 30 of their lesser-known counterparts. With those findings, you can post comments pointing back to your business on thousands of blog platforms and forums.

scrapebox for white hat seo

Gather numerous link sources relevant to your specific niche as well as their contact information and even perform keyword research for further SEO efforts with this tool. It’s designed to simplify the process of monitoring, gaining and removing links for webmasters of almost any skill level.

  • Check My Links: Whether a website has ten internal and external links or 10,000, checking each one to make sure it’s working as it should have been known to take considerable time and effort. Check My Links provides automated intervention to speed up and simplify the process. For new site testing and ongoing maintenance alike, this link diagnostics tool helps confirm all is well or find problems along the way. Having been described as much faster, simpler to use and smarter than some of the other alternatives on the market, this Chrome extension goes a long way in the link building process.

Search engines recognize a number of different types of links, each one carrying its own weight when it comes to measuring relevance and determining rank position. Broken or low-quality links tend to have a negative impact on not only visibility but user experience as well. From finding the most authoritative connections in a given niche to locating and eliminating non-functional internal ties, these tools provide plenty of guidance and assistance in the link building arena.

Multi-Functional SEO Tools: Going beyond the Typical Limits

Most of the SEO tools available focus on a specific aspect of the field with some branching out a bit beyond a single concept. That being said, a select few offer more all-inclusive options. Though no SEO tool truly covers all the bases, the following comes as close as it gets.

All in One SEO Pack

WordPress is being touted as the most popular and user-friendly content management system in existence. From humble beginnings as a blogging platform, it has expanded into a widespread website and mobile app creation portal with plenty of add-ons to cater to the e-commerce sector.

In light of all this, it only makes sense WordPress would develop its own suite of SEO tools. Known as the All in One SEO Pack, the open-source platform’s answer to search engine optimization offers a wide range of extremely obliging features.

  • XML Sitemap and Image Sitemap Support: Make it easier for the search engines to crawl each page of your site and improve your relevance by submitting sitemaps to Google and Bing.

  • Google AMP Support: Ramp up your load speed, mobile ranking and user experience with All in One SEO Pack’s backing for this latest open-source coding standard.
  • Google Analytics Support: Track prospects and traffic and use pertinent reports to further your marketing efforts courtesy of the most popular and highly recommended analytical software on the market.
  • SEO Support for Custom Post Types: Create more SEO-friendly permalinks for posts on your website and relevant to your brand for greater visibility.

  • Advanced Canonical URLs: Avoid duplicate content and related penalties with this vital plugin.

  • Redirect Attachment Pages to Parent Post: When new files are uploaded to WordPress sites, they’re automatically transformed into separate attachments with their own individual Though these new attachments can put a damper on ranking in their own rights, redirecting them to their parent posts tends to have the opposite effect.
  • Automatic Search Engine Notification: All in One SEO Pack notifies Google, Bing and other search engines when changes are made to your site, so they’ll recrawl and re-index it. In essence, your relevance will continually be updated, making sure the search engines and your waiting public are always aware of your latest offerings.
  • Integral API: A built-in application programming interface ensures your themes and plugins can access one another and work in harmony for ultimate functionality and user-friendliness, both internally and externally.
  • Title Optimization: Title tags clue in search engines on what your content is all about while the titles themselves are geared more toward human readers. They’re used in browsers, SERPs and social outlets alike with format and length carrying ample weight in the eyes of the search engines as well as the public. All in One SEO Pack optimizes titles for the search engines, to help make the most of these all-important indicators.
  • META Tags: META tags work in tandem with title tags, giving the search engines an idea of what to expect from your content. Though human readers can’t see them, they’re crucial to gaining the spotlight in relevant searches. WordPress’ SEO tool automatically generates these key components for you, giving your content increased importance when your target audience performs relevant searches. Of course, you also have the option to override and modify its suggestions as you see fit.

In addition to all these critical and accommodating features, All in One SEO Pack is the only free plugin on the market to offer SEO integration for e-commerce sites. It’s also compatible with a wide range of other plugins, so you have nearly unbeatable freedom and versatility. Since nonce security is standard equipment, your information and that of your visitors is safe from would-be attackers.

Users of all skill and experience levels can reap the benefits of All in One SEO Pack. All beginners have to do is install the software, and it’s ready to use. Advanced users have the option of tweaking all those integral features to hone their SEO efforts further. Since it’s translated into more than 50 different languages, users around the world can enjoy greater local and international visibility.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Also part of the WordPress SEO family, the Yoast plugin covers some elements known to appeal to the search engines or repel them as the case may be. This SEO tool gets its dedicated section because of the value it holds on its own as well as what it adds to the All in One Pack’s in-depth features.

  • Keyword Optimization: First up, Yoast touches on the keyword aspect of SEO. Its free version allows you to check a single keyword choice whereas the premium paid package gives you up to five focus options. It scans content for those keywords and lets you know if you’re using them in all the right places without appearing too spammy.
  • Readability Score: Online visitors turn their backs on complicated content that doesn’t read well. Yoast checks your content and grades it based on the Flesch Reading Ease Formula. Higher scores mean greater readability but keep in mind, this isn’t the be-all-end-all of the written word. Content with short, choppy sentences and small words tends to score higher, but it could come off as dull in the eyes of readers.

