Google Webmaster Hangouts 11-28-2017

Google Webmaster Hangouts 11-28-2017

Last Updated on November 30, 2017 by Dustin Bow

Google Webmaster Hangouts 11-28-2017

Increasing Your Crawl Rate Will Not Necessarily Improve Rankings

By setting this to high doesn’t mean that Google will crawl your site more.  It simply means that if they’d like to – they will.  Artificially increasing crawl rates will not improve their rankings despite age of the page.

Top Stories is an Organic Search Feature That Will Actively Change

Have you seen changes in your top stories rankings?  It’s going to happen.  Although unwilling to admit any kind of named algorithmic change, these rankings have been changing.

Major Publishers Like Newspapers May Have an Unfair Ranking Advantage

While Google does their best to deal with abuse of rankings.  There are major publishers that make it “tricky” for Google to deal with.  For example, in the clip below the man asking the question was referring to newspaper sites ability to rank for “black Friday” related terms.  He felt it was a bit abusive.  The best answer he got was that this type of thing can be “tricky.”

No, There Is No Best Practice For Keyword Density

It’s surprising this topic still comes up in today’s SEO world.  However, the old adage that you need to have a specific number of instances of a keyword on a page to rank well is wrong.  Google will most likely see this as keyword stuffing and demote the value of the page if done too much.  It’s true it could be done too little as well, but that’s much less likely when creating a page of value for the phrase.

Using Too Much Structured Data Could Be a Bad Thing

When asked if a webmaster should focus on using as much structured data as possible to improve various rankings – the reply he got was mixed.  Google will take into account a lot of the structured data even if they don’t use it for a rich snippet.  It will certainly add to the “bloat” of code on a page.

However, John Mueller says that you should focus on finding a balance.  Where does it make sense for you to use this markup?

In Conclusion

There were some great technical tips brought out in this Google hangout.  Using too much structured data may be a bad thing, increasing crawl rate to your site via SC doesn’t mean Google will crawl it more, and all kinds of great tips.  Remember though, great SEO starts with excellent content, a well optimized speedy site, and excellent off-site signals.  It’s important not to get caught up in technical minutiae until you’ve done the basics.

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