Google Webmaster Hangouts 6-26-2018

Google Webmaster Hangouts 6-26-2018

Google Webmaster Hangouts 6-26-2018

No Plan to Utilize the Indexing API Outside of Job Postings – For Now

The indexing API works specifically with Jobs schema markup.  Job postings change rapidly. Large jobs sites will now have much more accurate results in the search index because of this new tech. As of right now there is no plans for this new API to be used outside of the jobs market.

Auto-Translated Content Is Seen As Auto-Generated Content by Google

Let your users select a translate this page link.  Auto-translated content is seen as low quality when Google crawls and indexes it.  Let Google index the original language content and use a Javascript translate option.  Alternatively you could use Javascript to auto-translate based on location.

Optimizing Your URL with the Same Keywords as Your H1 Doesn’t Equal Page 1 Rankings

While it’s not necessarily a bad thing to do this it’s not the secret sauce to better rankings.  John Mueller says if you find that this is helpful to users then go ahead. However, don’t get stuck in a keyword stuffing situation.  This strategy won’t necessarily impact your rankings.

Content Not-Visible by Default Doesn’t Rank Well

However, if a user is looking for something very unique and that content answers the question it may show in SERPs.

Stick to One Language Per Page For Better Results

Using multiple languages within your main content body may results in poor SERP placement.  Doing so may cause the Google bot to struggle to understand exactly which language or queries you should be ranking for.

Many Sites Are Not Ready for Mobile First Index

John Mueller says it will take years to get all sites moved over to the mobile first index.  There are just too many sites that are not ready and they have to figure out how to work with those before all is said and done.

Natural Links Between Sites You Own is OK

However, you should be cautious about forcing this.  It could be seen as an unnatural link exchange by the webspam team.  As long as the link happens naturally within the content you’ll be fine.  If you use a systematic link exchange you’re playing with fire.

Standalone AMP Pages Should Be Included in Your Sitemap

Make sure your standalone AMP pages are in your sitemap for better indexing.  You do not need to do this if you’re using the link rel=amphtml.

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