Google Webmaster Hangouts 2-20-2018

Google Will Re-Process Your Site on a Per URL Basis

Have you seen a dip in rankings due to a manual penalty?  Once you’ve made changes to your site to bring it back into compliance it may take a while to get those rankings back.  Google will re-evaluate your site on a per URL basis.  If you have a site with many pages this process may take a long time.

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Google Webmaster Hangouts 2-1-2018

Ideally Your Sitemap File Name Should Remain The Same

If you run a site with inventory that changes often you may be creating new sitemap files often (even daily).  If you can you should aim to use the same sitemap file name as opposed to one with an appended date.  This makes it easier for G to keep up with your changes.

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Google Webmaster Hangouts 1-23-2018

What to do When a Competitor Links to Your Site in Order to Generate URLs that Mimic Your Own URL Patterns

Does that sound crazy or what?  Some technically savvy SEOs created thousands of duplicate content pages on this man’s site.  It’s a dirty trick that can be hard to handle appropriately.  John Mueller says to no-index these URLs through the CMS if possible.  If not, using Wildcards in the robots.txt file would be the next best option.

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A Quick Primer On User Intent SEO and User Intent Analysis

Many people doing SEO today, if you were to ask them, what user intent is all about — user intent when searching — would not really know what to say. And to ask, “How does user/searcher intent impact SEO?” often results in blank stares and mute silence. Yet, knowledge of user intent SEO tactics is a requirement for the true SEO professional. In the following paragraphs, we offer you a quick summary of some big takeaways that can be understood by everyone.

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Voice Search Queries: Getting to the Top of the (Voice Search) Heap (Final Installment)

By way of summary and review, in this series on voice search, we began by giving some overall context to the current reach and impact of voice search. In subsequent installments, we discussed the basic prerequisites – what needs to be in place with your site in order to play the game properly. We also presented some strategies for brainstorming and researching voice search queries, as well as practical aspects of testing and refining possible voice search queries and strategies.

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Google Webmaster Hangouts 12-22-2017

Working With A Partner That Doesn’t Want To Give Up The Canonical For a Landing Page?

This can be tricky.  Google will be able to see and index both pages.  However, there will be subtle differences despite sharing the same content (for example, personalization factors).  Google will take all of this into account and rank the page they feel fits best.  Although it may be duplicate content, it will not demote you in rankings.  You may just end up not ranking for that content.

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