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Google Product Review Update

Things to Know About SEO May 5, 2021

Google Product Review Update Many product review sites have seen big changes in rankings since April 8th when this major update rolled out.  It’s no surprise either.  Many review sites are nothing more than lightly veiled “thin” affiliate sites re...

Things to Know About SEO – April, 27 2021

Pay Attention to This if You’re Doing Product Reviews Earlier this month Google made an announcement that wasn’t about a core algorithm change.  There has now been a “product review update.”  This update is going to put more pressure on content...

Things to Know About SEO - April 8, 2021

Things to Know About SEO – April 8, 2021

Google News Google Algorithm Update Another day, another update.  In the past (what’s feeling like the distant past these days) major algo updates happened a few times per year.  SEO’s would only panic once in a while so to speak.  But that pattern...

best content length for seo

3 Things You Need to Know About SEO – March 3, 2021

SEO Pro Tip – What Length Should My Content Be? Oh boy, this topic is messy. But, it’s an important one to be familiar with.  That’s why we’re going to do our best to summarize and include our own recommendations for you.  After all, we...

google webmaster hangouts 9-7-2018 recap

Google Webmaster Hangouts 9-7-2018

Ads Above The Fold Could Cause Negative Ranking Impact If your website design utilizes whitespace above the fold (that pushes down your content) you will not be penalized by Google.  The biggest issues to look out for above the fold are aggressive...

Google Webmaster Hangouts 8-21-2018 Recap

Google Webmaster Hangouts 8-21-2018

Q&A Content Works Best Wherever It Suits Your Goals Don’t stress over the idea that your Q&A content exists at the bottom of a topical page VS one long Q&A page.  If your goal is user experience the bottom of the page may work best...

Google Webmaster Hangouts 6-26-2018

Google Webmaster Hangouts 6-26-2018

No Plan to Utilize the Indexing API Outside of Job Postings – For Now The indexing API works specifically with Jobs schema markup.  Job postings change rapidly. Large jobs sites will now have much more accurate results in the search index...

seo web content

Google Webmaster Hangouts 6-15-2018

Don’t Use Misleading Structured Data If you’re using structured data to show ratings in the SERPs, don’t use them generically.  The rating should reflect the primary topic of the page. John shares this example: If you sell cars and you have a car...

Google Webmaster Hangouts 6-1-2018

Google Webmaster Hangouts 6-1-2018

Page Speed Is Measured From “Reasonably Fast to Really Slow” John mentions that Google is measuring page speed relatively.  If one site is takes “multiple minutes” to load it reasonable to assume that this is not normal...

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