Google Webmaster Hangouts 8-21-2018

Google Webmaster Hangouts 8-21-2018

Google Webmaster Hangouts 8-21-2018 Recap

Last Updated on February 25, 2021 by Alex Miller

Q&A Content Works Best Wherever It Suits Your Goals

Don’t stress over the idea that your Q&A content exists at the bottom of a topical page VS one long Q&A page.  If your goal is user experience the bottom of the page may work best.  However, if your goal is to test for featured snippet rankings a single page may work better.  Make your goals the primary directive (with user experience in mind, of course)

Nothing To Add in Regards to the Aug 1st Update

When John Mueller was pressed about the core algo update that took place on august 1st he didn’t have much to add.  The advice seen around the web seems to be the only advice Google is willing to cop to.  Just keep working on your site and making better..  John’s only comment was that “These are algorithm changes, things change, things evolve and that can be reflected in the search results as well.”

Google Search Console Links Are Calculated Differently

It will be completely normal for you to notice a difference between the old GSC and the new Link report in GSC.  The calculations are not the same so take that into account.  You may find that the links are calculated slightly lower because of this.

When Disavowing Links Prioritize Search Console Data Then Expand After That

This was an interesting comment by John.  He “would” in general start with the Google Search Console links that may be harming your site.  Google is good at “finding the patterns.”  However, he did also say that you may want to expand your search for bad links after that.

HREF Lang Markup Creates No Duplicate Content Issues

Use this markup for content in different languages.  You’re simply telling Google which content is for which user.  It won’t be looked at as duplicate.  This makes sense as Google wouldn’t want to punish webmasters for improving UX.  However, this process takes time.  John when on to explain that each HREF Lang version of your content needs to be crawled and indexed two times for it to work appropriately.

You Won’t Be Penalized for Using a CDN But Could Cause Indexing Issues

If Google see’s your content on one of your URLs and then again on a CDN URL they may index both.  This would create an indexing and thus a ranking issue.

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