Google Webmaster Hangouts 9-7-2018

Google Webmaster Hangouts 9-7-2018

google webmaster hangouts 9-7-2018 recap

Last Updated on February 25, 2021 by Alex Miller

Ads Above The Fold Could Cause Negative Ranking Impact

If your website design utilizes whitespace above the fold (that pushes down your content) you will not be penalized by Google.  The biggest issues to look out for above the fold are aggressive advertisements. This causes a UX issue that leads the visitor to believe the content they were looking for is not on the page.

This is covered extensively in the Google Search Rater Guidelines.  Check out our key takeaways here.

Re-Written & or Curated Content Isn’t The Highest Quality Content You Could Produce

This type of content is difficult for Google to rank over the original.  Unless your re-written version offers so much more value that it’s seen as more important than the original, it likely won’t rank well.  Look to significantly take your site’s content to the next level, not just similar to the competition.

Your Content Publish Date Vs Modified Date – Either Can Show in SERPs

Ever wonder why the SERPs display your publication date vs the last modified date?  It really just “depends” on which Google thinks is a better fit for the user. The algorithm has flexibility in how it chooses to display this information.

Google ReProcesses Pages When Moved to AMP

Your sitemap file is a great way to inform Google that you’ve made significant changes.  That could trigger a re-crawl. If your AMP page is already indexed that will re-crawl after time to update the AMP cache.

HREF Lang Page URLs May Sometimes Look Non-Indexed

Google understands which page to show when you use HREF lang protocall.  They’ll index one version and swap out the page depending on where the searcher is located.  So, one page may look like it’s not indexed properly because of this.

Site: Query Isn’t the Best Diagnostic Tool to Use

John refers to the site: query tactic somewhat “artificial.”  So if you use this tactic to inspect your site’s pages you may not be getting the best data.  Instead, use the URL inspect tool within Search Console.


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