Google Webmaster Hangouts 10-6-2017

Google Webmaster Hangouts 10-6-2017

Google Webmaster Hangout 10-6-2017

Top Stories Ranking Is Algorithmic

Have you seen a drop in your top stories search engine traffic?  The first step is to confirm that there are no technical issues holding you back.  However, it may just be the case that Google’s quality algorithm has begun to see your site differently.  Issues like number of ads above the fold can impact this.  John Mueller warns that just because your site has ranked well for a long time doesn’t mean that it always will.

Expect Delays in SC Data

It’s very common to see delays in your Search Console data.  There are sometimes “things” being done by Google behind the scenes that delay data relay.  You should expect to see a few to several days of delay

Using The Alt Attribute Creatively Is Acceptable To Google

The alt attribute is an excellent opportunity to optimize your images for specific keywords.  As long as you don’t take this too far of course.  Avoid keyword stuffing at all costs.  Ecommerce site owners often use creative strategies.  Instead of placing a product name in the image they use markup like “Product XYZ is available for free deliver in ABC location.”

HTTPS Migration Isn’t The Same as Typical Site Migration

Moving to HTTPS is easier for Google to handle than typical migrations.  It shouldn’t take much time at all for the algorithm to see this change.

Using No-Index Tag On Paginated Pages Impacts Crawl Rate

Pagination can cause issues with indexing.  Some larger sites and Ecommerce sites use this method to avoid these issues.  However, if you use the no-index tag it will slow down the spiders from crawling that page again.  If that page contains links to other important pages – this could be costly in terms of indexing.


There were a lot of on-site related questions in this hangout.  Getting your on-site optimization right is going to give you the biggest bang for your SEO buck.  When your site is optimized and runs well your link building efforts are much more effective.  Did you know that we have recently re-hauled our on-site audits?  They’re much more streamlined, focused on the biggest issues, and best of all – lower cost.

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