Google Webmaster Hangouts 9-22-2017

3 Things To Consider to Get Your Review Markup in the SERPs

First things first.  Your review markup has to be technically correct for Google to read it.  You can check this with their testing tools.  Second, you’ll need to be sure you’re in compliance with Google’s policies.  This means that your review content correctly reflects the primary content of the page.  Lastly, the quality of the page needs to be high.  Google wants to know that they can “trust” the page this markup is found on (and the site as a whole).

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Google Webmaster Hangouts 9-8-2017

Ranking Fluctuations For Plural Versions of Keywords Is Normal

While you may have solid first page rankings for phrase or two it’s possible the plural version may not be as solidified.  This is also true when targeting the plural vs the singular.  Google will sometimes look at variations of a keyword as a separate word all together.  If your rankings fluctuate for these variations it simply means that the algo is “unsure” your page is the best option to show to users.  Adding content to that page may be the best way to improve this.

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Should You Migrate to HTTPS? What Every SEO Should Know

migrate to httpsFor years now, SEOs have known that utilizing a secure domain for a website can offer many benefits. However, many have been hesitant to move their existing, non-secure sites. This article will take a closer look at HTTPS, the different protocols involved, the SEO implications of migrating to HTTPS, and several things you’ll need to take into consideration when you decide to make the move.

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