Google Webmaster Hangouts 2-20-2018

Google Webmaster Hangouts 2-20-2018

Google Webmaster Hangouts Recap 2-20-2018

Google Will Re-Process Your Site on a Per URL Basis

Have you seen a dip in rankings due to a manual penalty?  Once you’ve made changes to your site to bring it back into compliance it may take a while to get those rankings back.  Google will re-evaluate your site on a per URL basis.  If you have a site with many pages this process may take a long time.

Do Everything You Can To Show Google Which URLs You Want Them to Crawl

Show google which pages you want crawled through methods below (especially when you have a very large site)

  • Using unique URLs with internal links
  • Use canonicalization methods
  • Sitemap files
  • & being consistent with these URLs everywhere in your technical SEO

Ad Blocking in Chrome Is Not a Ranking Factor at This Time

The chrome browser now blocks ads on sites that don’t comply with the Better Ads Standards.  John was asked if this could be a ranking factor (IE: sites that don’t meet standards don’t rank well).  However, John says that violating the Better Ads Standards will not be used as a quality or ranking factor.  He does mention that this could change in the future as this feature evolves.

Structured Data on Your Page Should Be Specific to That Particular Page

This was a response to a question about using review markup across multiple pages.  In example, just because you have a review of a business in general doesn’t mean you are free to use that review on all of your pages.  Instead, that review should be on a page specific to reviews for that company.  This is a very common mis-conception and many webmasters are abusing markup in this way.

No Problem To Use Different Anchors For Internal Links Pointing To Same Destination Page (from the same page)

That was a mouthful.  But the message is important.  It’s OK and in fact completely normal (as John likes to say) for you to treat internal link (on the same page) this way.  There is no hard and fast rule about how Google treats these links.  They will do their job and determine relevance based on the description of the anchors and the text of their destination page.

There Currently Is No Timeline For Ending the Old Version of Search Console

There are only 3 or 4 reports available in the new version of Search Console.  So it’s inevitable that you’re going to be using a combination of new and old when evaluating your site.  This will be how SC works for the foreseeable future.  There’s no set date for when Google will port all of the old features over.  They’re currently evaluating which tools to port, which tools to combine, and which tools to get rid of.

Take Aways

Don’t worry about your internal link anchor text selection (as long as you’re making them descriptive)!  It’s OK to use multiple anchors and may even be beneficial as long as they’re relevant.  If you’re ever unsure of which keywords to use for a specific page you can always utilize our keyword research with meta re-write service to help you figure those out.

And lastly… stop trying to game the system with structured markup.  Use the markup as intended on the pages their intended for.  There’s a lot of folks still trying to game the system with this code.  It’s not worth it and it’s most often not effective.


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