Google Webmaster Hangouts 4-13-2018

Google Webmaster Hangouts 4-13-2018

Google Webmaster Hangouts Recap 4-13-2018

Last Updated on February 25, 2021 by Alex Miller

It Does Not Matter How You Order Your Header Tags Within Content

Ever wonder if you should have your H3’s follow your H2’s?  It doesn’t matter what order they show up in your content.  They’re a styling element that Google simply uses to understand the content on the page.  You don’t need a strict ordering of your header tags.

Despite the above, Google Still Places Importance on the H1 Tag

Although John Mueller didn’t know “for sure” he assumed that there would be more importance placed on the H1 tag.  He said that they would probably see this as the “primary” heading of the page giving it higher importance.

Longer Pages VS Shorter Pages – Both Can Rank Well

However, if you’re going to take an existing long page and break it up into smaller sections you have to test first.  Don’t just roll out huge changes to your site.  Start with a small test and then scale up.

Misleading to Draw the Conclusion that Users Don’t Use Your Mobile Site

Perhaps your desktop site gets a lot of traffic but your mobile site does not.  It’s a poor assumption that your user base just simply does not like using mobile.  It could mean that your mobile experience just isn’t up to par.  Consider doing user testing to make sure this isn’t the case.  You could be missing out on a lot of traffic.

If Search Console is Not Indexing Your Whole Site After 30 Days – You May Have Technical Issues

John recommends looking into the crawl error section within search console.  This could expose some of those tech issues holding you back.  Make sure that you’re looking at all of the versions of your site to verify this (http vs https vs www vs non-www)


This was a very technically helpful Google Webmaster Hangouts stream.  They’re all technical of course, however as an account manager at PosiRank I see many of these questions come up.  Especially the Search Console tip at the end.  You must enter all versions of your site into SC in order to set a preferred version.  Also if you’re using WordPress be sure to set that up in your general settings as well!

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