Google Webmaster Hangouts 3-9-2018

Google Webmaster Hangouts 3-9-2018

Google Webmaster Hangouts Recap 3-9-2018

Major Design / Page Changes Can Take Google Many Months to Re-Evaluate & Rank

If you make significant design changes or remove many pages you should expect Google to take a long time to re-evaluate the site.  Google needs to re-calculate all of the signals pointing to your site as well as your content.

**Tip** An interesting comment came up during this discussion.  Another SEO suggested merging similar categories to create a stronger more authoritative version.  This could be more beneficial than simply removing one and waiting for Google to re-evaluate.

If You Can Collect Reviews Yourself That is a Good Thing To Do

Rather than use a 3rd party review system through an API (for example) you may want to consider collecting reviews on your own server.  3rd party reviews displayed on your site don’t carry SEO value.

If Your Home Page Use Geolocation 302 Redirects Google Will Most Likely Only Pay Attention To the Most Visited Version

The question asked was – “If most of our site’s crawlers are US based and our homepage is utilizes geolocation 302 redirects, does this mean that most of our link juice is only pointing to our US site?”

John says that yes, Google may view the US version of their site as the main site to look at.  To avoid this they could implement HREFLang markup to help Google understand their site better.

Your Spam Reports Don’t Get Thrown Away – It’s Worth Using Them

Rather than take action on individual spam reports the webspam team takes action based on larger trends.  However, John did encourage listeners to contact him through Google+ when you see major issues (IE: a large private blog network of keyword stuffing).

Video Takes Time To Be Removed From the SERPs

Even if you remove the video from your page and sitemap file Google may take time to catch up with you.  Your video will most likely be view-able in the SERPs for several more weeks to come.


There were some great technical SEO tips in this Hangouts recap.  From HREFLang to merging categories for better results.  As usual we hope you enjoyed this recap and if you have any questions feel free to ask below (or in our private FB group).


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