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Paul Ceppaglia

Paul has over a decade experience in the world of online marketing. Prior to joining PosiRank, Paul utilized his SEO expertise to help offline companies grow their businesses online.

Additionally, he was both SEO specialist and eCommerce Manager for a multi-million-dollar eCommerce company. In this role, Paul’s focus on conversion rate optimization helped grow the company’s revenue, customer retention, and lifetime customer value.

Paul also spent over a decade serving as a network and systems administrator before shifting to marketing. This IT background has served him well, and allows him to bridge the gap between marketing goals and technical implementations of strategic projects.

In addition to writing about the ever-changing landscape of SEO, Paul also assists PosiRank customers with in-depth technical site audits, keyword research, and on-page optimization.

When Paul isn’t helping PosiRank’s customers, he can be found performing onstage, teaching audio production, or spending time with his family.

Posts by Paul:

link building strategies

Local SEO is no simple task. Maximizing exposure of a local business to its potential market means consistently adding valuable content, managing social media, keeping up with reviews, and much more.

Google Broad Core Algorithm Update

Earlier this month, Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed that a new Google broad core algorithm update was rolled out.

local SEO checklist

Today we present Part 2 of our Local SEO checklist, which will help you optimize your local business site to help improve your visibility in Google, increase your search engine rankings, and generate more visitors. Be sure to check out Part 1, where you can read about the importance of on-site SEO and where you will find the first 5 points of our 10 point checklist.

local SEO checklist

Can potential customers find your business online? If you are a local business (or you a marketing agency serving local businesses), local SEO can be a challenge. But fear not…our 10 point local SEO checklist will help you effectively optimize your business’s online presence.

how to respond to negative reviews on google


As readers of my ongoing series about local SEO already know, obtaining Google reviews from customers has always been a worthwhile endeavor for businesses. These days, getting reviews and managing them are more important than ever. But what happens when you inevitably get a negative review? Does your business know how to respond to negative reviews on Google? If not, have no fear…read on to learn how to respond to negative reviews and improve your business’s reputation in the process.

local SEO for multiple locations

If you have (or your client has) a local business with multiple locations, how can you effectively optimize your online presence without suffering duplicate content penalties? This article will clear up any confusion you may have about local SEO for multiple locations, and will offer some simple, concrete strategies to get you started in the right direction.

GDPR Checklist

What is GDPR compliance, and how does it affect you? This article will not only answer these questions, but also provide a quick 5 point GDPR checklist.

structured data for local SEO

In previous posts in this ongoing series on Local SEO, I have examined many aspects of search engine optimization for local businesses, ranging from an overview of ranking factors to taking a close look at the Google 3 Pack.

local seo ranking factors

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