Google Webmaster Hangouts 6-15-2018

Google Webmaster Hangouts 6-15-2018

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Don’t Use Misleading Structured Data

If you’re using structured data to show ratings in the SERPs, don’t use them generically.  The rating should reflect the primary topic of the page. John shares this example:

If you sell cars and you have a car model page on your site the ratings you show should be about that specific model.  And it should also be possible for anyone to submit ratings on that page.

Curated Content May Not Produce The Best Long Term Results

Google may apply a low quality score to your content if you’re just essentially repeating things that other people have said.  John especially mentions this could be the case if you have “ads all over the page.” 

User Generated Content May Impact Quality of Your Site

A “strong focus” on user generated content will make it difficult to have good content quality over-all on your site.  You also run the risk that information on your site could be provided by anyone. John admits this can be difficult to navigate as a Q&A website.

Long Form, In-Depth Content Will Be Rewarded

From what John has said in the section – he’s implying that this is the kind of content people are looking for vs short Q&A style content.  Long form content that that people find interesting and come back to in the future is a sustainable asset.

The Search Console URL Removal Tool Can Remove an Entire Site

If you try to use the public removal tool, it will work one URL at a time.  When you do this it doesn’t mean your site won’t be in the SERPs. It simply means that it’s “hidden” from them.  Keep in mind when you use this tool it lasts for 90 days. After that time the site will show back up in the SERPs as it normally would.

New Sites Could Be Shown in SERPs In 24 hrs

If you launch a new site and use the URL submission tool, you could, in theory have a new site rank quickly.  Although John admits this really depends on your competition. He advises to start with a small niche.

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