Google Webmaster Hangouts 4-13-2018

It Does Not Matter How You Order Your Header Tags Within Content

Ever wonder if you should have your H3’s follow your H2’s?  It doesn’t matter what order they show up in your content.  They’re a styling element that Google simply uses to understand the content on the page.  You don’t need a strict ordering of your header tags.

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SEO Marketing Best Practices: Pitching Your Own Clients Successfully

With this post, we want to introduce Mike Kim, our ace sales, marketing and new business development guy to the Posirank blog as a guest contributor. There is no one better qualified to address the question of, “How do I get effective in picking up clients for my SEO business?” Whether you are a newbie to selling SEO services or a seasoned pro, you’ll find some practical help with SEO marketing best practices below. Enjoy!       Rob Andrews, VP Operations,

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Google Webmaster Hangouts 3-27-2018

The March 23rd Shake Up Was Not Related to The Mobile First Index Rollout

John confirmed that to the best of his knowledge this was not the case.  He said that the most recent “batch” of sites were switched over as of their blog post on March 26th.

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Google Webmaster Hangouts 3-9-2018

Major Design / Page Changes Can Take Google Many Months to Re-Evaluate & Rank

If you make significant design changes or remove many pages you should expect Google to take a long time to re-evaluate the site.  Google needs to re-calculate all of the signals pointing to your site as well as your content.

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