  • Duplicate Content Check: Since WordPress’ handling of newly uploaded files is notorious for appearing as duplicate content when crawled by the search engines, Yoast checks for this issue as well. It paves the way higher ranking and credibility by setting canonical URLs for those attachment pages.
  • Page Analysis: Yoast offers the option of checking through all your web pages to evaluate keyword use, content length, image inclusion, link viability and other factors playing into how search engine-friendly your pages are. You’ll get a helpful feedback page scoring your work.

  • Reviews and Previews: Once all is said and done, Yoast runs a test on your web pages to ensure they’re in optimum working order both technically and visually. While the free alternative gives you a preview of your site through Google’s eyes, the premium setup expands to include Facebook and Twitter.

With either package, Yoast runs a technical diagnostic to make sure your site is fully ready for search engine scrutiny. Premium membership grants access to deeper content analyses, suggestions for missed internal links, redirect management and a few other exciting extras. On top of all that, this tool for SEO continually makes adjustments to accommodate Google’s latest algorithm updates.

Google’s Suite of SEO Tools

This brings us to one of the most important of our multi-functional SEO tools: the Google SEO Suite. Who could teach you how to win the game better than the one who wrote the rules, right? Aside from offering expert guidance from the master of all search engines, this may very well be the most comprehensive line of SEO tools on the market.

  • Keyword Planner: When embarking on a search for effective keyword ideas, Google’s Keyword tool is a great starting point for data mining in this branch of the industry. Using Google’s own Autocomplete data, it creates a database of keyword suggestions.

From there, you’ll get info on search volume for each alternative and how it changes over a given timeframe. While this is somewhat helpful for boosting organic search results, it’s mainly meant for use on the paid advertising front.

  • Keyword Tool: Anyone using Google’s Keyword Planner for advertising research could certainly benefit from the Keyword Tool as well. This free segment is aimed at ramping up organic search results with hundreds of suggestions, including those potentially profitable longtail options. Upgrading to the paid package gives you access to more in-depth intel, like competition levels for keywords and costs per click. Either way, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the right keywords on which to build your content and reach more prospects.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights: Regardless of website layout or how meaty a site’s content is, sluggish response is one of the primary reasons people give up and turn to the competition. Google PageSpeed Insights tests load speed and performance on both desktop and mobile platforms.

After this complete investigation, it offers improvement advice and tells you what you’re doing right. Mobile results are accompanied by a user experience score delving into aspects like tap targets and font sizes.

  • Google Analytics: As the most widely used tool of its kind, Google Analytics digs deep into websites as well as the people they attract. You’ll get reports on landing page quality, how much traffic each one is generating, which search terms are bringing in prospects, how long visitors linger on a page and conversion rates to name a few. Aside from those figures, you’ll be granted details regarding visitor demographics, user profiles and the effectiveness of your marketing elements.

Google Analytics has also incorporated a content experiments feature allowing you to present various versions of web pages to the public. This gives you the advantage of being able to test layouts, fonts and other components to determine which ones are most effective among members of your target audience.

  • Google Tag Manager: Metadata plays a role in making sure Google’s crawlers find and index sites so they’ll appear in the public eye at all the right times. Every time you add new information or update existing content, accompanying tags has to be changed as well.

Google’s Tag Manager acts as a liaison in this regard, giving you a fast, simple solution to the otherwise time-consuming task of revamping those vital bits of underlying information.

More than 3.5 billion searches are performed every day on Google, making it the world’s most renowned search engine. Appearing at the top of the SERPs about your specific niche of the market is the key to success in today’s business landscape. Google wants to meet users’ expectations by providing high-quality results, and its extensive suite of SEO tools is designed to help top-notch businesses shine through the fog of lesser competitors.

Searchmetrics SEO Suite

With online competition surging by the day and the SEO industry growing ever more diverse, making sure you’re seen by the right people at optimum times is more difficult than ever. Being deemed relevant enough to reach page one just isn’t as simple as taking a website live and hoping for the best. You have to market yourself to the search engines as well as the public at large, and Searchmetrics has stepped in to support the cause.

  • Website Analysis: Many of a website’s components can’t even be seen on the surface; of course, invisibility doesn’t equate to insignificance. Some of those elements are the very ones search engines seek out when determining prominence. All of them affect how the site performs and appears before human eyes. Searchmetrics’ site analysis sends out crawlers to execute thorough, customized evaluations to find any snafus potentially responsible for decreasing visibility.

You’ll receive reports pointing out on-page errors, file size issues, load time problems and other obstructions standing between you and page one. Analysis results also include optimization suggestions and tips for improving performance.

  • Keyword Analysis: Content, page optimization and keyword strategies continue to gain steam as SEO evolves. Though keywords remain vital to visibility, their placement and surrounding content bear more of an impact on ranking than ever. Searchmetrics’ keyword analysis tool takes all this into account.

