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Dustin began his digital marketing career in 2005 as an SEO and paid traffic specialist managing 3 e-commerce stores for a wholesale distributor. Over the last 13 years, he's developed a verifiable portfolio of success with websites across multiple disciplines within the digital marketing field.

At PosiRank, Dustin offers clients an "in the trenches" perspective on current SEO methods and strategies. He's passionate about white hat, ethical SEO for long term positive results. With the expert level analysis and communication skills he has developed over the years, Dustin helps both small businesses and enterprise level clients develop campaign strategies that work.

In addition to search engine optimization and paid traffic, Dustin also has a broad range of knowledge in technical SEO, social media management, community engagement, and conversion optimization.

Aside from his insatiable desire to stay on the cutting edge of "everything SEO", Dustin enjoys using his smoker, weight lifting, and spending time with family and his 15-year-old rescue dog Buddy.

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Mobile First Index & Voice Search SEO

GHangouts are back!  We had a short intermission but now the recaps have returned.  This one was slightly different than most.  Instead of just John Mueller fielding the questions, there was a roundtable of SEOs.  I’m sure John appreciated some help.

Moz Inbound 2017 Presentation

Recaps… we’ve done several of them lately.  Though, this one is a bit different.  We’re branching out.  Yep, that’s right.  We’re spreading our recap-wings and covering Rand Fishkin’s talk the the recent INBOUND 2017 conference.  The nature of this recap is a bit different than our typical posts.  If you found this helpful let us know in the comments!

Google Webmaster Hangout 10-20-2017

High Quality Backlinks VS Low Quality Backlinks

John wasn’t willing to spend time on this topic.  It’s been covered on many different hangouts and webmaster central blogposts.  So in the spirit of saving you some time, here is a quote from a webmaster central blog post on discerning low quality links:

Google Webmaster Hangouts 10-17-2017

Google Bot Typically Only Uses “Get Requests”

For those unaware what these technical terms mean – head requests are when Google bot simply looks at the header of the page code and get requests are when it pulls the whole page.  This is how they handle normal crawling and indexing.  This doesn’t mean that you won’t pick up head requests in your server logs though.  You’ll find this happens when there are special javascript requests on your page.

Google Webmaster Hangout 10-6-2017

Top Stories Ranking Is Algorithmic

Have you seen a drop in your top stories search engine traffic?  The first step is to confirm that there are no technical issues holding you back.  However, it may just be the case that Google’s quality algorithm has begun to see your site differently.  Issues like number of ads above the fold can impact this.  John Mueller warns that just because your site has ranked well for a long time doesn’t mean that it always will.

Google Webmaster Hangout 10-3-2017

This hangout has a very dominant line of questions.  Mobile.  It seems that’s all that SEOs want to know about these days (with good reason).  Below you’ll find questions that came in rapid succession.  These were chosen because they contained great answers but also had underlying truths behind them.

Google Webmaster Hangout 9-22-2017

3 Things To Consider to Get Your Review Markup in the SERPs

First things first.  Your review markup has to be technically correct for Google to read it.  You can check this with their testing tools.  Second, you’ll need to be sure you’re in compliance with Google’s policies.  This means that your review content correctly reflects the primary content of the page.  Lastly, the quality of the page needs to be high.  Google wants to know that they can “trust” the page this markup is found on (and the site as a whole).

Free SSL Certificates and Expensive Certificates Are Viewed The Same By Google

There’s no need to purchase pricey SSL certificates to get a ranking boost.  As long as your certificate is valid and not “self signed” your site is good to go.

Ranking Fluctuations For Plural Versions of Keywords Is Normal

While you may have solid first page rankings for phrase or two it’s possible the plural version may not be as solidified.  This is also true when targeting the plural vs the singular.  Google will sometimes look at variations of a keyword as a separate word all together.  If your rankings fluctuate for these variations it simply means that the algo is “unsure” your page is the best option to show to users.  Adding content to that page may be the best way to improve this.

Welcome to another edition of our GW hangouts recap.  If you’re unfamiliar with what these posts are all about check out the intro here.