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Dustin Bow

Dustin began his digital marketing career in 2005 as an SEO and paid traffic specialist managing 3 e-commerce stores for a wholesale distributor. Over the last 13 years, he's developed a verifiable portfolio of success with websites across multiple disciplines within the digital marketing field.

At PosiRank, Dustin offers clients an "in the trenches" perspective on current SEO methods and strategies. He's passionate about white hat, ethical SEO for long term positive results. With the expert level analysis and communication skills he has developed over the years, Dustin helps both small businesses and enterprise level clients develop campaign strategies that work.

In addition to search engine optimization and paid traffic, Dustin also has a broad range of knowledge in technical SEO, social media management, community engagement, and conversion optimization.

Aside from his insatiable desire to stay on the cutting edge of "everything SEO", Dustin enjoys using his smoker, weight lifting, and spending time with family and his 15-year-old rescue dog Buddy.

Posts by Dustin:

Google Webmaster Hangouts 3-27-2018

The March 23rd Shake Up Was Not Related to The Mobile First Index Rollout

John confirmed that to the best of his knowledge this was not the case.  He said that the most recent “batch” of sites were switched over as of their blog post on March 26th.

Google Webmaster Hangouts Recap 3-9-2018

Major Design / Page Changes Can Take Google Many Months to Re-Evaluate & Rank

If you make significant design changes or remove many pages you should expect Google to take a long time to re-evaluate the site.  Google needs to re-calculate all of the signals pointing to your site as well as your content.

Google Webmaster Hangouts Recap

Hidden Content Will Be Given Full Weight in Mobile-First Index

Hiding content for user experience purposes on a mobile site is common practice.  Google will honor this content and give it full weight.  However, what’s to stop people from abusing this?  John Mueller says that they have algorithms to detect this issue and they will ignore it.  It’s not a “new” issue.  Sites that doe this accidentally won’t be harmed by it and sites that do this intentionally won’t see benefits.

Google Webmaster Hangouts Recap 2-20-2018

Google Will Re-Process Your Site on a Per URL Basis

Have you seen a dip in rankings due to a manual penalty?  Once you’ve made changes to your site to bring it back into compliance it may take a while to get those rankings back.  Google will re-evaluate your site on a per URL basis.  If you have a site with many pages this process may take a long time.

Google Webmaster Hangouts 2-1-2018

Ideally Your Sitemap File Name Should Remain The Same

If you run a site with inventory that changes often you may be creating new sitemap files often (even daily).  If you can you should aim to use the same sitemap file name as opposed to one with an appended date.  This makes it easier for G to keep up with your changes.

Google Webmaster Hangouts Recap 1-23-2018

What to do When a Competitor Links to Your Site in Order to Generate URLs that Mimic Your Own URL Patterns

Does that sound crazy or what?  Some technically savvy SEOs created thousands of duplicate content pages on this man’s site.  It’s a dirty trick that can be hard to handle appropriately.  John Mueller says to no-index these URLs through the CMS if possible.  If not, using Wildcards in the robots.txt file would be the next best option.

AMP SEO tips

Working With A Partner That Doesn’t Want To Give Up The Canonical For a Landing Page?

This can be tricky.  Google will be able to see and index both pages.  However, there will be subtle differences despite sharing the same content (for example, personalization factors).  Google will take all of this into account and rank the page they feel fits best.  Although it may be duplicate content, it will not demote you in rankings.  You may just end up not ranking for that content.

how to work with new meta description length

As you may have seen Google has increased meta description snippets to 320 characters. This is big news. We’re going to talk about best practices for the new character limits below.

Google Webmaster Hangouts 12-1-2017

The Algorithm is Similar Between Desktop & Mobile But Not The Same

Google tries to keep ranking factors similar between desktop and mobile.  However, on Mobile especially, there are going to be different features shown.  For example, if you’re driving around different results will be shown based on location.  John did follow this up with the fact that ranking factors for these two are very similar.

Google Webmaster Hangouts 11-28-2017

Increasing Your Crawl Rate Will Not Necessarily Improve Rankings

By setting this to high doesn’t mean that Google will crawl your site more.  It simply means that if they’d like to – they will.  Artificially increasing crawl rates will not improve their rankings despite age of the page.