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Cliff Fontenot

Cliff Fontenot has been in the Search Engine Optimization and Marketing industry for over 8 years.

Starting with his own personal natural health site almost a decade ago, he was at first largely self-taught. Before meeting his SEO "Batman" as it were, a veteran from the UK taught him the ways of the Google search engine force (look, two movies references in one sentence). Around that time, Cliff also began to heavily use PosiRank for his own sites and projects.

He then worked with his mentor in a director position for several years, heading up Google ranking projects as well as online and offline marketing projects.

So he got his feet wet not only in SEO but also projects selling on Amazon and Ebay. As well as other great experiences like ghostwriting 4 different books for a major publisher in the UK on marketing, SEO and Social marketing (which are to this day are still selling well).

Cliff eventually went out on his own as a Freelancer and eventually went on to form his own Search Marketing Firm that has helped clients in many, many local and international niches. As well as servicing several sites in several of the most intense competitive markets on the planet.

Now he is transitioning into the Marketing Director role here at Posirank. Where he looks forward to not only helping with your SEO questions but also marketing.

Just let him know what your question is at cliff (at) posirank.com

Posts by Cliff:

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