Google Webmaster Hangouts 6-1-2018

Google Webmaster Hangouts 6-1-2018

Google Webmaster Hangouts 6-1-2018

Page Speed Is Measured From “Reasonably Fast to Really Slow”

John mentions that Google is measuring page speed relatively.  If one site is takes “multiple minutes” to load it reasonable to assume that this is not normal compared to other sites.  In regards to mobile speed specifically, through Chrome, Google can see exactly what users see.  Manipulating scripts to make the site look faster to Google bots isn’t worth the effort.  The true user experience tells them more.

Embed Scripts So they Load After The Page Is Rendered

This would ideally improve your site load time dramatically.  However, keep in mind from the tip above – Don’t hide them from the Google bots.  Manipulating them to improve UX is a better route.

Search Console May Soon Combine The WWW & Non-WWW Site Versions

However, if you still want to see all of the data that Search Console collects you’ll want to add both.  John admits this is a bit messy but it’s still the best solution.

It’s Difficult to Determine Why Your Mobile Site Ranks Better Than Desktop

This could be due to a mix of local results or personalization.  It’s very difficult to narrow down why this may happen.

The Current Ranking of Your Site is Essentially Your Quality Score

Google isn’t really able to provide you a “quality score” within Search Console.  The way your site ranks is a direct reflection of your quality score.  This is a combination of click data, document relevancy, and more.

Make Sure Your Mobile Site Contains the Same Content as Your Desktop Site

Making the switch to mobile first index means that if you’re using an m dot site that will be your primary site in the index.  If your m dot site doesn’t contain the same info as your desktop site – you’ll miss out on potential rankings.

Linking To New Content From the Homepage Could Improve It’s Search Presence

The higher up your new pages are within the site structure the better it is for their search presence.  John mentions that some sites us a section on the homepage highlighting “new articles” or “new products.”  He says that can help give them a push into the serps.


Site architecture has an impact on your rankings.  The way people use your site architecture has an impact on your rankings.  These sentiments echo much of what these hangouts have been about lately.  Both technical SEO features and user experience.  These two should just be present.  They should be synergistic.  One feeds the other.

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