Content: Professional Quality, At Scale – How To Get It

Content: Professional Quality, At Scale – How To Get It

Today’s Internet features all types of websites, designed and used for every conceivable purpose: business and for personal pursuits also. They vary in almost every discernible way – by size, by purpose, by platform used. There is probably not one country in the world that does not have at least a few websites.

The Ever-Growing Need For Content

But one thing they all have in common is the need for content. That is why people visit a site – to get the information they need, whether it’s product information for purchasing or facts for research. Current statistics indicate that there are now over 1 billion websites in existence. Pushing out all these new sites require content to populate various pages.

But this does not just pertain to new sites – existing sites need fresh content, and fresh, relevant content is known to be a search engine ranking signal.

Can’t I Just Do My Own Writing?

And the ever-present need for content is one reason why Posirank, as a premier white label SEO services provider, provides you with options to get content written – some of the best in the business – quickly and easily.

But I can already hear someone asking, “Why can’t I just do my own writing?

Obviously, you can do your own writing – or pay a freelancer to do it – but the critical issue here, especially if you run an SEO agency, is will you be able to scale?

Because the brutal fact of life is that the more content you need, the harder the process will be to manage. Doing your own writing (or employing staff or freelancers) is a time-intensive task, and can be a  logistical nightmare to manage, especially if you are developing content for many client sites.

Not All Content Projects Are Created Equal

Finally, different types of content projects are another headache. Different types of sites need different types of content written – and even if you are using staff or outsiders, no single writer is proficient in writing all types of content:

  • Content for brand new sites
  • Evergreen content
  • Simple freshening of good content gone stale
  • Press release writing
  • Content to release via social channels
  • Company histories & About Us pages
  • Customer service and FAQ pages
  • Ebooks and other long-form content

All the above are very different types of writing projects, requiring different approaches, different word lengths, differing amounts of research and in some cases (like press releases) specific formats.

At the end of the day, if you are servicing clients for SEO purposes, or just need lots of content for your own site, you will have an advantage if you can just “click and order” and have the content you need in a few days.

Content Ordering Options At Posirank: A Quick Comparison Guide

At Posirank, we offer you a number of different options for content, depending on your needs and budget. Likewise, some content is structured differently and is suitable for different purposes.

The basic types are “Express,” Premium” and “Elite.” The following table gives you some summary benchmarks as a guide.

One important difference between Express content compared with Premium and Elite is that Express content orders are keyword-based (i.e., it is based on specific anchor text that you give us) whereas Premium and Elite are not (the order forms will not require specific keywords/anchor text).

Another important difference: Express content is just that – an expedited process. We will write as per your order specifications and will issue you the content. You will not get a chance to have it tweaked (edited or changed) afterward. So if you (or your client) require a review and an opportunity to have it tweaked before final approval, you should select either Premium or Elite. Elite will give you the greatest flexibility in the tweaking process, as you will be able to communicate with the writer directly (although anonymously) and they can ask you questions as well if they have any.

Posirank Content Products

LengthUp To 1,000 WordsUp To 3,000 WordsUp To 3,000 Words
KW Based?YesNoNo
Copyscape Check?YesYesYes
Editor Review?YesYesYes
Opportunity To Review/Edit?NOYesYes-Can Communicate
Directly With Writer (And They With You)
Typical UsesNOT for Websites Requiring Specific Detail
Article Directories
Blog Posts
Primary Use Is On High Quality Blogs
More Researched
More Company/Biz
Details Than Express Content
Our Highest Level of Writing,
Only The Most Experienced Writers.
Suitable For All Types of Website Uses, Highest Level of Detail And Background Research

The other content options we have are press releases — we’ll cover that separately in another post.

Step-By-Step Through Our Ordering Process: Express Content

The following screenshots will give you an idea of the ordering process for our Express content type. It is a bit more involved than the other levels, as was mentioned above, it is keyword (anchor text) based. This content tends to be good, but not as highly detailed or researched as our other content options, so it is not designed for websites requiring specific detail — it is good for article directory use, for blog posts, social posting, etc.

posirank order content area

All of our content options – except for press releases – can be found in your dashboard by clicking the “Services” area of your left nav panel, and choosing “Order Content” from the list. You will then see the options to order Express (1), Premium or Elite content. Read the summary description carefully. Now select “Order Now” for the Express option (2)…

posirank express content

Once you are at the order form you will need to select the length you need (3), the dashboard project you have previously set up to associate with the project (4), the URL you are targeting (5) and a date if you are going to automatically recur the order on a specific date (6)…

posirank express content

…Next, you’ll let us know the quantity of articles in your order (7), your main keyword phrase (8), the number of times you want your keyword/anchor text used in the body of the content (9) and you can let us know if you want the keyword/anchor text used in the title (10)…

posirank express content

If you have secondary keywords, you can give them to us next (11-12-13-14)…

posirank express content

Finally, to help us out with the writing, you will give us 2-3 URL’s where writers can find a good source of information (if our writers pick a source, you or client might not approve of it!) (15). If you want your main keyword also linked to a specific URL you can give us that as well.

posirank express content

After your review, you can then send this bad boy in for processing. You will, of course, receive a notification when the content is finished so that you can go pick it up by going to the “Content” area of your dashboard (several legacy products are listed there for the folks who have completed content in their dashboard)…

posirank express content

The ordering process for the Premium and Elite products is much less involved, as we will not be asking about specific anchor text, but it follows a similar logic.

As press releases are a very different type of content order, and the ordering process is more involved, we’ll cover those in our next installment. Stay tuned!

Here’s a little “insider tip”: Watch your emails very carefully over the next few days – a little bird told me just the other day that Posirank is going to have some special holiday-season promotions that involve some special discounts on standalone content orders, so start making your list and check it twice!

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