This tool probes individual web pages to evaluate their associated keywords as well as prime performance indicators. From there, it explores the popularity trends of those keywords and offers predictions on their growth or lack thereof. With advanced features available, you can tailor keyword analysis to each webpage being brought under fire.
Delving deeper into this domain, this tool scours your keyword and content strategies as well as those of competitors to unearth their secrets to success and let you know where you’re already excelling. Findings are based on Searchmetrics’ research cloud with knowledge of more than 250 billion data elements.

All this is designed to help you build an extensive list of your niche’s most competitive and fruitful keywords. With this knowledge, you can hone your content marketing strategy and rise above the competition, potentially using their own strengths and weaknesses against them. Accompanying reports give you a better understanding of where you are in the ranking process and how much progress you stand to make over time.

  • Local and Global SEO Guidance: Local business is the backbone of countless companies. Speaking to the local crowd takes quite a different approach to SEO than conducting business on national and international levels. Almost 70 percent of consumers seek out information specific to their immediate vicinities when choosing products and services, making contact info, directions and even underlying location-specific tags vital to drawing local traffic.

Search engines are well aware of this development, and they’re adamant about meeting consumers’ demands. Unless your site is optimized on the same level, it’ll be all but invisible to Google and its digital colleagues. Searchmetrics aids in this portion of the process as well, lending its expertise to help you rank higher in local searches.

Appealing to more widespread audiences requires different tactics than local marketing. While location may not be quite as significant here, keeping up with keyword and search trends can be invaluable. To make matters even more complicated, these vary greatly by country, meaning you’re likely to need a strategy geared toward each market you hope to reach.

Searchmetrics’ global SEO tool looks at ranking factors in more than 130 countries and covers not only Google, but Bing, Baidu, Naver, Seznam, Yandex and some other search engines popular in other corners of the world. You’ll have access to data surrounding keyword trends in various markets as well as competitors’ top performance indicators. Continual updates on changes in consumer behavior and market trends also enter the mix. With all this intel, you’ll be set to stay on top of the latest developments and outshine competitors across the globe.

  • Backlink Research and Analysis: Links carry ample weight regardless of location or target audience, making you more relevant in the eyes of search engines and building authority among consumers. Quantity counts, but quality and functionality can’t be left out of the equation.

Searchmetrics backlink analysis dissects inbound and outbound links as well as internal ones. It provides feedback on link types, strength, source, recognition and numerous other factors, giving you plenty of opportunity for proactive measures. When the need to be reactive arises, you’ll get useful details there, too.
When it comes to research, Searchmetrics provides access to more than 150 billion link sources and offers a rundown of each. Find which ones could be profitable for your business and ranking while weeding out the rest. In short, you’ll always be apprised of the opportunities at your disposal and receive updates when something goes wrong.

  • Mobile Site Support: Mobile continues to dominate the search world. It’s already overshadowed desktop by far and could even eliminate it at some point. In light of this, mobile SEO has become a branch of the industry all its own. Furthermore, strategies differ from one type of mobile device to another. Failure to live up to the growing expectations in this sector will ultimately be a business’ downfall.

Catering to this growing segment, Searchmetrics has developed a set of mobile SEO tools. As is the case with its traditional lineup, these mobile implements measure keywords, traffic, search trends and other elements, bringing their insight to your fingertips.

Keep abreast of local consumer behavior, competitor success, search habits by device and a wide range of additional aspects. Gain a greater understanding of how your mobile site and apps perform across different devices and operating systems. Then, use all this data to tailor your mobile marketing strategies to the exact specifications of the public. At the same time, you’ll have a continual string of incoming reports letting you know just how well your tactics are paying off and stacking up against others in your niche.

  • Searchmetrics SEO Tools for Paid Advertising: While organic search reigns supreme in terms of relevance and visibility, paid search continues to hold its worth. Since PPC visibility and its effectiveness fluctuates according to market changes, search trends and various other factors, staying on top of the most recent developments is the key to success.

The PPC-oriented member of the Searchmetrics suite generates information on historical data, pinpoints top competition for specific keywords, allows you to weigh your paid ads against those of competitors and more. Develop highly targeted and effective paid advertising campaigns based on consumer mindset, and find keyword opportunities you might have missed. Don’t hesitate to use all these details to turn the tables on your organic efforts as well.

Searchmetrics leaves very few stones unturned, so users have an array of tools at their disposal to help boost traditional, mobile and paid search rankings. Packages are available for startups and small businesses, larger establishments and global corporations alike across virtually all industries.

Final Word

SEO is a complicated and ever-expanding field. Navigating the finer points of the industry would be incredibly difficult without some guidance along the way. From nearly all-inclusive collections to fine-tuned instruments of specific success, you’ll find a diversity of SEO tools designed to help make the journey simpler and more productive. Try these out for yourself and find the unique combination that most effectively unlocks your website’s full potential.

Know of a good SEO tool not mentioned in this post? Please feel free to leave details and links in the comments section…



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