Press Releases: Getting Quality Content, At Scale (Pt. 2)

Press Releases: Getting Quality Content, At Scale (Pt. 2)

Last Updated on March 21, 2022 by Alex Miller

In a previous post, we presented some basic options when you are ordering website content – our Express, Premium and Elite content writing services.

In this post, we’ll dive into the ordering process for press releases, and the two different types we offer. But first, a few words about what a press release is and why we offer them.

What Are Press Releases – And Why Are They Good For SEO?

The year was 1906. Late in the fall of that year (at the end of October, October 28 to be precise), a train arriving at Atlantic City, New Jersey, a part of the PRR (Pennsylvania Railroad) line, was involved in a disaster train wreck. More than 50 people died as a result of that accident.

Fortunately, PRR had hired a man as their public relations consultant, a man named Ivy Lee.

After this rail disaster, PRR was put under the microscope and the public was upset. Damage control had to be done — and immediately.

Mr. Ivy was fortunate enough to realize that a public statement needed to be issued, and he convinced the directors of PRR to have one issued.

This public statement, so well written that, when it was distributed to the media (mostly newspapers at the time) the venerable New York Times reprinted it in its entirety, without making even one change. (You can read the original NYT press release here if you are interested.)

This published company statement is widely seen today to be the very first of what has come to be referred to as press releases, and they are a staple tool for any company or non-profit organization who wants to publicize their company and also special events.

Today’s press releases allow for the embedding of links, and when they are published – even when the links are nofollow – they will snag your site some great links to media sites, which the search engine gods value as authority links.

And don’t let anyone tell you that press release SEO value is dead. Every month we place hundreds of press releases for our Posirank clients, as they are effective for SEO purposes.

But press releases are a very specialized type of writing, and need to be prepared properly by experts who know the ground rules of writing them, in order that they will get published and get the results needed. The surest way to waste your time (and money) is to write them yourself!

Some Press Release Ground Rules

First of all, keep in mind that our press releases are sent to real media sites, not parked in some sort of “directory” somewhere. So the acceptance of your press release depends on meeting their standards.

Media outlets do not accept press releases that promote or link to a number of subjects considered spammy – so we cannot prepare or distribute press releases on the following subjects:

  • Press releases that promote mortgage, pay day, cash, short-term or long-term loans
  • Press releases that promote escort, sexual enhancement products or supplements
  • Press releases that promote impotent/erectile dysfunction, or Herpes cures
  • Press releases containing radical or political opinions/views
  • Press releases containing radical religious opinions/views
  • Press releases that promote online gambling
  • Topics regarding e-cigs, vaping, green coffee, raspberry ketones, HCG, Kratom, Garcinia Cambogia or ANY dietary supplement and the like
  • Press releases promoting illegal “grey area” content like unlocking an iPhone, hacks, cracks and other illegal means to bypass a game’s restrictions
  • Press releases about any topic that touches upon or relates to MMO and MLM schemes, programs or sites

Quick Facts About All Posirank Press Releases

  1. We get successful placements of 98% of our press releases in Google News
  2. We also submit to hundreds of real media sites, such as The Press Enterprise, MercuryNews, The Boston Globe,, The Daily Herald and hundreds more
  3. These placements will continue to multiply and in some cases will result in the press release content on thousands of sites
  4. You will have the option, when ordering, of setting the order to recur, so each month you can have a fresh press release go out
  5. Your deliverable will be all the links where your press release was immediately published, including a link to your press release in Google News. Many, many more sites will pick it up later via RSS feeds and other technology (scraper sites, mirrored sites, translator sites, etc.)

“Newsworthy” vs. “Express” Press Releases – What’s The Difference?

As mentioned before, here at Posirank we have two types of press releases – an “express” press release, and a “newsworthy” press release. What exactly is different about them?

With express press releases, we will essentially “create” a newsworthy event where none exists, whereas the newsworthy press release works well if you actually have an event or other notable information to promote.

When we write an express press release, we will visit your site and use what information we can to craft the content as well as to guide the writing angle. We will strive to be as accurate as possible with facts/details, but at the end of the day our teams are writing a fictional press release for SEO purposes, so some details may not be perfect.

The goal here is to get quality backlinks, not human eyeballs or interaction from site visitors.

Important caveat: Express press releases are prepared and immediately syndicated. There will be NO opportunity for you or your client to review or reject the press release prior to distribution.

However, a newsworthy press release is the proper option if you/your client requires a press release that needs to be very specific, or if you need more control over the final form of the content. That’s because, with a newsworthy press release, you can review/reject/edit the press release content to have it tweaked before it goes into syndication.

You can click these links to see some examples of press releases already written: Example #1 | Example #2 | Example #3 | Example #4

Step-By-Step Through Our Ordering Process: Newsworthy Press Releases

Your first step to order a press release is to go to the “Services” area of your left-hand nav panel in your account dashboard and select Onsite SEO (1) and then scroll down past the Guest Posting products until you see the press releases (2)…

newsworthy press release


For this post, we’ll focus on the “Newsworthy” press release and click the “Order Now” button for that product (3)…

newsworthy press releases


You will select the dashboard project to associate this order with (4) and one of the URL’s defined previously for that same dashboard project (5)…

newsworthy press releases

Then, you will begin by giving us the information we will need to write and format your press release: Give a name to this specific press release order (6), the name of the business/organization being promoted (7), the business/organization URL (8), the city (9), state (10) and zip code (11) for the business/organization. These will be included in the press release, so make sure all this information is accurate…

newsworthy press release

We’re not done yet — press releases are information-rich, so we will also need the telephone number (12), name (13), email address (14) of your media contact person. The email address must be on the same domain as the site being promoted/mentioned in the press release.

press release writing

In addition, if you have a hosted image and want to use it, include the URL where we can pull it, and we will use it with your press release whenever a media site allows it (15).

You will also need to detail/describe your event (16) and also give us other points you want your press release to cover (17) as well as boilerplate summary text about the business/organization (18)…

Finally, we will allow you to have up to 3 links within the body of your press release, so you can give us up to 3 URLs and anchor texts in the fields provided (19). Finally, you can instruct us to code your press release file to make the links “nofollow” so that you will not come under a duplicate content penalty (20), which we highly recommend.

press release writing template

When your newsworthy press release has been written and needs reviewed, log back in to your dashboard and go to Content > Manage Press Releases to view it. If it needs tweaking, select “reject” and detail what you need changed. Once you approve it, then it will go into distribution…

press release format

Once the syndication process is complete, you will get a second system notification and you can then login and download your completed report: Orders (1) > View/Manage All Orders (2), find project number (3), “NW” = newsworthy PR (4), click the “More” button for the download link (5)…

press release reporting


And download your PDF file…

press release downloads


Your report will include the full text of your press release as submitted to the various media services…

press release reports


…And it will also give you the link to view your press release indexed in Google News…

press releases google news


And finally, pages and pages of information showing where your press release can be found on real media sites and outlets throughout the U.S. and the world.

press release links

And that’s about it. Easy enough? We think so. So if you are looking for a great SEO tool, don’t forget the “humble” press release. When used in the proper way, they can be quite effective.

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